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  1. Mostly, yes. Yet the bible is making an objective statement. Was that what you were pointing to? Or were you trying to say that you have personal reasons for discriminating against a group of individuals within our society? Regards DL
  2. Are members of the gay community better adjusted, in a moral sense; than homophobes? Gays place love above sex, while homophobes place sex above love. Jesus would say that gays are closer to his heart than homophobes, and this shows a higher moral sense in Gays. I am not gay, but hey, like Jesus; I can tell you homophobes that gays (all) still love you, and hope you get closer to love and Jesus someday. Gayness is nature, not nurture. Nature and the Jesus archetype are showing us how to love more deeply. This is a Gnostic Christian view and is in full accord with my Mother Goddess, so it must be true. Regards, DL
  3. Do logic and reason say that God is our servant? https://biblehub.com/matthew/20-28.htm Even as the Son of man came not to be served, but to serve, At the end of the day, there is no physical or real supernatural God for us to follow. If there were, then logic and reason say that if such a God wanted to be relevant to man, he would show up. All there can be are rules and laws that we think a God would give. Men have written up many such sets of rules while lying about being inspired by God. That is basically the moral of the Moses story with his coming off the mountain, not with a God, but with rules and laws. Man is not slaved to his laws and rules and changes them as better ones are found. We, in effect, are evolving God, defined as rules and laws, and making him better. All people accept this except for those in religions who idol worship the older barbaric Gods, whose laws are inferior to secular law. That would include the Christian and Muslim demiurges. Faith closes the mind. It is pure idol worship. Faith is a way to quit using your, "God given" power of Reason and Logic, and cause the faithful to embrace doctrines that moral people reject. The God of the OT says, “Come now, and let us reason together,” [Isaiah 1:18] How can literalists reason on God when they must ignore reason and logic and discard them when turning into literalist? Those who are literalists can only reply somewhat in the fashion that Martin Luther did. “Faith must trample under foot all reason, sense, and understanding.” “Reason is a whore, the greatest enemy that faith has.” This attitude effectively kills all worthy communication that non-theists can have with theist. Faith closes their mind as it is pure idol worship. Literalism is an evil practice that hides the true messages of myths. We cannot show our faith based friends that they are wrong through their faith colored glasses. Their faith also plugs their ears. Do you serve God and the laws and rules of life, or do you expect the laws, rules of life and God to serve you? Regards DL
  4. Is it moral for our governments to impose poverty on us? Taxation determines what poverty levels will exist within it’s demographic form. It controls the graph shown below. Governments control taxation and thus control poverty levels directly. Imagine if you will, the real truth of that taxation, if used correctly, to move the wealth shown in this graph wherever it wants to, with minimal effect on the whole. The fact is, experts say that such a reality would be a win win for everyone. https://www.upworthy.com/9-out-of-10-americans-are-completely-wrong-about-this-mind-blowing-fact-2 Not how little of a change would be needed to reach the ideal. Wise and moral people throughout history, as well as most religious movements, put poverty as the number one enemy to man’s first priority, which is security. For perhaps the first time in history, we have the wealth where we could end poverty quite easily, --- just with our collective loose change. It would seem to me that governments are not acting ethically and should be chastised. I guess that George Carlin, a wise person, was correct in what he said of what Americans cannot feel in their anal orifices. I apply the same condition to the vast majority of the world. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-14SllPPLxY If true that we are being willfully ignorant, and do not even care about each other to insure we live in a moral environment, then our owners have succeeded in cowering man’s moral nature to a state of subservience. We have given up our freedom. If we ever had any. We have all accepted to be slaves. Shame on us all. We do not live in a Democracy. We live in a Hypocrisy. We can easily rid ourselves of poverty. Should we? Morality says yes. Will we do the right thing? Not till hell freezes over. Regards DL
  5. You have not really looked at the immoral tenets Jesus preached or you would not make such a foolish statement. I would ask you to engage on moral discussions but Christians just run away from those because they know that they lose all those debates. Now if you were talking the Gnostic Christian Jesus, I would agree with you, but the Rome created Jesus is not worth spit. Do you like his no divorce for women and substitutional punishment policy? You will if your morals have been corrupted by your religion. Regards DL
  6. If the community's morals are Christian, and based on the tenets of the bible, then their misogynous and homophobic teachings have to be seen as immoral and unfit to be a community standard. If Christianity had good moral tenets to convert with, it would not have had to use inquisitions to grow. Regards DL
  7. Rephrase please. I do not care what anyone wants to believe. I care, in the case of Christians and Muslims, the majority of the world, that their moral sense has been corrupted by their beliefs and that they have created homophobic and misogynous religions that do a lot of harm as they deny women and gays equality without a just cause. Why do you not have a problem with that? Regards DL
  8. Don't know and don't care. I would expect that given that we all think of things differently. It is just one of many holy books and thinking systems. It is worse than most unless you cherry pick the way I did. Regards DL
  9. I did not ignore. I accepted and mostly agreed and spoke to what I did not agree with by questioning. If you need a pat on the back for everything you say that is half way correct, -------- I think you are accusing me of what you do, given that you did not attempt to answer my questions. That or you just chose to deflect away from them because you could not refute them with a decent answer. Regards DL
  10. The messenger was Watts. Good lord. Have you never read other religions and belief systems? Almost all sages and gurus speak of enhancing ones thinking and seeking our higher minds through meditation and fasting the way Jesus says is his way. You might want to try it my young friend. Regards DL
  11. Really. You can question a god can you? Are you fond of the genocidal and infabticidal god that the majority of the world follows at present? Are you fond of the homophobic and misogynous religions that god has following him? Regards DL
  12. Jesus death was not at issue. His way of thinking and guidance was. Thanks for showing us your mind. Fail. Regards DL
  13. I do not think most of us are evil enough to use genocide or infanticide and kill the way Yahweh is shown to have done, but ok. Regards DL
  14. He would likely die. The way Socrates put it was in a question. Who would make his shoes? Have you noticed how modern people who say they are going it alone these days in the wild are there with their rifles, bullets and all weather gear, all made by others. I agree that we all contribute good or evil in various degrees. That does not change the logic and reason of universalism. Regards DL
  15. Yes. Look up the lake of fire where hell and it's souls are supposed to be dumped into at the end of days. I would say that such would be hell but we seem to be on the same page regardless of the language. Regards DL
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