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  1. Wow, who knew, eh? A stunning New York Times exposé of the President's tax returns Sunday revealed a pitifully inept businessman and a serial tax avoider crushed by massive debts that could expose him to conflicts of interest given his position as President and power to help undisclosed lenders. Well, actually...
  2. Apparently there were $70,000 in hairstyling expenses. Orange mops are not cheap!
  3. Start waking Mike up in the middle of the night, I guess. Another undecided voter considering Trump. I sometimes wonder if the Dems secretly want him to win.
  4. You can certainly notice, and bring to our attention, anything you want. As someone who grew up in the north of England, I need no reminding of what can happen when Islamic culture mixes with both liberal western mores, and liberal western fears. That said, I reiterate the point I made earlier about Muslims and their views. I've never judged anyone on what they are. Just what they do, and think.
  5. I'm not quibbling at all. You said nothing there that I disagree with.
  6. Actually, it doesn't take a theocracy. Pakistan, for instance, purports to be a democracy. Enough of one that they managed to elect a celebrity as Prime Minister. Doesn't matter. You can still get killed for an opinion, or even basic human needs. Separation of church and state is a great idea, but it's a sliding scale. I would like to see it absolute, of course, but as we are about to see in the US, it's not an easy thing to maintain in the face of fundamentalist religious pressure.
  7. I'll get used to this new look eventually...
  8. Yes, I've stated many times that of all the religions that try to force other people to do their bidding, Islam is the worst. (The others can be pretty bad, but no real comparison can be made) You're seeing things that aren't there. I used the El Salvador example to try and convince someone who seems to think Islam is above criticism. Of course, maybe you think jailing women for having an abortion is a good idea. In which case, you're just as bad.
  9. There was a knife attack there today, but no motive has been reported yet. It is France, after all, so maybe just crime of passion.
  10. No it wasn't. It was brought up as an example of egregious religious behaviour.
  11. You mean apart from the fact that both are capable of doing barbaric things to people who don't deserve it? Nothing whatsoever. Why?
  12. Yup. Now, if anyone was to suggest to me that I would find any Muslim who abhors such things as much as I do anything less than salt of the earth, I would be very much aggrieved indeed.
  13. Do you support the right to lock up women for years for having a miscarriage or a still birth? That seems to be a religious right in El Salvador. There was a woman released just this week after serving six years for her crimes. I don't know how one would decry such religious barbarism and yet be accused of tarring all Christians, so I feel nothing but bemusement when I hear from those who find the decrying of a far worse, far more barbaric religion, just a tarring, and nothing more. There are enough Muslims who commit atrocities for their God, and far, far more who think such is justified,
  14. Yes it is. https://mediabiasfactcheck.com/climate-change-dispatch/ In review, Climate Change Dispatch is very honest in that they claim they do not support the consensus of science and that they deny the impact of human-made global warming (AWG). Articles contain loaded emotional language such as this: Election Slaughter For Climate Activism. This story is a republishing of James Taylor’s article written for the right biased and factually mixed American Thinker. In general, most content on this website is republished articles from other right biased sources that question climate chan
  15. 1) Well, if you know the argument, it's pointless me going off and finding it. And as I said, I wasn't going to anyway. 2) Sure, forest fires have always happened. It doesn't help that we keep putting them out. 3) Ah. Well, good. Unless you would prefer it wasn't. 4) But I never said that. In fact, I think I laid the blame at the feet of some incredibly self absorbed future parents. I also agreed with the argument that environmentalists and forest management often do not go hand in hand, often to the detriment of the forests. This is not a surprise as environmentalist
  16. Yes, except when it's making them moister and colder. Climate change will do that. It's certainly making where I live moister. But warmer too. Go figure. Why would I challenge you? If there were no climate change, how would things get moister and colder? As for your last paragraph, I'm still trying to parse it. I do have to go to work tomorrow so don't expect an answer any time soon. Actually, if it means any effort on my part, don't expect one at all.
  17. I'm sure that's true. I've heard the same from other sources. It doesn't alter the fact the the climate is changing, and making things dryer and warmer. There are just a lot of blinkered people out there. If a group they happen to support is doing the wrong thing, well, we'll just look the other way for a while.
  18. It sure doesn't look like it's been completely debunked from every angle. I have to admit that when I first heard it I thought, surely no-one could be that stupid? Then I remembered who it was.
  19. Actually, that would be a good strategy for the pair of them. It would be the quietest debate ever. Must see TV!
  20. That's nonsense, of course. We both know it is. You just couldn't come up with anything decent but absolutely had to post something. It's okay to sometimes not be the last person to post in a conversation. I seem to remember going down this path before with you. Did a Brit hurt you once? I'm not sorry if one did.
  21. No I'm not. You can take responsibility for things that you had no hand in, even things that happened before you were born, if you want to. If it makes you happy. Not me, though. Which apology?
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