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  1. I prayed until I was in my teens. I can remember being quite serious about it too. I imagine praying for a climate change miracle will have about the same results as praying that Beverly xxxxx would notice me and like me did.
  2. I played the guitar, but a finger injury has taken that particular avenue of stress relief and enjoyment away from me.
  3. Eat, drink and be apprehensive? There really is nothing, out of the realms of fantasy, that anyone can do. Where's CLIMATE MAN!!! when you need him, eh?
  4. To paraphrase Chief Martin Brody: "we're going to need a bigger cake".
  5. Ah. Well, I certainly agree that preparation is the only thing possible. We're sure as hell not stopping it. Looking at eyeball's post above, investing in bakeries would seem to be a good idea.
  6. I think Dialamah already said this elsewhere, but it doesn't matter a damn if climate change benefits Canada. The problem with climate change is not with what will eventually grow where, or where the water for it will come from. The problem with climate change is fitting all the people it doesn't benefit into the areas that it does. Because they ain't gonna want to stay outside.
  7. Conservation usually fails to take into account population growth. I'm a conservative, I guess, (although I'm probably not voting for Scheer. Pillock), but I realise that if you allow the population to grow by almost billion a decade, as it has since the nineteen fifties, you're going to need more stuff. As for your complaint about Canada, I can't really relate. I was quite surprised by the federal/provincial relationship when I moved here. To BC, as it happens. I don't think provinces should have any rights, and no more obligations than fixing potholes in the roads. But I suppose that's because I come from a small country. Good luck with the power and wealth thing.
  8. You''ll note I abridged your post to reference the plane comment only. That should have given it away.
  9. I meant landing was optional. Slowing down and aiming for a haystack or something similar should be sufficient. It was a joke, of course. I'm not actually advocating throwing deportees out of a moving aircraft. Unless they're really in a hurry.
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    2. Moonlight Graham

      Moonlight Graham

      Laws in the UK have gone nutty.

    3. Moonlight Graham
    4. OftenWrong


      Seems like intelligence in the UK may also be reaching an all-time, historic low.

  10. Ah. Okay. I wasn't going to, but now I know I won't be absolved I'm really not going to. What does that have to do with my comment?
  11. If I see one, I'll trip them up or something. Alberta's oil is yours. How's your car gonna move?
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