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  1. Amos - I am that guy. Okay, the title gives it all away, but still pretty cool.
  2. It's a trans outrage related joke.
  3. That sort of thing'll get you arrested in the UK...
  4. They only pretend to be Trump's NOAA. Secretly, they keep good data in an old coffee tin under the back porch, in readiness for the day someone sane takes over.
  5. I have no idea why I can't get rid of the graph there. Don't let it distract from the music. No prizes for guessing which hit song was based on the first one.
  6. Emergency is in the location of the beholder. It's not an emergency for me right now. It was for that economic refugee from somewhere in northern Africa, but currently lying at the bottom of the Med. Just don't expect it to get any better. Al Gore is a wingnut, yes, and the models are unreliable, but your ambient temperature is irrelevant. All that really matters are the graphs.
  7. It was on local TV. It's funny. There's nothing your discomfort can do about that.
  8. Flatter myself? Why would I have to do that? Only person? I'm responding to a thread where it was posted by someone else. It's funny. That's all.
  9. There is no right wing outrage. I posted this in the This week in Islam thread and I said it was funny, not outrageous. And it was/is. People removed the signs and reported the signs, but they didn't really know, or at least could not articulate, what for. Like I said there, the only person who made any sense was the obvious Muslim woman, who said people can say whatever they want.
  10. God actually is the problem. We were created by a chemical process that probably involved a few amino acids arriving on a welcoming planet via comet, and the rest was just time. After a rather large amount of it, some idiot decided he needed a reason for the sun, or the wind, or some other such natural occurence, and we've been going downhill ever since.
  11. Fusion? Carbon capture and especially extraction is a good example of ideology over common sense when it comes to AGW. There are those who do not want to see developments in the technology because it might give oil and gas companies licence to keep producing. Even if the end result is a positive one. It's early days yet, but there's a company in Squamish that has shown that it can extract CO2 from the atmosphere on an industrial scale. Oil and gas companies have invested in it, so environmentalists are against it, of course.
  12. One of the problems with actually acknowledging facts when it comes to dealing with climate change is that people think you are a denier. It happens all the time. My wife does it. I've been on board with anthropogenic global warming since James Burke told me about it in the eighties. I've always been a bit suspicious of models, and somewhat bewildered by the refusal of almost everyone who agrees it is a thing to see that we aren't going to stop it. The reason we aren't going to stop it is that people aren't willing to do what it takes. (I don't have the answer. I just know that carbon taxes and windmills aren't it) If we could reduce greenhouse gases by selling LNG to China, I say let's do it.
  13. I know you didn't miss the bit about climate change. I suppose it depends on whether climate change is a real threat or not. If it's not, we can still afford to pick and choose what we do about it.
  14. But as I suggested earlier, would shipping LNG to China not reduce their coal use, and therefore reduce overall greenhouse gas emissions? That's just conjecture on my part, as I haven't done any math on the subject, but if such is the case, do we have any right to prevent such efforts to combat climate change based on our personal prejudices? I'm afraid so. Try and ignore him.
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