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  1. I agree that it is natural. Religions today that blame Adam are lying to us. People will pay more if they feel the unjust false guilt that religions try to foster in us. Regards DL
  2. I have a number of links that show Muslim children being trained/conditioned to kill from a young age. This is in their normal schools. What a curriculum. Make it fade to the background. But do not lose it. Do not forget why you developed that hate to begin with. Hate is born from our default position of love. When you create a love bias for someone or something, you automatically create a hate bias against anything that would jeopardize that which you love. Do not throw out the baby with the bath water. Regards DL
  3. I agree and attribute the fact that we are the weakest and most insecure animal on the planet as the source of that drive. Thanks for your well thought out post. I could find no major point to argue against. Regards DL
  4. Men do, it seems, till their conscience kicks in. How else would you explain our 5,000 years of almost constant warfare? If we did not like to war we would not do it so often. Right? Regards DL
  5. Sure many animals fight, but not to the death. You seldom see the winner of a fight chase the loser who is trying to run away. That would be stupid on his part as all conflict has a chance of killing the winner as well. backing off is the better survival strategy and that is why they let the loser run away. Your not working with me here. They, today, would jail him, but if no jail is available then they would of course execute him as a society and not as individuals. When we can, yes. You have to admit that that is the best survival strategy. If you compete, you might lose. History is not a self evolving entity. Look around. Do you see more people fighting or cooperating. We are so nice to each other that evolutionists are hard pressed to dither out why we are so nice. There are also tons of stats that show that our good side is winning over our bad side. War is just our collective reaction to what we perceive as a threat, be it real or imagined and sometimes created purposely. There is a lot of money to be made by starting a war. I agree that M A D is keeping other countries in check. Regards DL
  6. True, but not the killing of ones own kind, as your words on PTSD show. All animals challenge themselves in some way or other to show their fitness. We have tried to replace war with sports and individual duels, but that did not seem to satisfy our blood lust. We also war with trade, which I prefer, but the losers in trade then shift to violence. The solution is illusive. All I can think of id a one world government that fights for all of us, but the world is fighting that somewhat even as the U.N. and other universalist organizations are continuing to move us to a one world system. Immigration caused by climate change and lose of arable land may force us to help each other out more and that should accelerate the rapprochement to a single governing block. Spaceship Earth needs a Captain. Regards DL
  7. Not too shabby, but how do you explain PTSD and the fact that no other animal will fight to the death when it does not have to as that enhances his survivability? It seems that a lot of your killers are not created to be killers at all. That is why you have never seen the type of example you posit. Further, being the most insecure animal on the planet, do you not think that when the non-killing men see the killers killing, when they have no need to, do you not think they would gang up on the killers? That would apply to even the lower animals if their survival instincts are worthy. It may also be why we humans default to cooperation and not the killing which is competition. Regards DL
  8. Why do men like to kill men? At times of war, many men smile in the anticipation of killing another man. Sons love to anticipate killing as well. Killing is the epitome of personal drama and that is why we love it. Fathers love to see it in their children, and the children are eager to emulate their parents. We just love war, and it we do not collectively stop loving it, it looks like we will go extinct. We are just to god damned powerful for this little spaceship earth. Nice that modern humans, as a species we are so nice that we mostly do economic war. Not so nice when we wage military war. Unfortunately, we now seem to be waring against our own existence. Better to trade, even with nature; so why do we seem eager to destroy ourselves by killing the earth? The notion of honorable killing served us well to date. That notion, because of population pressures and M.A.D., now means more of an honorable suicide or genocide by all the military forces of the world, should they be stupid enough to get to a nuclear WWIII. We men are no longer doing the best that we can for our children or our own best end. We have not curbed our love of killing enough and have put our full global habitat at risk of extinction. Stupid is as stupid does. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZxoxPapPxXk Regards DL
  9. Every parent should hear your words and recognize that their children do not have as much of the tribal need as they had. That and we have educated our kids enough to not be as gullible as their parents are, and a damned site more moral, as our kids are not as homophobic or misogynous. They also know that a genocidal god cannot be a good god. Regards DL
  10. I am please you recognize our duty. Many see their duty as, --- let them believe as they like and just ignore them. I see that as a shirking of our duty to correct those that are doing a lot of harm with their homophobic and misogynous teachings. They also get to teach their children to hate everyone they do. IOW, perpetuate the harm of poor thinking. With you mind, I hope you are active in other more religious forums. They need to hear from those like you. Regards DL
  11. Yes, and people forget that the forbidden was education in total as the tree of knowledge includes all possible knowledge. That may be why Jews see an elevation of man and not a fall in Eden. Jews get first dibs on interpretation of their myth and not the Christians who reversed the moral of the story from a success for both man and god, to a failure for both. Regards DL
  12. You just do not have faith. God can do anything don't cha know. Except he can only reproduce after coveting another man's wife, cuckolding Joseph and becoming a deadbeat dad. What a god, demon that is. Try to put sense into his sheeple. I see it as our duty to correct poor thinking when we can. Regards DL
  13. You are basically correct and that is why I focus on harm reduction by trying to have the obtuse look at their homophobic and misogynous religion and reject the genocidal god who created their evil religion. You are right that logic and reason is beyond their thinking, but I hope their corrupted morality can be healed so as to have them stop discrimination against better than half the planet. They run from moral discussions more often than not but just the fact that they know they are running away should be teaching them something. Don't give up. We are not as useless as you think. Sure, our interlocutors may not think, but lurkers do. I get more positive feed back in P M than on the board. Successful or not, it is our duty to try to reduce the abuse that religions pile onto innocent victims. Regards DL
  14. Did sin enter the world through Adam, Satan or Yahweh? Most, as well as scriptures, say that it was through Adam, even though Christians sing that Adam’s sin was a happy fault and necessary to Yahweh’s plan. Given the necessity, Adam, from that, may not be the culpable one and his punishment would be unjust. Satan had already sinned in heaven before being cast into Eden. It can be truthfully said that she was the first sinner on earth if we ignore Yahweh. Further, would you say that Eve sinned, given that Satan or the talking serpent deceived her? That deception would take lies, and that is a sin, and that sin also preceded Adam’s sin. Many do not see what the serpent says as a lie, which complicates things. Was the initial sin, regardless of who did it, a happy fault and necessary to god’s plan like Christians sing in their Exultet hymn? Did Yahweh lie when he told Adam that he would die if he educated himself with the knowledge in the Tree of Knowledge? Why and how does knowledge kill us? If it does, should we keep our children as blind to it as Adam and Eve initially were? The Eden myth can get quite complicated, especially when Christians call it a fall, then say it was necessary so as not to derail Yahweh’s plan. This last being what the Jews wrote into their myth and which they say is not the Original Sin of the Christian interpretation, but more like the Original virtue that the Jews call it. The opposite of what Christianity says, if you ignore their happy fault view. In terms of first sin, I see Yahweh, since sin was necessary to him as the first sinner, followed by Satan, Yahweh’s loyal opposition and teacher of humankind, and then Adam. Why Eve at the end of Genesis 3 has to then be second class to Adam, --- he shall rule over you, --- would seem like Yahweh punishing the wrong party. Thoughts? Regards DL
  15. I recognize that there may be some benefits, socially, at local churches. Many do not have social support systems or friends to get their fellowship needs satisfied. I do not recognize a need for the organized religions. All they are, are lying machines. Your last, I have experienced when debating religion with lying preachers. They end at the same brain dead location as that woman of yours. Regards DL
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