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  1. May Trudeau should apologize to all Canadian for screwing them over. I actually didn't know that Italians in Canada where mistreated, it all sounds very vague. Didn't everyone struggle during the war? He says during the war, Italian Canadian families and businesses struggled and no one was held responsible.
  2. Wonder how India feels about this one https://www.indiatoday.in/india/story/islamic-state-claims-province-india-wilayah-of-hind-kashmir-1522610-2019-05-11 The Islamic State (IS) claimed for the first time that it has established a "province" in India, after a clash between militants and security forces in Kashmir killed a militant with alleged ties to the group. IS's Amaq News Agency late on Friday announced the new province, that it called "Wilayah of Hind", in a statement that also claimed IS inflicted casualties on Indian army soldiers in the town of Amshipora in the Shopian district of Kashmir. The IS statement corresponds with an Indian police statement on Friday that a militant called Ishfaq Ahmad Sofi was killed in an encounter in Shopian, Jammu and Kashmir. ALSO READ | In 48 years, South Asia has emerged as hotbed for terror attacks IS's statement establishing the new province appears to be designed to bolster its standing after the group was driven from its self-styled "caliphate" in Iraq and Syria in April, where at one point it controlled thousands of miles of territory. snip "The world may roll its eyes at these developments, but to jihadists in these vulnerable regions, these are significant gestures to help lay the groundwork in rebuilding the map of the IS 'caliphate'."
  3. What absolute drivel and Faith Goldy has nothing to do with this. The gov't allocates multi billions of tax payer dollars a year on Natives, much of which is unaccounted for because as we know, there is no transparency required. If they did not live on unsustainable remote reservations and integrate (not assimilate) into society they would have a much better chance at success; in fact, those who do live off reservation do much better than those who do not. https://www.canada.ca/en/services/benefits/audience/indigenous.html
  4. It appears that there is a similar problem in the U.S., 56 women missing in this county.. there must be a common link here as to why so many. https://komonews.com/news/local/56-indigenous-woman-missing-from-king-county-new-reports-finds
  5. is a mess, access to a wait list is not access to health care. Regardless of all it's warts the U.S. health system is far superior. Speaking for myself, my appt. with the ortho guy is one year, if an operation is required at least another year. If I win the lottery, I'm off to the U.S. This is just one example of what goes on in our health care system, I agree, raise taxes or bring in user fees to improve the system and hire more people, or allow private coverage. https://www.cbc.ca/amp/1.5170948?
  6. I don't get it, why they seem to care more about illegals than their own citizens.. do citizens who can't afford health insurance get free healthcare too ?
  7. After all the stores lately about censorship in China, it would've  taught the Liberals to drop their obsession with restricting social media. Instead it  now looks as if they are ramping it up,  after Gould's comments about possibly shutting down social media if they don't surrender. 

    1. OftenWrong


      Obviously the government doesn't want to listen to what people have to say, which is no surprise.

  8. As PP said:  Elections Canada--which let SNC-Liberals off for $100k donation scam--needs to immediately cancel its $650,000 handout to campaign "influencers". Any fair-minded person would see this as another example of partisanship and political-interference.

  9. I don't care about sharing change rooms, I do care about women who have worked hard for years to compete with their peers then find that someone who is far stronger and faster etc. biologically is taking away their chances. If I were one of these women I would refuse to compete, that's all they can do right now.
  10. No matter how many studies and inquiries there, there will never be any satisfaction for most people The missing and murdered aren't coming back, won't be found, and the mystery of their disappearance will remain unsolved, including all the missing Native men. Due to the nature of reserve life, the isolation, the secrecy, and the mistrust of authority, there likely won't be any change any time soon, perhaps never - until the Natives get off the reserves and integrate into the mainstream Canadian lifestyle as the main issue is living on unsustainable isolated reserves with no financial accountability.
  11. No surprise you wouldn't like the RCMP report, but I'll believe the RCMP over some unnecessary inquiry whose results where a foregone conclusion. I'm not saying nothing should be done, but calling it genocide undermines the credibility. Even the Federal minister doesn't agree with the push for stiffer sentences for crimes against Indigenous women, and rightly so as ALL people should be treated equally. This of course goes against Gladhue Prinicple which wants lesser sentencing for Native perps. Not to mention that the 300 millions Trudeau just gave away to a global fund would go a long way to helping these women.
  12. No surprise, but genocide - really - it sure doesn't meet the definition of genocide. Considering that most of women are victims of indigenous males, that is a surprising conclusion. The report calls for harsher penalties for violence against aboriginal women which would be race based discrimination but when most of the perps are indigenous men how will that affect the Gladue Principle that is supposed to see aboriginal perps get a lesser sentence. https://www.thestar.com/news/canada/2015/06/19/rcmp-updates-investigation-into-aboriginal-women.html The RCMP also said that the majority of cases — 81 per cent in the past two years — continue to be solved at a rate comparable to that for cases involving non-aboriginal women, which was at 83 per cent over the same time period.
  13. Craig Tefler was medio Teflor was mediocre at best now he's cleaning up... the world has gone mad and how is this fair to women.
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