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  1. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/americas/3157555.stm I've been searching high and wide, long and far, from one end of the earth to another--okay I'm being facetious--to find out why the Catholic Church condemns homosexuality but aids and abets in the commission of molestation both homo and heterosexual? I'm just wondering if anyone can reconcile this internal contradiciton for me?
  2. You mean like getting bogged down for years trying to root out Saddam loyalists and trying to restore a modicum of decorum to Iraq all the while sinking hundreds of millions of dollars into maintaining one's presence in the aforesaid country? Or perhaps "the sons and daughters of America" being killed on virtually a daily basis all the while with no visible signs of moving towards, or even having, an exit strategy? Who needs taxes when your running the largest defecits in US history? Defecit, defecit, defecit spending. Is it Bush or Reagan? Perhaps the Republodumbs can learn something from the Dumbocruds, it's called responsible spending and balanced budgets.
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