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  1. True. But only the less intelligent will disagree. As to atheist tenets, of course they have some. It begins with doubting there is a supernatural god, due to lack of proofs. The intelligent human position, as compared to those who have let their material duality thinking delude themselves, --- due to culture, religion and luck of the draw. Right? That gift of nature, the right wing loonies should get a better grasp of. Legally speaking, and cross culturally, Christianity has already been classed as lacking a good moral foundation. Atheism and free thinking,
  2. Atheists are a group/tribe with an ideology. Religions are groups/tribes with theologies. Theologies are synonymous with ideologies. They are all thinking systems. Accept that an we can proceed. Otherwise, seems we are done. Regards DL
  3. I guess that you will have to talk to those atheists who are starting atheist churches and get them to stop calling their churches, churches. I equate the word religions with tribes. Both are just groups of like minded people. I seem to follow the experts in this. See if you do. The Groupish Gene - Jonathan Haidt - YouTube Regards DL
  4. Intelligent. You left nothing for me to disagree with. Let me have a look at your moral sense. Atheists do not call the ideals they follow god, but they treat that ideal or favored ideology the same way a believer treats their ideal or theology. They just name a god while you and I might name Socrates. Atheists do not have a god, but in effect, are following their ideals the same way the religious follow theirs. The little differences and power to use inquisitions and jihads are the only reason Christianity survived and thrived. Through murder. Regards DL
  5. We are almost all born with material dualism. A sense of body and soul. An itch that there is something more. We are all born seeking to emulate the fittest and that is what we focus on, as our selfish gene drives us to show our fitness. In that sense, there are no godless people. Statistically, we know that countries that have less religions and gods and more atheist are better at following the law and living in peace than countries where there is a lot of religions and competing imaginary gods. If you are to call atheist godless, then IMO, you compliment them. It is
  6. A religion is basically a tribe, usually with a god or idol. The god religions are backwards and honor genocide. The religions that seek wisdom instead of following a genocidal god tend top be more peaceful. This a side. Our instincts and insecurity creates our tribal natures on which the existing culture imprints itself. We begin with our first tribe, our families, then adopt whatever god is offered by the larger tribe that family is in. Those gods are protected by the law of the lands. The Groupish Gene - Jonathan Haidt - YouTube Regards DL
  7. Fiction or not, is irrelevant to the many victims. Bush said god led him. Seems we have nothing to discuss if facts mean nothing to you. Thank all the gods I am a Canadian. Regards DL
  8. It is not fiction to the religious right, and those fascist leaning people almost led the U.S. Do we want another U.S. president doing war because god told him it was the right thing to do? Your excuse of non belief excuses you from condemning Yahweh. The excuse of belief in that a genocidal entity like Yahweh can be a good role model, be he real or not, is quite immoral, and there is no excuse for it. If there was, we would be teaching our kids to honor genocidal entities. Right? Regards DL
  9. 8 I am sure you could my friend, but you would just continue to be wrong. IMO of course. 1. Google atheist churches. You will see things like -- Gretta Vosper | The Atheist Minister - YouTube 2 I see more than one question coming out of atheists. The one on god and the other, the cause of atheist churches, is on how to not let their children be taken by a supernatural thinking god lying church. We all have a tribal instinct and atheists are protecting their children by giving them a tribe, more than a religion. Think of the old Mystery Schools. 3
  10. Change our lousy ways of thinking, and remember that the rich have been profit taking for better than a generation and we adults aught to be bright enough to have them pay some of those profits back. We are all such immoral cowards these days. No wonder the rich are laughing at us. I agree that corporations are the problem, but not as big of a problem as the general thinking that has us not organize our labor and unions. Regards DL
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