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  1. Yes, Saudi Arabia is an ally of the United States. They're also an ally of most other Western Democracies.

    Have you ever bothered to ask yourself why we are allies with one of the most repressive regimes in the world - hell it's STILL a monarchy in the modern era! Clearly the answer is no.

    Also, FYI my sophomoric friend, you don't need to capitalize 'Western Democracies'. It makes you look like a product of the American public school system.

  2. This sounds like hysterical babbling, close to hate-speech, and more than slightly unlikely. Israeli troops don't need to go into Jordan, or into Syria, or into Egypt, because those nations don't attack Israel and don't allow people to use their land as a base for attack. That in itself shows that Israel will leave people alone if they leave it alone. The Lebanese and Pallestinians need to stop attacking Israeli border posts, stop having people flying over, digging under or swimming around Israeli border defences so they can kill Jews, and stop firing off mortars and missiles at Israel. It really is THAT simple.

    Wait a second - is Argus trying to tell me I can't call Israel a terrorist state? BS.

    Israel IS a terrorist state - what other word is there for it? - and I won't abstain from using certain words in order to satisfy your sense of propriety, Argus.

    Finally the common people of the US are waking up to the danger that their biased support of Israel is putting them in - finally the discussions will not be dominated by the loudest, most obnoxious and least learned people in the room - people like Argus.

  3. Most UN resolutions on Israel are anti-semitic in nature, unreasonable, unrealistic, and unworkable, and the product of muslim numbers and money. And no one has the balls to try and enforce any of them against Israel's wishes, certainly not some rag-tag force of third world cannon fodder sent in by the UN.

    The ONLY reason Israel has'nt been called to account is that the US has a veto, and excercises it regularly for the benefit of Israel.

    'Third-world cannon fodder'? Racist much?

    I'll tell you what - you love Israel so much, move there and sign up. Convert to Judaism, then you can get in. You will fit right in with the other intolerant religious nutjobs.

  4. And the US is all over with its media saying Lebanon is "unfairly" supported by Syria, and demanding that Syria withdraw its support, do they think people are that stupid to not know about the US support in Israel?

    I don't suppose it might occur to people that supplying arms to a democratic nation and ally in order that it defend itself is several magnitudes of morality above supplying terrorists with weapons so they can deliberately murder civilians? No, of course not.

    Because murdering civilians with jetfighters is A-OK with Argus, its just those 'A-rabs' firing homemade rockets that get him worked up. In his mind a criminal organization is equivalent to a state actor, and Israel is justified in using the full brunt of it's military against civilian population centers.

    In other words, moral equivalence. What complete nonsense.

  5. The Germans were an absolute military goliath. Israel spends no more than Canada.

    Ha. The Germans WERE a military goliath. Most advanced tanks in the world at the time - most advanced tactics. Highly coordinated lighting strikes with airstrikes followed by a ground blitz.

    However, you are completely wrong in your second assertion. Israel has the fourth most powerful military in the world, placing it behind the United States, Russia and China

    No it doesn't.

    As usual, no facts to back up your blather, Argus. To put this matter to rest:



    From the quoted sources:

    In 1996, the military budget reached 10.6% of GDP and represented about 21.5% of the total 1996 budget.

    Other than your childish 'No, it doesn't' - do you have any cites to back up your ridiculous position? As usual, the answer is no.

  6. Reported to moderator

    I find it interesting you chose to ban me. I notice that you do not ban those who preoffer a similar viewpoint to yours, even if their comments border on racism.

    In order to show you how asinine your own policy is, I'll go through your archives and start pulling all the instances of Argus being insulting. Methinks he won't be banned, but what do I know?

    Anyways, Greg & Co. - I have no futher interest in these boards. You are clearly not interested in any real discussion - and you tolerate so-called 'insults' by people who have views similar to your own.

    In short, censorship does'nt work, you fucking ninnies. Anyone who thinks Argus is genuinely 'offended' by being called a shoddy excuse for a human being - please raise your hand! Argus reported me to try and remove me from the boards, in which he was 'successful' - if only through the complicity of the admins. To those with such credibility, I salute you.

    For those who have been trying to reason with Argus and his crew of ideologues, don't bother. They have no interest in the truth - only being 'right'. The intellectual dishonesty astounds me.


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