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  1. Wow, on tap too. I was just hoping for some cans. Thanks for the heads up. Christmas is looking better already!
  2. Yes, I would certainly never argue that any religion has raised, or even held steady the status of women. I'm sure that you are right with regards secular countries. With regard to ISIS, they are the worst Islam has to offer. My point was that they are worse than the worst any other religion has to offer. Because they expressely wanted to be. Againg, it's proportionality. I'm sure you could find evil acts by Christian groups, just as you can find them oppressing women.
  3. I don't know. How many times have we seen knife attacks on London Bridge by guys wearing fake suicide belts? Real enough at the time to get him shot dead. I can see why you're bored with such repetition...
  4. I think they are. Both in numbers and acts. I often bring up the fact that entire countries have their laws based on Islam, and the Humanist report I posted a few pages back does support my assertion that they are the worst of religions when it comes to the oppression of freedom with regard to expression and religion. With regard to acts, there's a lot of nastiness on the planet right now, but one of the goals of ISIS was to terrify opposition by sheer level of brutality.
  5. Yes, such barbarism will get no support from me. But that's why I said proportionally. I would never argue that Islam is the only religion capable of evil. Just that they are the worst. After all,
  6. Actually, Normans. No, Romans! I don't think anyone would argue that the primary goal of the IRA was a Catholic state. It was a united Ireland. They were a left wing organization and any Ireland led by Sinn Fein would probably be less religiously influenced that the current one. As an Ex Catholic, I can't remember anything about child abuse in the Catechism. Of course, I ditched them a long time ago. Still, I think the focus on the way the church dealt with the issue is justified.
  7. I would imagine that if we consider worldwide terror (why would we not?) Islamic terrorism would far outstrip any terror crimes by Christians. Especially if Muslim v Muslim violence is considered. Of course, if you count concentration camps and pogroms then Muslims are by far the worst victims right now too. But the question was with regard to the treatment of women.
  8. That's actually a very selfish attitude. "My son's already dead so let's not do anything that might stop someone else's kid being killed." I understand he's grieving. That doesn't stop him being wrong.
  9. Ohio fruit loops trying to get a bill passed that would make it illegal not to carry out an impossible medical procedure. https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2019/nov/29/ohio-extreme-abortion-bill-reimplant-ectopic-pregnancy
  10. RIP Clive James

  11. It's a broken record, I know, but all religions have much to be criticized about. It's just that Islam is the worst, and it forms the basis for law in many countries. That latter is the bit that evokes wide eyed, stunned stupefaction.
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