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  1. Sure it is. That's why it builds shtettlements to house Jewish immigrants from any bloody place on the map (hey, I'm a Jew from Mars, give me an apartment!), while it illegally confiscates land from legal title holders.
  2. A thread to tell Barak Obama what he needs to hear from us... The Northwest Passage is ours. No discussion. It starts and it ends right here. NAFTA. Where were you when this was all put down? Border security. Who loves you? Who's your best friend? We need you to tell us where you stand. Who do you love? How about it man? Represent.
  3. I guess you missed the part that relates to TOP SECRET IDF DATABASES. Otherwise, there'd be no problem...
  4. I'd like to suggest that it's not hard at all. Turn your attention to the Geneva Conventions, to which Israel is a signatory. What is hard about that?
  5. It does not matter when the treaties were signed. What matters is that the land registrations pre-date the occupation. Treaties only pertain to the cessation of hostilities. The land registry pre-dates even the invasion.
  6. Hamas is basically an organization very much like the Hagganah and the Hadassah - two of the foundations of Zionism in Palestine that preceded the declaration of the state of Israel. This is why they wre so successful in the last Palestinian elections.
  7. Ethnic cleansing the West Bank of Jews. I love it.
  8. The Wikipedia entry on Rush Limbaugh. To quote his mother... "he flunked everything, even a modern ballroom dancing class." Rush Limbaugh is the Fonebone of modern American politics. Right up there with Scooter Libby, for whom even George W. Bush could not choke down a pardon.
  9. I channel-stumbled across a sermon by the American Fundamentalist cleric (i.e. Mullah) Joel Osteen on the eve of the Iraq invasion. Osteen was preaching that we should all submit to authority. And it wasn't even 1984...
  10. An atheist is someone who does not believe in god. An agnostic is someone who doesn't believe in religion. A geek, on the other hand...
  11. I discovered an interesting initialism on another forum: PUI : Posting Under the Influence.
  12. Sure. Why don't we all go back to "they". You're losing your touch, Dancer.
  13. Naturally, you're referring to your context violation... And having American funded weapons programs is yet another. But of course, we all have to bow down to Israel's record in Lebanon LOL...
  14. Honour killings are not common in Canada. There are all kinds of people who kill. They all have different reasons. This is just something the press seizes on because it is constantly on the hunt for themes in society. Muslim Society has been thrust into the spotlight after 9/11.
  15. Indian killings have less to do with honour than they do with dowries. An Indian bride, by custom, brings with her a dowry. If the dowry is not considered adequate, the bride is killed - usually by dousing her with kerosene and lighting her afire. These killings were referred to in the New Delhi press for decades as "kitchen accidents". The killing was most often carried out by the husband's mother - typically newly married couples will live with the family of the groom. Brings a whole new level of horror to mother-in-law stories. Alfred Hitchcock would have loved this sort of stuff. There has been a movement afoot for some time to ban dowries, and it appears to be having some success, but Indian society is extraordinarily complex and dense (it can change virtually from village to village), so change is slow to come.
  16. It is a genuine pleasure to read such a learned discussion.
  17. Very sorry to see that Obama has opened this pandora's box. One of the major causes of the 1930s depression is thought by many to be a retreat into protectionism by the US, which triggered an international trade war. As for NAFTA and the WTO, the softwood lumber battle pretty much showed what that is worth to the US Porkbarrel - oops, Congress.
  18. Exactly. The Israeli/Palestinian conflict has been daily front page news since 1948. Why not ask the press "Why so many stories about Israel?"
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