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  1. U.N. scores own goal. Noble savages not sticking to the stereotype messes with their heads. https://nationalpost.com/news/first-nations-chief-blasts-condescending-un-anti-racism-directive-that-called-for-pipeline-to-be-shut-down
  2. I haven't. And given Rue's description above ↑ I'm going to be avoiding the local hangouts for a while...
  3. "The Houston Asterisks"


  4. Yeah, I posted a study by some Humanists a while back on the very worst places to admit to being one. Or an atheist, or any other expression of non-belief. Your list there looks awfully familiar.
  5. Yeah, I knew a Japanese couple who were in an arranged marriage. They seemed happy enough. There's obviously no formula. The trick is consent. Arranged marriage must be illegal before the age of consent, and then only allowed with clear and unequivocal consent thereafter.
  6. Well, I've been a supporter of my local team (Bradford City) since the late sixties, and I'm not having a better time of it. Still, one sticks to one's team, regardless!
  7. Yeah, I got into football in the latter part of the Don Revie era, so I've seen the good Leeds. For a while there they were awesome. Should have won more.
  8. The problem is, you don't get to decide what other people are going to hate. Tell the truth, and if it makes people hate, too bad. The truth will not defame all Muslims.
  9. Iran sent missiles against US bases in Iraq. If the US wanted to escalate it doesn't need any more excuses. It obviously doesn't. As for the jet, I don't think it's a coincidence it happened just after those missile attacks, when Iranian air defences were at their most touchy.
  10. It seems strangely restrained. Almost designed to allow the US to refrain from a response. Of course, there has been no information on casualties yet, so it could all change. I'm rooting for Leeds to get promoted to the Premier League this year, which is also strange, given I'm a Bradford City fan.
  11. It's the five year anniversary of the Charlie Hebdo atrocity.
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