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  1. scribblet

    Christian-only town

    Nonsense, what I've posted is correct, they are Muslim only communities, this Peace Village, was Canada's first Islamic subdivision, but I doubt legally they could stop someone else from buying. No doubt you can't see the forest for the trees. The living rooms were built specifically for Muslim to separate the women from the men. Attacking the messenger and or denying the existence of such places doesn't make it go away, it's happening and if nothing else sure doesn't help them and their kids integrate into society.
  2. scribblet

    Christian-only town

    Constitutionally and legally I don't know, although I doubt they could refuse to sell and probably will say publicly they would sell to you . I do know but can't find the original link from back then, that the houses were built with two living rooms, one for men and one for women. The community was built exclusively to house Ahmadiyya Muslims, the original link doesn't work now. ETA: I believe there's one in Calgary also.
  3. scribblet

    Christian-only town

    Nonsense, the village in Maple is the first one I'd heard of and it is a Muslim only, Peace Village I also gave another link.
  4. scribblet

    Christian-only town

    https://www.thestar.com/news/gta/2018/04/13/vaughan-council-unanimously-approves-controversial-thornhill-muslim-community-development.html https://montrealgazette.com/news/local-news/couillard-pours-criticized-plan-to-build-a-muslim-suburb -- counter to Quebec Values The Muslim only village in Maple, Ontario has been up and running for a while https://www.nytimes.com/2007/11/18/realestate/18nati.html https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U-1VWHayEgI ETA: Is Sharia part of Canadian values – should it be even if women are treated as second class citizens? https://www.nsnews.com/news/call-to-prayer-1.370682 "Learning takes place here, problems are solved here, conflicts are resolved in this place, people are getting married here, people will be divorced here if they have to according to Islamic law, I mean the Shariah," Abdus-Salaam says.
  5. scribblet

    Christian-only town

    Yes, it would fit in, as we allready have Muslim only communities in Ontario, and one planned in Quebec, if it gets the go ahead.
  6. He does reflect mainstream thought. Thought which isn't bigotry or racism, just a concern about our policies, illegal migrants and the apparent subjugation of our own culture, of which Trudeau says there isn't any, anyway. Most people are fine with immigration, they just don't want anti Semites receiving awards etc. If you follow Bernier on Twitter read CBC's Rosemary Barton's offensive and biased attack on what he said. CBC is doubling down on its hyper-partisan fake news smear against Bernier. So be warned, challenge the state broadcaster and you will be destroyed. CBC has any credibility they had over this one.
  7. scribblet

    how to delete profile?

    There isn't one.
  8. scribblet

    Hamas fires rockets, - Israel bombs Gaza

    I don't know to whom you are referring here as I have never talked 'nazi nonsense'. Maybe you need the paradigm shift.
  9. Doing identity politics means trying to drum up support by appealing to specific groups on the basis of their ethnicity, religion, language, sexuality or other characteristics, instead of speaking to them as Canadians interested in the wellbeing of our country as a whole. In actuality, all Maxime Bernier is doing, is fighting against identity politics. .
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    2. dialamah


      This guy would like to turn away disabled people in favor of Christians, if he can figure out how to legally do it.

      Any Christian-only housing would turn away disabled people in favor of Christians, just like 45+ condos turn away disabled people in favor of people over 45.   

      These situations don't make the news because of course everyone understands that if a building's rules specify a certain kind of tenant (Christian, 45+), then people who don't meet that criteria don't get in.

      It seems its only when Muslims do what everyone else does that there are news stories and condemnation.

    3. scribblet


      Are the others gov't subsidized, if so it should not be allowed.  Considering that the building the disabled man was turned away from, is subsidized housing, it should never be okay.   Gov't should never condone discrimination should they.

    4. dialamah


      According to the article, yes they are.  



      The City’s mandate policy allows social housing providers to restrict their housing to individuals belonging to an identifiable ethnic or religious group if specific conditions are met,” says a statement provided by city spokesperson John Gosgnach.

      There are eight such buildings in Toronto, catering to Muslims, Macedonians, Germans and seniors who are Christian, Chinese, Greek, Hungarian or Lithuanian.


      So come on, let's see your status update about those nasty Lithuanians, who would disallow a disabled non-Lithuanian from accessing their services.

  10. London, Westminster  1960's. Not a stab vest, crash barrier or armed police officer to be seen.

    London bobby 1960.jpg

  11. Right, heaven help there should be an open debate, a debate which can and should happen without the name calling and finger pointing. Bernier is correct saying that the growth of 'communities' which don't adhere to Canadian/Western values/traditions will eventually lean to an isolated population. This identity politics is reducing us to nothing but tribal clans each with it's own hearth which eventually will wipe out Canadian values and culture. Canada doesn't have the demographics yet but this notion that promoting separateness and that ALL cultures are equal matter how barbaric or misogynist is ridiculous and could be our downfall. Scheer has distanced himself from Bernier and some people are now saying this will cost the Conservatives the election; possibly because people are too scared of being labelled to speak out. We should be angry at Trudeau who says 'There is no core identity, no mainstream in Canada" which is pretty radical, instead of criticizing Maxime Bernier for saying there should be. What's wrong with these people ? I'm adding this article here from Australia which is a long read but does have salient points. https://www.theaustralian.com.au/national-affairs/how-i-lost-faith-in-multiculturalism/news-story/f7c75dd449a8c18334460b4d032e5cea
  12. I agree as I said earlier about multicult. Most people are fine with legal immigration but don't like offical/enforced multicult. which is the antithesis of nationalism as it highlights the differences while ignoring similarities. Why should we all be isolated from each other, each with their own tribal 'hearth' as this only fosters resentment and creates a divisive ethos. Maybe this is what Trudeau/Liberals want, a divided people which makes many Canadians uneasy even as discussion about immigration and culture is restriced as any serious critique of immigration is generally not allowed.
  13. scribblet

    Saudi Arabia expells Canadian ambassador

    Just wondering why Trudeau is still giving the Saudis a break on their oil as will not have to pay the future carbon tax.