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  1. Like any great brand, Obama has built up a bond of trust with the American people. His election has also given the United States the opportunity to reestablish its moral leadership around the world. But like any brand, he has to deliver. There are 8 secrets which makes Obama the Winner.... First, Obama’s personal charisma Second, Obama converted this empathy into tangible support Third, his fundraising prowess Fourth, Obama reached out to all citizens Fifth, his advertising messages Sixth, he anticipated and outsmarted the competition Seventh, he fought the ground war as brilliantly as the air war Finally, Obama chose an excellent marketing and campaign team secrets in detail (Source)
  2. With the defeat of Hillary Clinton, one thing has become quite coherent that Americans are not yet prepared to offer the highest post to women. However, they call themselves as one of the most liberal countries of the world! They also show that they are the only country, which is fighting for the cause of women and their rights and insisting other countries, especially Arab world to promote women and offer them high post. What do you think? I liked very much the views of an expert....you can also read his views
  3. PETA tabled a survey report to prove that for getting one pound of healthy meat, an animal needs to take in crops amounting to 16 pounds. The crop for feeding such animals worldwide comes to 76 crore tonnes a year. A larger portion of the crop can be saved for human population if most of the world population becomes vegetarian. As America is the highest consumer of non-vegetarian food items, they should show the way and Bush, being the president of the country should lead the move. However, feedback from White House is still pending.
  4. World Bank confirms that America wastes more food items than other nations. Besides America consumes the highest quantity of non-vegetarian food. Just read the full report of PETA here >>
  5. George W Bush is set to emulate Nixon and JFK. Academy Award winner director, Oliver Stone, is making a biopic on the US President. The film will hit the screens three weeks before the November presidential elections. source >>
  6. The US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice has finally unveiled before the world, the reason behind the prevailing food crisis. According to her, people of China and India have started consuming good food and their increased intake is the reason why world grocery has come to a level of extinction. What do you think...???? Read more about her unveiled statements http://www.merinews.com/catFull.jsp?articleID=133493
  7. The recent environmental warning released by UN has raised concern about the future of the world. India and other developing countries will suffer most if the developed countries do not take care of global well-being. Will wisdom dawn on them? Views of Dr. Ratan Bhattacharjee
  8. The Democratic debate was more exciting to watch than OJ Simpson and his sports memorabilia. But while this is comedy, it lacked substance, with the candidates attacking each other while the USA haemorrhages to death. I saw this debate on CNN. A member of the public told Obama to “shut up” while Obama ignored the heckler. Roberto Carlos Alvarez-galloso is telling about whole drama here >>
  9. Pakistani President General Musharraf declared the state of Emergency in Pakistan bringing the nation to a complete halt as the entire world watched on in a dismay. The worst thing that can happen in any country is when Democracy is crushed and the ordinary people are left thinking what to do. The army is out on street, Press and Media is banned, Internet and telephone lines have been blocked, Political leaders have been put under house arrest, The judiciary has become powerless ... Supremee Court judges have been dismissed... In this hour of crisis ... I request you all to come forward and fight this state of Emergency irrespective of your Nationality or Religion. Come lets help in Prevailing DEMOCRACY back in the nation....
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