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  1. Is belief in the supernatural an intelligent person’s game? Nothing that I know of, other than personal renderings or hear say, has ever been produced or provide to show the existence of a supernatural realm or entities. The ancients did not seem to think the supernatural was a reality. https://bigthink.com/videos/what-is-god-2-2 No entity, good or evil, have ever manifested itself in a provable way, even though some think god is Omni-present and that Satan was given the ability and power to deceive us all. I think that those who believe in supernatural entities are being taken advantage of by fraudulent preachers who recognize our propensity of over imagination, which we all have, as shown in the Princess Alice experiments. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aWx_uVDh4Cw I can see some benefits in imaginary thinking to validate or refute ideas but that is about it. Is belief or faith in the supernatural a worthy idea for us or is it a tool used by lying preachers intent on fleecing sheeple? If there is no supernatural god, should we not seek a human leader or spiritual guide instead of idolizing imaginary supernatural gods that are demonstrably less moral than humans? Regards DL
  2. I have a memory. You are the one with nothing. Regards DL
  3. No argument on this. Regards DL
  4. Watch The Demise of Guys and listen to the other links to experts in the field that pop up, and that should answer your question. It is all tied to child rearing and how is a male child going to learn to be a man when he is fatherless and even if not, if average, he will only have his fathers attention for 20 minutes a week, if I recall correctly. Garbage fathers produce garbage children. Regards DL
  5. First. Thanks for sharing your anecdotal story. I agree with all but the non-judgemental way. If we do not collectively judge an abdication of ones responsibilities then those do abdicate their duty will not get it. That would reduce the presently shrinking numbers of those faster, but with a 9 billion person world, ---- with rape, incest and really stupid and out of control men, whom the majority is letting down, there will always be a need for abortions. Regards DL
  6. Google the demise of guys or find the stat yourself. If you can find a better stat than that professor/researcher, I will happily look at it. Regards DL
  7. How we value lives highly as shown in the improving stats of that link. I guess that you are just to stupid to know how to read stats. Regards DL
  8. Because Canadians are not stupid and know that the government has no business in the bedrooms of the nation. Have you not noticed the stats dropping on their own thanks to education and contraception? Men are the problem and if you have heard or read of the material titled, The Demise of Guys, you will see just how badly we are letting our young generation of boys and men down. If you are serious about cleaning up our mess on the issues under discussion, your efforts, I think, might be better spent on the problem that research points to. It is an eye opener. Regards DL
  9. Why so many single moms? Because men will not step up to do what women do, which is take responsibility for their actions. As to your main theme of coercion. There is none with consenting adults. The state has no business in the bedrooms of the nation and all you are proposing is a low level stoning for fornicators, while ignoring that they are lovers or at least well acquainted in most cases. Shall we go back to when men were stoned to death for sex between consenting adults? Why not just do as the Muslims do and beat the fuck out of women for just being desirable and irresistible to weak minded men? Regards DL
  10. If they did want to protect that right, and their children, it is not shown when 50% of all households are manned by single women. I think women can do a better job of protection reproduction than deadbeat dads, given the vile male history. Regards DL
  11. I was not sure given the tone of your post and some of the weird comments and misuse of the term "murder". Regards DL
  12. The tax payers are not interested in supporting unwanted children who will just add to the social costs because of their unhappiness levesl, povertu and criminal tendencies. Have you not noticed how that group is over represented in our jails? Do you want more neighbours of that ilk? Are you willing to pay a lot more in taxes to bring them to our normal standards? I am not as the results are dismal. BTW. The embryo or zygote is a potential human from the moment the egg reacts to fertilization. Not at some other arbitrary time. How many women are you ready to see die from botched abortion procedures in some dirty back room? What Number of babies saves equals what number of dead women? Regards DL
  13. Good luck selling that. Even the ancients, who were a lot brighter than we think, who tried to sanctify sex, failed. If people will not abstain for their gods, they will not for themselves. I think that either the new generations of the males you put stats up on above are either really wimpy these days or my generation was a lot tougher. Even not the best sex was good sex. Regards DL
  14. They hardly investigate many assault and rape charges and treat our victims to more victimization. Canada is good, but we have a ways to go. As any victim of a pedophile priest. Regards DL
  15. The states who make abortions hard or impossible are just exporting jobs to other more progressive states. They may even create a shortage of doctors in their states as doctors move away from the morally backward states that trained them. Wait till they see the real social cost of making women slaves to the state. Regards DL
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