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  1. Heelaque Thanks for your clear presentation. Your ideology/belief system, tell you that black is not a color yet it is in most color charts. If you allow yourself that, then you would also have to eliminate white as it is made up of all colors, including black. This link might help in terms of modifying your definitions. I like the way he tries to fight idol worship, then ends in showing that he is one. I do know that many atheists do not like to be labelled as religious, but remember that atheist is wjhat they used to label the old mystery schools. At the same time, many atheists are bright enough to know that if they do not give their children to appease or gratify their tribal instincts, one of the more vile god religions might draw them. Religio, if you check the original definition, you will see that it was more of a secular term than what we think today. Regards DL
  2. Did Yahweh do us a favor by denying us eternal life? It seems that the older I get, the less enjoyable and desirable the thought of living eternally becomes, even though I am quite pleased with how my life has evolved and how I will end this life. Be it with a body here on earth, or as a spirit in some heaven, I cannot imagine anyone living eternally and enjoying it. It would be like living watching the same T V program running over and over and over, since there is nothing new under the sun. All would be seen as allegories and or analogous of other situations. Thoughts? Regards DL
  3. Yes, and Christians love to hate homosexual and women as is apparent from how they interpret scriptures and push homophobic and misogynous teachings. Regards DL
  4. Yet I quote the bible as required. Go away you stupid piece of human garbage and take your genocidal prick with you. Regards DL
  5. Only really misguided and stupid people think they can know something as a certainty for an imaginary supernatural genocidal prick of a god. Even i the prick you pray to were real, I would reject his genocidal ass. So will all moral people. I see that morality is not your forte, or interest. Regards DL
  6. Made in God’s image. Yuk. Not me thanks. Yahweh, it is written, created us in his image. He is described as a vile genocidal and infanticidal god, a demiurge to us Gnostics Christians, and is responsible for a religion that has become homophobic and misogynous and who grew Christianity by inquisitions and murder. This is not surprising given that so many of Christianity’s moral tenets are immoral. Christianity lacks moral tenets with which to convert. It takes pressure and force to believe the weird Christian take on the otherwise decent Jewish beginnings of their religion and god. Christians should have usurped some decent god as without Midrash, Yahweh is more like an evil Satan than a good god. If you think you are created in Yahweh’s image, and able to do his evil and good deeds, are you happy about it? If you do not think you are up to Yahweh’s evil ways, are you happy about it? Regards DL
  7. They are not thinly veiled, --- and if you have not seen the better Christianity that is in Gnostic Christianity, ---you show lack of a moral sense. Regards DL
  8. Ignoring your other rant for now. This quoted bit was too ignorant of reality to ignore. I see Jews playing the exact part they were written to do to insure that Jesus had his chance to test and fail the messiah myth. The Jews took the death on their heads. Supplied the traitor/most trusted fried to betray Jesus, etc. You ae trying to take the Jewishness of the myth out of the story. It was likely written to end literal belief in the supernatural. Jesus was a mystic. Not a literalist fool. Regards DL
  9. No. You are to obtuse to even read your bible. Faith is not wanting to know the truth. Regards DL
  10. Look in your own bible. I gave the dictionary and logic of the sop being a seal between Judas and Jesus. The other apostles knew of it and that is why not a one of them lifted a finger to stop Judas. Jesus asked Judas to do his bidding quickly, and Judas did as Jesus bid him do. https://biblehub.com/john/13-26.htm Jesus answered, He it is, to whom I shall give a sop, when I have dipped it. And when he had dipped the sop, he gave it to Judas Iscariot, the son of Simon. You really should read the story at least once. It is really stupid to say freely, then write of a condition. Stop trying to make Jesus into a moral monster. His morals are likely better than yours. Regards DL
  11. What makes you think Yahweh will not be able to do what he wills, and save us all? Regards DL
  12. I agree,but not because of them mythicizing Jesus. More because they have literalized the myth of Jesus. The ancient Christians would have laughed their heads off if they would have known how dumbed down the church would make their sheeple. Regards DL
  13. Already explained by the dictionary and my post. Accept it or not. It is in your own bible. Just as the other apostles sitting back and doing nothing while Judas when to do his duty to Jesus. Regards DL
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