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  1. "I think" is good enough for me. If you want to stop someone from putting a steel mill in one of your condos, I'm sure you'll figure out a way.
  2. Creating them, changing them, whatever it takes. I don't see how the state has the right to force someone to live when they don't want to. I guess they could just point the way to the nearest tall building, but having a willing medical professional assist would seem the decent thing to do. I think if a landlord can say no to his apartment being a steel mill, he can say no to it becoming a brothel.
  3. I'd probably beat the living daylights out of him. But so what? You seem to be being deliberately obtuse. I'm talking about the rights of individuals within the law. (As in, change the law to give them the rights) You should understand what I'm saying. You wouldn't have an abortion, or enter into a homosexual relationship, but you wouldn't try and stop someone else from doing so, would you? (If you would, the conversation can end here) However, you would be completely within your rights to try and talk someone out of doing something, if you were related to them, or a friend, say. Of course, if they are an adult, they can tell you to go sling your hook. It's their body, not yours. I understand that some religious people think it belongs to God, and that can cause problems, because it doesn't. I don't know if you are one of those. In the end, regardless of my views, any relative of mine will make their own choice.
  4. I'm not going to tell you and everyone else what to do based on how I feel about my daughter. Both my daughters are adults, so they can decide what to do. I would look to have an advisory capacity, of course, but I wouldn't kidnap them. As for the hanging bit, if we had full on doctor assisted suicide there'd be no need for hanging.
  5. Yeah, one would think it would page two or three at least...
  6. bcsapper

    What's so hard about the King and I?

    All of it was right.
  7. bcsapper

    What's so hard about the King and I?

    Well that's a relief...
  8. bcsapper

    Who will win World Cup Soccer in Russia?

    That's not a trophy. This is a trophy...
  9. bcsapper

    Who will win World Cup Soccer in Russia?

    Hopefully they show this kind of coordination during the final. Come on Croatia! (based solely on the fact that France have already won one) https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2018/07/14/sky-high-gallic-pride-takes-knock-french-air-force-bastille/
  10. bcsapper

    What's so hard about the King and I?

    Everyone in the LB.... community gets beaten and abused more. I suppose. I haven't checked with absolutely everyone. The thing is, they don't mind doing it to each other if there's something they don't like about them. Just like everyone else.
  11. bcsapper

    What's so hard about the King and I?

    It wouldn't have mattered. Everyone would have been happy, because she would have been trans for the duration of the filming. As far as I can tell, honesty isn't an issue with self identification. She could have re-self identified afterwards.
  12. My basic position is that people ought to be able to do what they want with their bodies. If they want to buy or sell sex, rent their womb or sell their kidney, I don't care. It's their body. I think if sex is to be sold legally, regulations would apply just the same as when anything else is sold. Only the regulations themselves would vary.
  13. Absolutely, and people who don't go in caves when the rains are coming pose less risk of getting trapped, but as I said earlier... The only way to impose regulations is to legalize it completely.
  14. People who have sex without paying for it have it unprotected too. I never saw the problem with condoms, myself. People also do stupid risky things completely unrelated to sex.
  15. Stupidity is as... something or other from a movie. Sex work has no monopoly on stupid.