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  1. "Censorship reflects society's lack of confidence in itself. It is a hallmark of an authoritarian regime." - Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart Regards DL
  2. I like you judgments but think you raise those mentioned too high. I was speaking of the living. Not the dead. Your own bubble must have been foggy. Regards DL
  3. Which is exactly what is killing the U.S. I like the 80 20 rule, but that rule has been thrown out by your polarizing tribal based instead of issue based system. As a Canadian, I see your right wing as loonier than the left as I like our government run and paid for health system, that incidentally is a lot cheaper and better than yours. Sure we have to wait sometimes for service, but we do not go bankrupt when we get there the way so many Americans do. Regards DL
  4. All who have a decent moral sense will agree with you. That unfortunately does not include most religionists. Regards DL
  5. It sounds like you are not willing to help the saved children with any financial help, like some mothers are offered by the religious, until the child is born and then they disappear along with their promises of help. The religious are two faced on this and that is why they should mind their own foul business. Regards DL
  6. Your definition of those terms are not the same as mine. America, call it what you will, is the worst free world system at the moment. Check your jail, education and health stats to see the truth in that. That and it is now the laughing stock of the world thanks to Trump. Regards DL
  7. I do not see any really communistic country. Those would have a flat socio economic demographic pyramid and no country has that as we are all basically oligarchies. Regards DL
  8. I do not need a new word for the right putting their tribal affiliations ahead of their moral sense and holding their noses as they support Trump. Regards DL
  9. Liberal left wing churches do not preach homophobia and misogyny and make second class citizens out of women and gays. As to your political view. You are so far right that you have to pick on past events to cover the present events. You are supposed to think. Not just react like a G D child. Regards DL
  10. Would it be possible to have a conversation regarding the toleration of pussy grabbing presidents and pedophile protecting popes? The right wing has shown the world their best examples of representatives; Trump and Pope Francis. The right has given us Pope Francis and President Trump. The lowest of the low; if moral fibre is looked at. The left should celebrate the era of a pussy grabbing president and a pedophile protecting pope. The right and their shame will ensure that the left will rule in the future. Should the left thank the right for showing just how vile and out of touch with reality and morality the right are, thanks to their choices of immoral leaders? Our current elected right wing pussy grabbing and pedophile protector, Trump and Francis; --- show the undecided who to vote for next time and whose party they should be in. I cannot imagine a better gift for the left, as the left could not wish for better examples of the depravity of the right than Trump and Francis, --- showing the undecided who to vote for next time. Your thoughts? Regards DL
  11. All who believe in a literal and real Jesus are reading their myths literally. If you cannot see that ---- Regards DL
  12. Care to see what a non-lying preacher has to say about that? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SF6I5VSZVqc Regards DL
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