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  1. Trump is a spiritual universalist who will not condemn White Racism without a just cause. Innocent till proven guilty. The First rule of law. I am not sure if Trump is an idiot savant or not, due to his inability to articulate issues in a non-personal way. He has a small mind; that or his handlers have. Or a good one who knows how to defect. As a universalist, I could not condemn any racism because it is natural to be racist of those not of our color or race, should we think of ourselves as other than one human race. Most mitigate their universalism racism and tribalism bet
  2. True that the bible speaks of end times. A mythical concept that should be discarded as it wqas likely invented to loosen the purse strings of the gullible sheeple. As to the present support of followers for their genocidal prick of a god, you would have to ask them their motivations for doing something so unethical. Good people usually condemn any genocidal prick. Regards DL
  3. Something I thing all the religious in the vile god religions should do. The first pushes faith in Jesus after telling us the good reasons not to. Faith, without facts, is for fools, and Christianity does not have facts. You have no ideology that you live by or put above all the others? I cannot see that. Same thing. Splitting hairs. Regards DL
  4. Armageddon, a genocide, is N.T. So the pros and cons of genocide is a silly argument. Ok. Hitler and your vile prick of a god will be pleased at your thinking. Regards DL
  5. It does indeed, but even Yahweh can't follow his own rules. He murders many. Jesus can't either if his actions when he initiates Armageddon are as predicted. Regards DL
  6. Punish the sinner is not in the Christian play book. Christianity is based on adherents doing the immoral act of abdicating their responsibilities for their sins and accept having Jesus, an innocent man, punished for themselves. As to protecting the innocent babies and children when using genocide, not in the scriptures. Yahweh, by any other name, is still a satanic prick. Regards DL
  7. If you read the bible, and did not disagree with it, or even if you agreed with it, you could quote it. Regards DL
  8. Where you ask. Gen 3. He will rule over you. IOW. men are to control and be seen as superior to women. As to men controlling women, I adlib the bible. Stay silent in church and do not dare to try to teach men anything. Note how equality and Christianity do not promote the same values. Hence Christianity's homophobia and misogyny. Regards DL
  9. All the instances where we are murdered in masses either by Yahweh or on his orders. Start at Noah if you want and end with Armageddon. Knowing that god can cure as easily as kill, when god orders genocide, is he being God like of Satan like? Regards DL
  10. God is Love, seems to be setting a low bar for Love? Right? Should, Yahweh is Love, be read as, Yahweh is Hate? God is as dualistic as the universe is. Yin and Yang compliment each other but one side is perceived as dominant in our subjective views. Most Christians think Yahweh to be good, but many in both the believer and non-believer camps disagree. Reality also disagrees. I see more hate in Yahweh than love. Do you? Regards DL
  11. Who would you rather meet, your god or an alien? Why? A god I have and already know, tells you my position. I would rather find an alien as then I would learn many new things, even though they would all be analogies of what I already know. Meeting a supernatural god would not give me much of anything in terms of morals and ethics. You? Regards DL
  12. Hitler’s genocide, evil. Yahweh’s genocides good; say Christians, Muslims & Jews! -- ? I must be reading the religionist nice guys wrong. Religions are supposed to be religions of peace. Not of war. Genocide is a war god’s tool. I do not want to believe that my parents, Christians, would condone such crimes against humanity. I am sure you fell the same way for your parents. Do as your religion bid you do. Proverbs 3:12 For whom the Lord loveth he correcteth; even as a father the son in whom he delighteth. Please show your love an
  13. You're grabbing just about anything to support you, eh? Give your genocidal prick of a god a big kiss for me. Regards DL
  14. Heelaque Thanks for your clear presentation. Your ideology/belief system, tell you that black is not a color yet it is in most color charts. If you allow yourself that, then you would also have to eliminate white as it is made up of all colors, including black. This link might help in terms of modifying your definitions. I like the way he tries to fight idol worship, then ends in showing that he is one. I do know that many atheists do not like to be labelled as religious, but remember that atheist is wjhat they used to label the old mystery schools. At
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