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  1. Interesting A frenchman screws an indian and we get a metis culture across canuckleland - that means I must be one too Where do I line up for the govenment hand outs? We have been giving out freebies for generations - time some of us who really do pay taxes can get some of that too. Borg
  2. Hmm..... Free insults come and get them What exactly do I think? How would you even come close to imagining or knowing? Not so sure I am a cowardly puke - I am not even sure why you would believe I am one who would not say what I think - in fact I was pretty sure I did. I do however think canuckleland is going downhill and I believe it will get worse - if only because I am seeing people become a lot more angry. Do you believe it is just the whites who nod cordially at their new neighbour - or is it colour across the board? You obviously read me very wrong but that is fine - send more insults my way - I do not even live in Canada right now - left it a couple years ago - just have the usual business and financial connections left behind. In fact I make a lot of money from canuckleheads - pay some serious taxes and take as much out of the country as I can. Following all the rules to the letter - I break none - but I manage to get substantial monies out for investment elsewhere. You might be surprized at what I really do for a living but that is fine - I have cash, homes and a good family life - far removed from most troubles. You on the other hand appear to be ready to jump on every imaginary between the line comment - what makes you think I was stating anything other than what I wrote? Because I can assure you I had no hidden motive in my response - despite your thoughts. Borg
  3. Seems any time I read about iffy and his tour - the son of that traitor - trudeau - gets as much or more press coverage. The messiah comes and he has a solid silver spoon background - never had to work a day in his life or to worry about a single utility bill - and his daddy's name to help - therefore he will be the leader - after all he is a trudeau and he must be the best - the media loves him and the canuckleheads believe anything that is printed about him. Screw iffy - yesterdays news - time for him to go back to his home to the US of A Borg
  4. I think that forum is probably the tip of the iceburg - in fact canuckleland is turning into a place that is not so nice - except in fairy tales and old time memories - you guys did it to yourselves in my opinion Borg
  5. Agreed - however it is not so common as one might think among arabs in the "Holy Land" - in fact it is very often highly frowned upon Borg
  6. LOL! It is very relaxing to howl at the moon - especially when others twist over it Borg
  7. It is only racism if the colour is other than white If the colour is white then it is retributive justice No such thing as racism if the colour is white - canuckleland human rights tribunals prove that on a daily basis Borg
  8. Hmmmm....... She must have been blind considering the usual physical difference once he dropped his pants. Sounds a bit fishy to me Borg
  9. Now, now - that would not be the entitled canucklehead way. You need to share your taxes so that some who claim poverty can eat and others can claim they will take them out of poverty through the creation of jobs. You absolutely MUST stop thinking logically - it will make me think there are at least a few people on this worthless board who have at least a bit of a small brain Borg
  10. Not even going to bother going there - I can quite imagine - however - what makes you think that a lot more canadians do not think like this? A lot of pissed off people in canuckleland and it seems to me to be growing All you have to do is walk down any street in a major city to see it and hear it Borg
  11. Never doubt the screeching of a mad man - sooner or later he might act - it will not be pretty Borg
  12. Just keep all the money that goes to various regimes around the world and use it in our own house first - whatever is left over - and nothing more - can go to help those that have for centuries refused to help themselves Perhaps a bit less taxation would come from this - and we might see some additional improvements in our own health care. In the end we would likely see your idea bastardized and every third world "student" coming here to - yet again - benefit from my tax dollars. I believe your idea would be completely twisted by someone calling it a discriminatory policy. Our luck they would also disappear into the wood work - never to return to their own country. Allow doctors to open a "fee for service" office and you have solved your problem. Oh, wait a minute - that would solve many problems but canuckleheads will not allow it. So we will continue to train the doctors and nurses and we will continue to see many leave. Typical. Borg
  13. Look - the fact is the people of BC have a say in the legal aspects of the province. Do they exercise it? Apparently not. To blame the courts - as you did in the title of the thread - only highlights the true problem in BC - the people of the province are soft in the head. Quit your bitching about the system and do something about it Borg
  14. I have never completed a census and never intend to They get everything they need from me after my accountant sends them the cheque at the end of our fiscal year. Right to the penny. I know many that are the same as me Government has no right to enter my house Too many people around the world have died to prevent government interference in their lives - only canuckleheads invite the government into their house - freedoms are being eroded and no one cares. Limp dicks think the census will always be a good thing - each year it gets more intrusive - slow and steady .... Borg
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