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  1. Firstly, this guy was fired...so ya cna't take what he says too far. If I was fired from my job, I wouldn't have much good to say about it. Second, isn't that stuff classified and even if he is telling the truth, isn't he violating national security by spilling the beans? Third, so what if Bush wanted to go after Saddam since he was govenor...he's the commander in cheif of the armed forces. If he gives and order, it happens. He answers to the voters. If what he does is reckless, we have the power to impeach him. If we don't like him, we don't reelect him. He doesn't need a reason to do anything but must be reay to answer to the American people. He felt it was a danger to national security to let Saddam stay in power. That's enough for me. He has access to all military data and can therefore form the best opinion where no one else can see all that stuff. When the US decided to go to Iraq, we had the majority of the country wanting it. That's enough. Even if none of the country wanted us to go and we had no reason other than he was a security threat, he's the commander in chief and can do what he wants. If the American people don't like it, they can impeach or not vote for him next term. If the rest of the world doens't like it, tough luck cause it's our country and we our President answers only to the people of America.
  2. Things in Iraq just started turning for the better...Saddam is now in US custody...... This means Bush's reelection chances just doubled.....
  3. President Bush went to Iraq this morning for Thanksgiving to eat with the troops. Democrats will call it irresponsible and stupid because they are jealous they didn't think of the idea and that someone like Clinton wouldn't have had the guits to do that. I think Bush has a lot ofc courage for doing that.
  4. So is the right to bear arms. So is freedom of speech, wiseguy. Abortion is nothing but birth control for those who are irresponsible. Abortion should only be considered if it threatens the life of the mother and the child. It's murder in the name of convinence. Hitler did that with the Jews. So you murder someone inside their mother still, it's called abortion, you murder someone outside the womb and it's a holocaust.... It's ending a life, so there for it's murder.
  5. In regards to the world economy, the Us has a good standard of living. Many European nations share this. Many nations like India and China do not. As US companies outsource so they can save money on wages because only the 3rd world countries will allow you to pay your employees 3 cents a day where in America we have the minimum wage. With the economy becoming a world economy, that means the standard of living will not be absed on how ahrd you work, but on the world-wide average. This means that most of the world lives in mud and clay houses and tree huts because they don't have the intelligence to move beyond that. That's fine. What stinks is that we're gonna see the entire world digress to an average. The world's going to Hell in a handbasket....literally.
  6. Sorry, fellas. You signed on and agreed to play by the rules. You broke the rules, you pay the price. Ah, yes: diplomacy as practiced by six year olds: "I'm the biggest kid on the playground so I get to make the rules. If you don't like it,. I'll take my ball and go home." Jesus. We're the United States of America. We listen to whom we want to when we want to. We busted this planet out of two world wars and have helped several nations with their defense and in building their government. I say we just ignore them. The US get fined by other nations? How dare they....that's quite brave....like the mice yelling against the lion. lol
  7. It appears there may be a link between Saddam an Osama after all! All the people out there who cried and whined that there was no connection between them and used it as their defense against why we don't belong in Iraq are gonna ow the conservatives and President Bush a big apology if this turns out to be true... Another interesting discussion topic. I could only find this article on Fox News... CNN and Yahoo news seemed to have not heard of it.... http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,103163,00.html
  8. Present Company excluded from the following comments, I'm insulting the politicians, not the readers of this forum: Our fair-weather friends are at it again: http://story.news.yahoo.com/news?tmpl=stor...el_031110161712 They have a problem with us taxing imports..... Article 1, Section 9 of the United States Constitution states we can not tax exports, but we have the right to tax imports. This helps regulate foreign competition. If Europe has a problem, I say we laugh in their faces and ignore them. What are they gonna do? We've kicked their butts twice in the last hundred years...frankly I'm growing tired of their whining...if they want, we can remind France and Germany who's boss. I'm of German decent, but after the Nazi took over and then were destroyed, the Germans seemed to have turned into whimps...my family left Germany long before WW1...luckily.
  9. I've heard how much controversy there is around her rescue, but whether it was a valiant rescue fighting off evil iraqis or whether the media exaggerated it all, I think a movie about it is kinda dumb. Then again, I think it'd be cool to watch a movie about my life....but no one else would, my life is boring. But I wouldn't want facts exaggerated in regards to this if I were in her shoes.
  10. The courts are trying to tell this women her religious beleifs are wrong and that she has to teach her child a policially correct version of her religion. I plan to teach my children that homosexuality is sinful, in compliance with my religious beliefs. I will not teach them to treat these people as less than human but I will teach them that their practices are forbidden by my religion. This is what this woman is doing and they have no right to stop her.
  11. I think we need to warn the Iraqis that for every American killed, 1000 random iraqis, if possible the family of the attackers, will be executed in retribution. Granted it's not the most civilized way of fighting but when fighting people like this who never follow the rules of war...you have to do something to stop this.....in thee nd there will either be peace in Iraq or there will be no more iraqis.
  12. I have to agree with Craig and FastNed....if they'd leave us alone, outside of peaceful trade, I'd be more than happy to forget the rest of the world exists.
  13. how does this differ from the insitution of slavery in the US or the internment camps of WWII? its been what, 200 years since the slaves were free and black men still get arrested more and make less money? if the us hasnt finally cleansed itself of slavery in 200 years how can you expect the poorest nations on earth to act civilized? poverty will cause ignorance and violence completely independantly of religion. if religion isnt there the problems will be over race, or tribes, or culture, or politics. the number of reasons that humans kill each other is endless. but one thing is certain, if you have a healthy family, a house, a job, and a decent life, you are far less likely to want to go to war. so you saw a terrorist attack, then saw what, a 10 second video clip of a group of people celebrating? so that 10 second clip is what you are basing this on? ALL the terror attcks in israel, saudi arabia, iraq, afganistan, were carried out by what, maybe 200 people? it doesnt take an army to carry out a suicide attack. and then we have the citizens. lets take iraq. these people have been terrorized by saddam for 30 years i think. saddam sold the world oil, america had no problem dealing with him, rumsfeld even shook his hand and smiled, when iraq fought iran the US even helped him with intelligence on iranian front lines and also chemicals and weapons so he could gas them. how friendly. so you have these iraqis who unfortunately have been under a world supported dictator, been through numberous wars, then under 12 years of sanctions, then being occupied by american forces. do you really think ANY country would be different? hell even in the US the most 'advanced' country, when there was a blackout the first thing that happens is riots. right back in the 70s in new york to a few months ago. perfectly normal people will start looting adn killing and raping if the power is out for a few days. so in truth, when you look at africa they are killing each other, in palestine they are killing each other, in northern ireland they used to kill each other, the civil war they killed each other, and so on and so on. there is no religous theme that is common to all the wars. there is however desperation, usually by poverty. why the hell do africa tribes war? becuase they are religous? nope, they are dirt poor and stuck in a violent land. if north america was founded by muslims escaping persectution in europe, they would have developed just as well as the settlers, they would have been moderate, and isolated adn able to prosper and grow. if you had grown up in iraq these last 30 years, i doubt you have had any chance to escape teh desperation they feel. and you too would act as desperate as them, however irrational as it may seem to us. SirRiff Ok, firstly, the camps for the japanese during WW2 were a precautionary measure due to several spies in the country. How do you think Pearl Harbor was pulled off so easily? Japanese-Americans and japanese tourists came here and was able to tour the area before attacking. We did that to prevent security breaches. Thsoe people who were captured were not mistreated. It's better to violate a few people's civil rights than to have another attack like Pearl Harbor where 2400 people were killed in an unprovoked attack. As for basing my statemetns on a video clip on the news, that's what we all have to do. You may be a millionaire and vacation in baghdad and can witness all this first hand, but me, I watch it on television. It's the only way I can and the only way I'd ever want to learn about the middle east. I have no desire to go anywhere near that place....
  14. It's a good thing....history has proven that they are not good at it...
  15. Well, one hundred years from now when we're all dead, one of two things will happen. 1)Nothing at all. 2)Some of us will be in Heaven while some of us are bruning in Hell. I believe I'll be in Heaven because of Jesus. If I'm wrong, by the time I realize it, it'll be too late to care. If I'm right.....
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