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  1. Eh? You just needed to write something, didn't you? Bored?
  2. Damn that COVID, eh? It's almost like they planned it! Seriously though... I think we're still working on the CO2 levels we reached a decade ago, so I don't see anyone with any credibility trying to blame a sudden decrease in temperature on COVID-19. What they will do is try and use it as an example of how we might affect the climate a decade from now. I don't see it happening though.
  3. What if you're the one they are intolerant of? Race and culture are two completely different things. There's nothing wrong with being completely disgusted by other cultures, and striving to keep those aspects of them one finds abhorrent out of one's own culture is a laudable goal. (Of course, it helps to acknowledge cultural and moral deviancy in one's own culture and work to remove that too) But race? Why would anyone give a toss about race? Same with sexual orientation. I think it takes personal biases to worry about those.
  4. In FBI custody, apparently. I do hope they keep her away from any sharp objects.
  5. Yes, sorry about that. With your name being MarlonB, I couldn't resist the pun. I did explain that to both you and BC, but old Quick Draw McGraw has had too much coffee this morning. Edit> Charles, could you give it a minute or two before deleting it so MarlonB knows I'm not just an argumentative SOB?
  6. Maybe it's an effort at some kind of population control.
  7. I'm not against it. I just don't see it helping. You just kept bringing it up. I thought that secretly you were for it. I like taxes. I think we pay too little for what we have, so I'm not opposed to a carbon tax. It won't stop climate change, but it might fill a few potholes. Conferences are a useless waste of greenhouse gases, I agree. They are the only way to avoid actually having to either do something, or admit there's nothing we can do. They are a good way of occupying a safe middle ground until some other poor sap takes over. Not much different from politics in general, really. I like pipelines. Canadian and American pipelines. I figure, if it's going to be burned, it might as well be ours. Edit> I should make it clear that even though I like taxes, I am frequently disgusted with what a government does with them.
  8. I wouldn't dream of suggesting I know how large the effect is, or is going to be. However, as I think it will not be stopped, I think it's safe to say I assume it will be fairly large. You can try globalization and increased government control if you want. It won't help.
  9. Sane proposal. The world is warming due to human emitted greenhouse gases and that is causing the climate to change. More change than would be happening if the world were not warming due to human emitted greenhouse gases. You can call it warmagedon if you want. Or warmageddon. Nevertheless, it is happening, and it will continue to happen, regardless of any of our efforts to stop it.
  10. 1) Because you would be wrong. 2) Because you would be wrong. 3) I have no idea. Maybe some don't. I have heard that.
  11. No it's not. That's silly. I didn't invent the term, which is a perfectly reasonable one. If you didn't invent warmagedon, which is anything but reasonable, then say so, I just assumed you did. I just call it climate change. Apocalypse implies a timeline. As in, something happening fairly suddenly. I don't think climate change is happening with any suddenness. It is inexorable, though, and any evidence you have of the human species adapting to a changing climate had better involve 8 billion of them, or it's just so much smoke. Technology might do the trick. A sudden discovery of cheap and easily available cold fusion might do it.
  12. I think that's fairly representative of what is happening everywhere. Even if one's argument is sound, when one is so close to losing control at the thought of anyone expressing disagreement, it can't take a lot before violence ensues. I think the only thing that saved that guy from assault was his skin colour. Maybe his age. I think she would have loved to be able to flatten him.
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