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  1. I have to say I disagree. It's not as though they spent a while figuring out just how they could best deprive our children. The virus took authorities by surprise and they reacted in the best and quickest way they could. A lot of experts said that was the way to go. A lot of experts might have differed. You pick your experts. And it's also not as though we haven't been destroying everything our children have to look forward to for quite a while now anyway. The virus and the response to it is but a blip.
  2. Possible complicity by members of Congress!

    What fun!

  3. Sacrificing all that our parents have left for us? I had no idea!
  4. There's no way of knowing how many would have died had there been no lock downs, either. There's no way of knowing what those deaths would have meant to the economy. There's no way of knowing what effect the increased number of infections would have had on the health care system. There's no way of knowing what effect such inaction would have done to the confidence people had in the government and subsequently what social unrest might have resulted. I have to admit I survived the lock downs unscathed, so far, so I have no idea what anyone else is going through.
  5. Well, the word was in your post so I can understand your confusion. Who's writing the letter for Trump?
  6. The Krakens coming home to roost!
  7. You do understand what literally means, don't you?
  8. Well, it's better than having them kidnapped and assassinated.
  9. It was quite chilling when the tanks, looking to be going past, turned right. I was put in mind of all those Sven Hassel books I read as a youngster. I've been looking for them in used bookstores. They must be quite popular still. Hard to find.
  10. Apparently Trump is pissed off with all the comparisons to Nixon.

    Imagine how Nixon would have felt.

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    2. bcsapper


      He's also the most despised.  Quite the dichotomy.

    3. DogOnPorch


      I think it's Reichstag Fire 2.0...

      The 'armed insurrection' that wasn't...but you do have the razor wire and armed troops.

    4. Cannucklehead
  11. What those opposing the 2020 election results should have done was gathered all the evidence they could find that there had been any election fraud, and put it before the courts. I'm surprised they didn't think of that. The courts are mainly either right leaning, or better, Trump appointed, so it would have been a lock had any of the evidence had any substance.
  12. Just saw this review this morning. Probably worth watching out for. I had never heard of the incident. https://www.theguardian.com/film/2021/jan/14/dear-comrades-review-andrei-konchalovsky-yuliya-vysotskaya
  13. I waited for the subtitled version to come along at some point, as opposed to the dubbed version. It was worth it. Damn film makes me cold...
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