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  1. Abe Lincoln doesn't appear to like either.... ...suggests another option: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GLAh3pui-CI
  2. I think his chances are slightly better than 50%. Johnson will likely focus his efforts on New Mexico, Colorado, Nevada, New Hampshire, Vermont, and Maine. If he can poll well in these states, other parts of the country may look at him more seriously. I think his numbers will creep towards the 15% hopefully hitting the target in time.
  3. Video of the rally today is already up on youtube:
  4. Right now? The six polls I've seen yesterday or today, have Paul either tied or leading Sanitorium in Sud-Karolina.
  5. Colbert most favorable among GOP candidates I have to admit that I've been enjoying following Colbert/Stewart during these primaries.
  6. Mark Steyn: Ron Paul beckons GOP to Fortress America Article Link
  7. Update on the Dr.: A (Bloomberg) poll released yesterday has Paul in second place in Iowa, one percentage point behind Cain. A (Bloomberg) poll released today has Paul in second place in New Hampshire. And a new (PPP) poll has Paul ahead of Obama among independents, 48% to 39%.
  8. In case you missed it... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6an4zSj8LhU
  9. No you probably bought the old bungalow down the hill away from the dump. I guess most people would given the choice. But, to continue with this analogy and as I gaze into my crystal ball: Unfortunately, not too long after the purchase, a hurricane passed over the town causing a flood that damaged and/or destroyed all the homes .... ....except for the nice house on top of the hill next to the dump. To make matters worse, the entity that insured all the homeowners went bankrupt due to the overwhelming amount of claims made by the townsfolk. You may believe some of his policies are ludicrous, but there are some who believe (yours truly included) that supporting any of the other candidates among the crop available could be potentially devastating in the not-too-distant future. For the record, I do not equate RP with a dump.
  10. I wonder if polls conducted after September 7 will have Perry leading by double digits. It'll be the first time he will be on stage with the other candidates, and I'm sure some will have him in their crosshairs.
  11. Excellent article by Peter Schiff on Ron Paul. For those that don't know, Peter Schiff is another one of those "in the know". Snipetts from the article:
  12. Some of his predictions are quite specific and events later unfolded just as he said they would. For example, he foresaw the growth and burst of the housing bubble. Looking back now his words back in 2003 definitely puts him "in the know" category.
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