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  1. In this case, redneck is a catch-all that insinuates one is somehow culturally or morally inferior or degenerate. Redneck in this context is used to mean narrow-mindedness (on the flip-side "conservative"), lacking in intelligence ("Alberta did nothing to desrve their present prosperity") or flat-out intolerant ("bunch of redneck bible-thumpers want to ram religion down my throat.") There are no doubt many who agree with the above on this site. I think nationalism has it's place, but there has to be a national will for a nation to be born. Fabricating one doesn't make it valid. I can'
  2. I think Tawasakm has summed up this debate quite nicely. What it has degenerated to now is nit-picking about every finite detail of the Albertan identity. The fact is it doesn't matter the lengths one goes to expound upon their affinity for their province, there is a group on this site who will attempt to deconstruct their beliefs. There are reasons for this, mostly ideological. I don't think it's a coincidence that most of those who question the existence of "Albertans" are on the left side of the political spectrum. Alberta has consistently represented the right-wing bogeyman of the
  3. A Dinning victory might bolster the fortunes of the Alliance, depending on how acrimonious the battle is between Ted Morton and the red tories. If anyone but Morton wins, and does so in a way that is divisive, I can't see Morton sticking around. I'm really hoping this happens actually. Alberta needs a stronger opposition. As for Ralph walking away, this edition of the Western Standard has an interesting perspective. Ric Dolphin figures the "smart money" lies with an October announcemnt, one month after Alberta's centennial celbrations, and on the 25th anniversary of Ralph becoming mayor o
  4. You have presented no facts, just opinion. It would be nice if you had any facts whatsoever to back up your ramblings. Oh really? Why don't you show me where I said this? Ah, I see. There is some super secret hidden meaning to Section 92A and 109 that no one other than yourself seems to know. Perhaps you could back up your contentions with some analysis from a credible source? Why don't you show me where I said this? When? Where? I see, you just listen to the voices in your head. Why don't you show me this "rabid separatist " that you claim I am quoting. Keep digging tha
  5. eureka is not intersted in attacking the argument, therefore I speak to him on the only level he understands.
  6. Eureka, You are not interested in debate. Your dismissive, condescending attitude towards myself and other posters is a reflection of your lack of intellect, and it shows in the complete lack of substance you display in defending your own "beliefs". I sincerely regret having quoted ceaser in your place. Frankly you two are peas in a pod, and as a result of my error I have given you an out. You have sidestepped the debate completely, chosing to deal in manufactured anecdotes rather than documented fact. It is too bad that you will never produce facts to substantiate your claims that I am w
  7. A bit of pot and kettle going on here don't you think eureka? You have no facts to back up your conjecture, so you resort to moralizing and personal attacks thinking you can bully and demean those who do not share your myopic point of view in to submission. All your boasting of press kits and newspaper credentials doesn't mean a thing if you can't, and seemingly after 12 pages of bloviation, won't back it up. I have read numerous well thought out and thought provoking submissions from kimmy and others only to see you dodge the question and fabricate your own notions of Albertan and Canadi
  8. Spare me the condescension Eureka. I've read your "argument". Frankly characterizing the discussion on this forum as an "argument" would be a misnomer. Unless this is what passes for an "argument" on this board these days: Personal opinion and unsubstantiated comment passed off as "fact" You display disturbing intolerance towards the people of Alberta. Your comments betray a definite prejudice toward them, which is funny because, for someone who seems unclear as to what defines "an Albertan", you seem to have had no problem developing a very specific hatred towards the people of this
  9. To preface this I have been lurking on this debate for its entirety, and have refrained from commenting until now. However, I think that the author of this comment is missing the point entirely when he makes this comment about Alberta. There are many pertinent analogies that apply to Alberta in this case, and all reflect the nascent stage of nationalism the western region of North America called "Alberta" finds itself in. There is a reason there are nations in Europe today. These are collective groups of people who shared comment characteristics, be it language, culture or geography, who c
  10. As much as I think we should be, I think the west is a long way from separating... Should Harper lead this party in to the next election, contrary to some of you, I have seen no evidence of a groundswell of support outside of the traditional Alliance and Tory camps suggesting that a Harper-led CPC will perform some sort of miracle at the polls. After losing in grand style to the Liberal party in the spring election, I'm sure the CPC 'braintrust' will identify the Alliance stigma the party holds in the east as being their Achilles Heel, and will move quickly to rectify this. As a result, a n
  11. Forgive me for being cautious, but don't you think both sides are popping the corks a little prematurely here considering neither party has officially ratified this merger? It's kind of an affront to those who are on the 'No' side or as of yet undecided as to how they stand. It's like election night in the west when the result is already a foregone conclusion. Why bother voting? Or maybe this is the idea.... Hmmmmmm....
  12. Considering the amount of rhetorical masturbation and ego-stroking that goes on on this site, I thought you folks would endorse pornography 100%. How does the "Alberta separatist party" look bad? Elaborate.
  13. BTW Alliance Fanatic, What is the original source on this interview? Can you post a link? Thanks...
  14. Really. You must be very insightful because somehow you managed to read this in to an interview where nothing of the above sort was mentioned? Hmmmm. You seem pretty left wing to me. I challenge you to present one shred of evidence to prove what you stated is true. Unless you can back up your codswallop with FACT, not bluster, hearsay and conjecture, perhaps you had better stick to your potato politics.
  15. The Clarity Act allows us to separate...
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