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  1. OK full disclosure: I am 1/8 native. My Wife is 1/4 native. BUt for f*ck sakes time to give it up. The advantages afforded natives has led to a culture where certain people strive to pervert those advantages. The extremists of these people are the ones who pull this crap.
  2. Yo, I saw this whitey, trippin down the street and I rolled up on him and said hey whitey, ain't you in the wrong hood? And this dumb Whitey looked and me and told me mind my business. Well some of my family whitey's happened to be close by, so stepped up to see what the issue was. LOL Anyone see the irony? Can we say hyper sensitive? Like seriously. I got accused of being racist because I didn't recognise a guy and asked him if I could help him find something! The guy literally went to my supervisor and said he felt I was racist, and he never wanted me to talk to him again. Because I asked him if I could help him find something. F**king lighten up.
  3. Will you people let the mayor smoke his crack in peace. He is reaching out to the less fortunate of the city by giving them financial aid, albeit in exchange for crack, but he is still counselling our youth. his prowess on the football field should distract you from everything else. lol Man this poor bugger has been hit from every angle on every issue. I don't agree with MOST of his policies but can we call a witch hunt a witch hunt here? He reminds me of Chris Farley in Black Sheep. I used to not like him, but now I just feel sorry for him. The Left has become the Right. And shame on them for doing it.
  4. LMAO OK you go pray to god and I'll go to the doctor. Lets see who survives longer. If you refuse to give your child life saving treatment based on a religious belief you're cracked.
  5. Like the Govt. gives a fiddler's fart about whats on the census when following their own agenda while making policy. Anyone put down "transient" as an occupation?
  6. I'll bet Harper's gonna build a special jail just for you census boycotters.
  7. I think I'm going to be sick....
  8. I have no problem with a minority Govt. I don't even mind that the Tories lead it. What gets me is when Harper & co. start adding rediculous crap into things like the budget for no other reason than to bully the other parties into agreement, or force them to cause another election. IF the parties could comprise then a minority is the best, safest, route for this country.
  9. Another good % of them will be too stoned or hung over to bother voting. I'd be surprised if 1.25M out of the 3M total make it to the voting booth.
  10. Quit your crying and randomly phone 10,000 people accross the country and get your own results.
  11. lol I guess so. Don't use it enough to know. It's just funny when insinuating that someone is stupid that we do something "stoopid." lol
  12. So we should just throw away a person's right to free speach? If there are enough people in a given area to support a certain view then they have that right to have that view heard. Out-lawing any political party or view is just a disgusting idea.
  13. Good idea to use spell check when insulting someone's intelligence.
  14. This laughable. If any party were smearing Harper they would be running ads with Harper's creepy university picture that was in the paper a while back. He is simply not a very photogenic person.
  15. You're married????? Now that is a shocking news story.
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