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  1. I recently read Who Goes Here? by Bob Shaw. That has Warren Peace in it.
  2. Sure, now there's no spark plugs any more! What if it's a classic?
  3. I'm sure people such as you describe exist, those who would "beat the crap outta her!", just as I know there are those who would beat the crap out of me for supporting women in this issue, but, as I said before, they aren't me, as much as the latter group are not you. I get neither emotional or thoughtful about either MtF or FtM transexuals. I wish them all the best, but I support those who want their own spaces, and their own competitions.
  4. Sure, but that's got nothing to do with me. I don't accuse you of being one of those pro trans people who want to hurt TERFS, because I don't know that you are one. And I'm not one of the above. That doesn't make any sense, and it certainly doesn't argue against the quote of mine you put it under. I didn't say gender was locked in. Just that it takes more than just a say so to change a man into a woman. Legally, I mean. A person can say what they want. (or, it should take more than that legally. I don't know what the laws actually say) I did not know that, and now it's something else to worry about. Thanks a lot. I'd ask for a cite, but of course, I wouldn't read it, so what's the point? Okay, you don't have it. And it's not protecting, it's supporting. I support those who want to affirm their rights, even at the expense of certain other rights. It's the same with all those burka clad Muslims I support. Those who don't want it don't have to accept it. Are you suggesting that, as a white, straight male, I should limit my support to only those white, straight males who need it?
  5. And you miss mine. The propaganda examples you cite don't apply to this argument. They are a way of avoiding arguing the actual point, as are the other examples I posted. I'm not saying propaganda doesn't do as you say it does, only that such things are no excuse not to look at the issue critically. I could refer to the activists who describe those who sympathize with women in this issue as TERFs. That's propaganda. But again, it doesn't apply. I don't read links (It's not a brag. I just don't want people to think I'm failing to respond) as much as I read stuff I want to read. That includes a lot of articles from mainstream newspapers and magazines. Just because I (mostly, not always) don't read someone else's link doesn't mean I'm relying on headlines and memes. (On this issue, I also know people who make you look like Taxme, so it's not like I haven't argued the points before) Aren't we all here to argue? I certainly agree that women are not in any more danger from "men who claim to be women" than they are from any random male. I also think that the vast majority of random transsexuals are not a danger to women. None of that is to the point though. (Not all Muslims, right?) A man is not a woman just because he says he is. Women have a right to define their own fears, and they have a right to feel safe. They are the ones who will say whether or not they feel safe, and in a matter of conflicting rights, I will throw my support behind the women. That doesn't mean I want transgender people put in concentration camps or experimented on. It just means I have picked sides in an area where rights conflict. It's the same with sports. A person who has the physical advantages of growing up as a male should not be allowed to compete with women. I'm sure there are cases where I am wrong here, but it seems that, in most cases, it would give them an unfair advantage, and in some cases, like Rugby, could be downright dangerous for the women who grew up as such.
  6. If that has any truth to it he sure as hell shouldn't be President! Where's Kamala? Somebody get a Bible...
  7. I have to say offering you interesting things isn't among my top 50 reasons for coming on here. Sorry about that.
  8. Okay, but as I've said in the past, on this issue and others, it seems the only way people can argue a point is to set their opponent up as having extreme views, and arguing against those. I'm anti Trump, so I must be an Antifa/BLM looting and burning supporter. I believe in man made climate change, so I must think humans are going extinct. I don't believe a man is a women just because he says he is, so obviously I object to women wearing religious attire and I object to transgender people. It doesn't really argue the point.
  9. Never objected to women wearing religious attire or transgender people, but I can't argue with someone who compares me to a Nazi.
  10. I don't see that. We've had many topics that far outshone this one in the last five years. This is kind of an outlier. Pop back in every now and then to see how things are going when we are tired of arguing about Trump and Climate Change.
  11. I don't think I know what that means. It might mean very little to you, but what about those to whom it means a lot? Should you be so dismissive of them?
  12. Do we have that right? Being far from it, and all?
  13. Because every time one of them complains, some nutcase calls them a TERF and tries to kill them. Or at least shut them up somehow, anyway.
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