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  1. Is the knowledge of good and evil, good or evil? For you, me, and Adam to answer this question; we need the knowledge of good and evil. Adam may have needed what he was denied by Yahweh to know if the tree of the knowledge of all things, is good or evil to eat from. As scriptures say, he was mentally and morally blind without it. You and I cannot see any better than Adam could when our mental eyes are blind on issues and without knowledge of them. It seems that Yahweh put Adam in a catch 22. Damned to being mentally blind and as bright as a brick and unable to reproduce or condemned to death if he educated himself. Regards DL
  2. Is Yahweh breaking an objective moral tenet? I have found few examples of an objective moral tenet but think that, --- the good of the many, outweighs the good of the few, --- to be an objective moral tenet. It seems correct in all situations. You might disagree with an example where this tenet is not objective or applicable. Yahweh seems to put the good of the few ahead of the good of the many. Scriptures indicate that the many will end in hell while the few will end in heaven. In thinking of this, I also thought that Yahweh was breaking another moral tenet by putting his life above his own child’s. He sent Jesus to die instead of stepping up himself, to appease his own wrath against man. Should fathers put themselves and their lives above their children’s, or should fathers protect their children at all costs? I know that few like to answer moral questions as we all have a bit of moral coward in us. Do try to answer both of my questions please. Regards DL
  3. Not true. Especially given that I made no such claim. It is to the one who makes a claim to prove it worthy of belief. You offer a reverse onus which is just another form of logical fallacy. Seems you did learn a bit from that link. Regards DL
  4. No. That is just an unjustifiable statement and provable lie. The fallacy would be saying that god did not give us rights. This link should be all you need. Basically, positive can be proven while negative cannot be proven. Regards DL
  5. I don't care how authentic it is as this is the book Christians are using. I know that it is a plagiarized and translation of another translation. That makes no difference to literalists readers whom I target when using literal themes. Red herring. There is no such thing as all when speaking of diverse groups of people. Jews go from atheist to brain dead literalists. I could and perhaps should have said the moral Jews. Is that your Christian belief that you have been taught to blame "all the Jews" for repeatedly trying to kill Jesus, bad-mouthing God, and anything else? I am not a Christian. Are you denying that Jesus had to run from Jews more than once because they threatened to stone him? Then you be fool. As to this "Next, don't ask questions if your true intent is to proselytize, its dishonest. If your true agenda is to preach don't pose as wanting discussion and if you preach group smears against Jews I will challenge you." I go wherever the talk takes me. As to all this personal garbage. Don't do it again. Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people. Regards DL
  6. Yes, and which Jesus nor Yahweh live by. If you know what god is all about, why do you run from discussing his moral tenets with me? I keep asking, and you keep running. Grow some balls and we can chat to an end game instead of the garbage you like to delve into, mythos, which has no end game because all you have are lies and speculative nonsense as you cannot prove of justify anything. I like how you brag, to yourself. Try earning the kudos your give yourself. Regards DL
  7. Oh they left Yahweh as supernatural, genocidal and infanticidal. Christians and Muslims have just ignore Midrash, which is a must if you are to understand Judaism. Hence the quote in my last post on not reading myths literally. I agree. All the gods are man made. 80! I know of about 6 son's of gods that died for us. Your reading is more extensive than mine. Way to go. True. That stupidity came later, as you say, thanks to Constantine. Hell no. The opposite in fact. The right is wrong, to the point of ridicule, and the left is right. I preach for better than both by showing Gnostic Christian thinking and morals. You have seen me try to have Christians engage in moral discussions and you have also seen them run for the hills every time. Not because I have the best arguments but because they cannot even argue against bad arguments. I like an old comedians definition of truth and reality. Truth is a collective hunch. Thanks for your informative post. You have gone into mode, it seems. Have you looked into the Jewish esoteric/mystical sects? Do they still exist as kabbalists or by some other designation? Regards DL
  8. Exactly what I did. If you read the last super, and understand what a sop is and how it is an honor to be first chosen to get one, you will agree with me. That or the other apostles were either stupid or something else for doing nothing while knowing that Judas was about to do. Your choice. You likely read ok but do not seem to understand what you are reading. Would you have sat there and done nothing if you were an apostle? Regards DL
  9. Right now, given Covid-19, my doctor and the medical authorities that advise them. Your first is insightful, but I do not know if it is true or not. Regards DL
  10. You know that god is dead, how? I ask, basically, to see if you know what a logical fallacy is, as you are using one and should not as that is a theist's trick. Regards DL
  11. God given rights. Do you really have any? We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. When a right is given to us by governments, they assume and have a duty to ensure that they are never taken from us. If governments do not accept and do this enforcement duty, then citizens have a corrupted government. If a right is given to a soul, by god, he would have a duty to ensure that they are never taken from us. The fact that they often are, indicates that he is shirking his duty. To me, rights are like laws, completely useless and worthless unless they can be enforced by a given power when they are breached. Do you have any real god given rights, or are god given rights just a feel-good lie that we tell ourselves we have so as to ignore that we have none? Regards DL
  12. Was Judas a hero and most trusted disciple, or a traitor? Most people see Judas as a traitor in the myth of the crucifixion. Few recognize that Jesus was asking his most trusted disciple, Judas, to turn him over to the Jews and Pilate. Most are unaware of the meaning of the sop that Jesus gave to Judas at the last supper. Without knowing the definition and meaning of that word, it is not surprising that most think of Judas as they do. The completely wrong way. A sop is basically a gift or conciliatory bribe, something that seals a deal. That is what Jesus gave Judas, his most trusted disciple. We know he was Jesus’ favorite because he was Jesus’ banker. Dictionary reference for sop. Something that is done or given to someone in order to prevent trouble, gain support, etc. A conciliatory gift or bribe. Without the betrayal, Jesus would not have died for us, as Yahweh had planned, and scriptures say that Judas also had no choice as that would have derailed god’s plan. If any blame for Jesus’ death is to be given, it must be to Yahweh, whose plan, scriptures say must come to pass. Meaning that Yahweh would have to control all the players including Judas. Scriptures show Jesus persuading Judas to do what he would not ordinarily have thought of doing. Judas believed that Jesus was the messiah who was to rise again to lead the Jews. This lie imposed by Yahweh. Was Judas a good man doing Jesus’ will or was he a traitor? Regards DL
  13. I am not a literal reader of the myth and recognize that Jesus spoke mostly I parables for the simple audience he addressed. That aside. I am inviting literalists to explain the words the scribes and those who control the religious holy books put into Jesus' mouth. It never happened in reality from what we can know, but literalists don't recognize that fact. Regards DL
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