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  1. Love to know where this is. It would make a nice retirement spot...
  2. It looks like Iran has "elected" a mass murderer as its President.

    Maybe Trump wasn't so bad after all.

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    2. bcsapper


      Don't forget part time Black and White Minstrel and full time son of a real Prime Minister!

    3. Shady


      Liberal government found in contempt of Parliament.  The head of federal health agency says it’s an “extraordinary situation” unlike any he has witnessed in his 30-year career.

    4. bcsapper


      Maybe Covid came from Winnipeg!

      Nah.  It would be mosquito borne if that was the case.

  3. Mike Pence trip to Germany cancelled.

    He's afraid he'll get jeered for not overturning the result of the Second World War.

  4. Absolutely. I have no problem with people having beliefs. They are entitled to them. I certainly wouldn't advocate any sanction on them for their beliefs. Nor their expression of them. Only their actions, as you rightly say. But I do judge them on them.
  5. I wouldn't be against a Muslim-majority city or province, as long as they kept the separation between church and state absolute. Allowed freedom of expression when it came to editorial cartoons, allowed gay marriage, abortion and adultery, and didn't break any pre-existing noise bylaws.
  6. Why wouldn't you judge people by their beliefs? There are those on here who think Trump was robbed by fraud. I judge them all the time. (no offence meant) And they're not nearly as bad as those who think people should be punished for blasphemy. (I don't care who gets offended)
  7. Oh, I'm under no illusions at all as to how ridiculous it sounds. That's what made them such absolute idiots, from Trump on down. I feel bad that you're still a supporter. It must be very embarrassing.
  8. Like I said, it's not my fault they were crap. It's panto now. You can have the last word.
  9. If they all went to the Capitol to try and reverse the vote, then they are all guilty of insurrection. Well, trying, anyway. Those who didn't, aren't.
  10. Yes it does. It's not my fault they were crap.
  11. Well, I could move, but that seems a bit drastic just for an argument.
  12. Greenpeace make fools of themselves at the Euros...


  13. Islam is just much worse than other religions. No religions get a pass. Hindus want to kill Muslims for eating beef, Christians want to lock up abortion providers for 99 years, Mormons want young girls to marry old geezers, etc. I'm sure if I looked I'd be able to find stuff by Jews, Janes, Sikhs and Rastafarians too. It's in the nature of a religion to foster intolerance. It's just that right now, Islam is the worst.
  14. I did say "no more". I allowed for less. Some of the people on here are pretty damn biased. As for your other points, you didn't change my mind on mine.
  15. Only the completely historically ignorant would suggest that wasn't an insurrection. See how that works? It's not an argument. My point stands.
  16. Well, that rules me out. I don't compare them for anything other than purpose. That's probably why I don't care what AOC says.
  17. Well, we've been around this a few laps now. Probably best to call time. I disagree with you. There's nothing wrong with hate, and there's nothing wrong with expressing such. That's in my opinion. If it becomes threatening, the law can deal with that. You have the last word.
  18. My views are not biased. No more than any others. I know how bad BLM/antifa can be, I saw the fires. But they are not the same. One was a prolonged bout of reckless, violent destruction of the property of people who had nothing to do with their grievances, the other was an attack on the Capitol building by a group whose goal was the replacement of an elected president with a defeated president. They're not the same. Incompetence in the latter does not change what it was.
  19. Well, you have a large data base to compare me with.
  20. 1) Why yes, so do I. 2) Okay, fair enough. I must have differed then or I wouldn't bring it up. No reason to think I would change my mind now. 3) If it's the truth, I don't care. If it's not, well, it probably wasn't me. One of the problems is the refusal of some people to accept the truth. If there's no argument there's no post. As I've said in the past, it's not the Muslims, it's the hippies.
  21. No-one said there were no damages. Or crimes, death and destruction. No matter how much you want me to support BLM/Antifa in order to provide an argument to use against mine, I don't and I won't. They simply are not the same.
  22. No, it doesn't matter how much you want it to be so, in order to salve your guilt at your support fot the moron, the BLM/Antifa actions, while reprehensible, were not an attempt to overthrow the government. It's not my fault that those who invaded the Capitol building were completely useless, while BLM/Antifa arsonists seemed to know exactly what they were doing. The only attempt to overthrow the government was on January 06, 2020. I haven't talked about the appearance of illegitimacy in the 2020 election for the same reason I haven't talked about fake moon landings or the culpability of the US government in the 9/11 attacks.
  23. Yes, there is no right to threaten and there certainly is no right to commit a violent act. Those are not up for discussion. The path to anywhere is not the responsibility of those who only take the first step.
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