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  1. Bubble boy and his merry little clones!
  2. Says who? Anybody noteworthy? Hardly and good riddons
  3. Oh and BTW that was Bambino not Rue, that in the post you quoted, when you freaked out. You mught want to get some glasses. oh yes I "MUGHT" do that!
  4. There are many, many posts that contain pig ignorant opinions that are not only offensive but highly aggressive. Rue was blatently attacked by who's doing what. Rue never ever attacks anybody. Rather, is the complete opposite. I wont have it. I wont have it from you, Who's doing what or the idiot box `Argus. Dont forget your apalling ignorance is sprayed up every single post and subject matter there is here. In fact you and your crew probably repel many a thinking and critical person. This forum could be more. But it is ruled by a handful of yobo's. Dont play the innocent and go screaming to
  5. Apparently not too dense. First off, I know well enough that the King and Queen of England live nowhere - they're all dead (there hasn't been one since the Act of Union in 1707). Secondly, they may not have lived near the lands in North America that were under the Royal Proclamation or other treaties signed with the Crown, but that doesn't negate the point that you clearly stated "the King and Queen of England never had to think about getting kicked out of their home, over a land claim." I raised the contrary point that there have indeed been "land claims" (by Spain, France, and the Netherl
  6. . . . . besides the issue of racist bias in who you want to participate in these threads, or rather who you dont you never answered the question: A question that any self reflecting human being would ask. It would be expected in a university and it would be expected to be debated. Afterall, it was the twin towers that were targeted. Now why do you THINK that was? The question asked by Tsi was extremely pertinent and to the point. However: You simply dont like it that a "native" asked it. You dont like it when they are smarter than you - do you. SO What about all the victims of poverty that
  7. I understand this sentiment. You come from a failed, conquered people who never amounted to anything. So I understand how you would sympathise with the failed peoples of third world nations who have produced corrupt cultures and corrupt, brutal governments which have little interest in protecting or caring for them. But that is not the fault of the secretaries, the security guards, the restaurant staff, or, for that matter, the stock brokers, insurance executives or airline passengers who were murdered on 911. I think some of them, from the stories, were heroic, particularly the police and
  8. Metaphorically speaking, its rather like battered woman syndrome. We vote them in, get abused and vote in another who is exactly the same and so the cycle of life goes on. being battered is deemed powerful by the abuser and the abused.
  9. What exactly is the thread title tryng to ask? Throw it out where? When actually is the correct time to do this? And what for? it seems that we have not really broached the case at hand yet.
  10. yes, you need to site who and what company sponsored the research . Im not saying this to be akward but sponsors of scietific research often clash due to the sponsors longer and larger interests. You did say that the rain forest was a "net contributor to greenhouse gases by a small ammount" - im not sure what you are trying to tell us here. . . .concerning quantities?
  11. I suppose so. As long as our differences can honestly be spoken about and not held against us which hinders advanced motion. Afterall, major differences have been colonially imposed. Previous to divide and conquer difference was accepted as simply difference. . . .under creation from all corners as it were!
  12. That was silly. You have just listed to the forum 21 different social movements. You need 21 different explanations. I did a thesis on the shining path which ran into a few of what you listed. Even so, it was fairly unique though responding to similar conditions from about half of what you have listed. Anyway in making the list of these diverse social movements what was your specific point (no im not being sarcastic)?
  13. terrorist according to whom, where and what. . . . dominant forms of understanding history. All very important questions what! A list does not cut it.
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