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  1. Harper Pension - $6M, Vet Pension - $0, Avg Vet 1 time, lump sum payment $42,000. Cost of the 1hr speech for Gretzky to endorse Harper: $50,000

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    2. Mighty AC

      Mighty AC

      He doesn't need the money...so it's a nice PR move. The problem is that under his watch the avg disabled vet receives less for their entire remaining life than the CPC paid Gretzky for 1 hour. If we are going to send our troops into battle we have to look after them when they return...but Harper chose to balance the books on their injured and broken backs.

    3. Wilber


      The present veterans charter was passed by a Liberal government with unanimous approval from all parties. The main problem with it seems to be that disabled pensions stop at age 65 and many disabled did not have a least 10 years service to receive some kind of regular pension after that age. Blame Harper for not changing it if you want but his government didn't write the legislation.

    4. scribblet


      Exactly! As far as Harper's pensions goes, it will be the same as any MP who is still around after this election. The new rules and changes will apply to the PM just the same.

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