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  1. Nothing says “Team Canada” like deciding to smear the leader of the opposition before even talking to him. https://t.co/g3ep1SLyf7

    1. OftenWrong


      Definitely a team effort, intended to showcase our PM's impressive "leadership", eh? :lol:

    2. scribblet


      Was that new Storyteller they hired 

  2. Thinking about buying a large turkey


    1. bcsapper


      Haven't they ever heard of leftovers...?

    2. sharkman


      Oh.  I was going to suggest getting a large bag of bacon instead, but either way, it might bring the cops a-bangin'.

  3. Trudeau has addressed shortage of clean drinking water on Native reserves by funding a windmill farm in Ethiopia.

  4. Finally, they are taking some action, Austria will make it a criminal offense to spread 'political Islam' following Islamic extremist's terror attack last week’ Too little too late IMO, but I guess it's a start. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8938455/Austria-make-criminal-offence-spread-political-Islam-Vienna-terror-attack.html Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz's cabinet today agreed on a wide range of anti-terrorism measures meant to plug perceived security flaws identified after a deadly attack by an Islamic extremist in Vienna last week.The proposals include the ability to ke
  5. Liberals are now arguing about underwear as part of their 33 hour filibuster to stop investigation into the WE Scandal. Underwear. I kid you not.
  6. We got ours two weeks ago, got the senior shot too which we were not able to get the last two years.
  7. These are the same people who said it was too dangerous to vote in person and screamed about Trump rallies. 



    1. scribblet


      70 million pissed off republicans and not one city burned to the ground.

  8. Well, I kind of enjoyed it, regardless of how it was represented, it was entertainment.
  9. So the Religion of Peace has attacked Vienna, why, we don't know other than he BBC reporting on the Jihad attacks in Vienna puts Islamists in quotes, they can't deny it because Vienna confirmed it, but they just cannot bring themselves to confirm it. The Jihadist was convicted on terrorism charges last year but was released from prison after serving part of his term so why wasn't he deported. Trudeau had a pretty wimpish response too, can't upset the Jihadists can we. Time to put political correctness aside and say what it is, and time to back Macron in France or will just contin
  10. Gosh - those 'darned Jews' again, tough that you don't like what they are exposing
  11. Breaking. Apparent terror attack in Vienna.    So far 1 death and numerous injuries   


  12. Yes, Trudeau is increasing levels. https://financialpost.com/pmn/business-pmn/trudeau-ratchets-up-immigration-targets-to-boost-recovery
  13. Not sure whatBiden can do that is not already being done. IMO the President does not have the power to order the entire Nation to shut down nor to mandate wearing ofmasks. He/she can help make guidelines and suggestions and economic threats but this all takes time and will produce a lot of court challenges. Declaring Martial Law would be a quick way to get out of office and cause civil unrest. Read more: https://www.city-data.com/forum/politics-other-controversies/3209483-if-biden-becomes-president-will-he.html
  14. Democrats have never accepted the results of 2016 having done nothing for the last 4 years but try to overturn the results, one way or another. I don't think Biden will enact martial law but would he override the will of the Governors? Well maybe, after he confiscates the guns that is :)-
  15. We should be able to debate immigration levels etc. and what is best for Canada without being called names. The Liberals have done a pretty good job of defining anyone who disagrees with them as racist.
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