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  1. Too bad it took the fear of death to make those people more moral. NDE is fiction. Prove me wrong. Regards DL
  2. It is like a cruel parent showing a child a treat just before eating it all himself. Regards DL
  3. I have none. I have never had such an experience so cannot speak honestly on that issue. I do believe in the supernatural and think it natural and likely a part of our seeking appeasement to insecurity. Telepathy is real though. I have first hand experience and will happily speak to that. If real, NDE seems cruel to the dying. They get so close to answers and heaven, then the doorman slams the door shut in your face. Oh well. Gnostic call Yahweh a demiurge for many good reasons. Yahweh always had a lot of cruelty. Not surprising that Jews rejected him. Stranger
  4. What if I am wrong? What if you are wrong? What if we stop believing in fantasies and start believing in reality? That would be best. Right? Regards DL
  5. I agree. To cure is moral and good while to kill is immoral and evil. Dogma says that Yahweh kills when he could just as easily cure. That makes Yahweh evil, but somehow not to Christians. Regards DL
  6. It is a great place but one could imagine better. Jesus, the Gnostic Jesus that is, knew intellectually that we lived in the best of all possible worlds, because it was the only possible world, given history. We can of course imagine better. Regards DL
  7. Not a lot, if you go by the stats. BTW. Our morals are created by our DNA and nature. That is why our laws are superior to Yahweh's. We create for the best possible end while he does the opposite. Hence his genocidal nature. Regards DL
  8. Not come?? You are thinking limits for a limitless god. If you have a gods power, you always get what you want and will to get. If you are willing that none be lost, none are. Regards DL
  9. Why does god put the needs of the few above the needs of the many? That moral tenet is about the only objective moral tenet I know of that has not been shown to ever be subjective. Yahweh seems to be doing the wrong thing. We are told that most of us will end on the wide road to hell while the few end on the narrow path to heaven. It is demonstrable that nature creates for the best possible end. Why does Yahweh not follow the better rules he gave nature, and creates us for the worst possible end for the vast majority of us? A decent f
  10. Who will swallow the Corona virus debt? The rich or the poor? Poverty is a condition imposed by governments through the tax system. The world will have to pay dearly, not only now, but in the near future, for the hardships cause by this pandemic and the various other upcoming health crisis. We are already handing our children a dying planet. Will we saddle them with more poverty as well? Poverty is created by the tax system. Gandhi also said that to impose poverty was a crime. The tax system is controlled by the rich. Demographically
  11. Christians are more moral than Yahweh and Jesus. So why worship them? The Bible contains many instances that show Yahweh doing things that no moral human would do. Not even the most right-wing Christian theist. If you Christians had God’s power, in Noah’s days, you Christians would not use Genocide against man and beast on the earth. Jesus said he came to cure those in need, not kill them, so you would cure those in Noah’s day and would not kill them all. Right? In Egypt, you Christians would not harden Pharaoh’s heart but would leave it soft and let him let
  12. Religions and supernatural beliefs are the enemy of world peace, as shown by 5000 years of war. Supernatural believing faith-based religious hierarchies have been lying so much to their people that the more vulnerable of their people actually believe the --- mythical, allegorical, imaginary icons that they are persuaded,--- against all logic and reason, --- to believe in as real. That is abuse to a mind. A mind is a person’s most treasured possession and to allow liars and con men to effect and infect so many minds, --- should be made illegal, as well as a sin, --- but of course, ---
  13. Trump is a spiritual universalist who will not condemn White Racism without a just cause. Innocent till proven guilty. The First rule of law. I am not sure if Trump is an idiot savant or not, due to his inability to articulate issues in a non-personal way. He has a small mind; that or his handlers have. Or a good one who knows how to defect. As a universalist, I could not condemn any racism because it is natural to be racist of those not of our color or race, should we think of ourselves as other than one human race. Most mitigate their universalism racism and tribalism bet
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