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  1. scribblet

    Will Raybould cross the floor?

    It's Scott Brison's fault, if he hadn't suddenly stepped down there would not have been a cabinet shuffle...and Jody Wilson Raybould would still be A G
  2. POI identified in Smollett case...  Is Nigeria MAGA country?   Must be those two Nigerian Princes   :)-      https://www.cwbchicago.com/2019/02/smollett-case-update-two-brothers-will.html

    1. scribblet
    2. betsy


      From what I heard, Smollet isn't cooperating with investigators.  


      Police reject 'Empire' star Jussie Smollett's 'limited and heavily redacted' phone records




      A representative for "Empire" star Jussie Smollett said information in phone records given to police during a hate crime investigation was redacted "to protect the privacy of personal contacts or high-profile individuals not relevant to the attack." 




      Let the investigators decide which are relevant or not.

  3. scribblet

    Problems Posting with Firefox

    OK.. it's doing it again now... I'm using Chrome to post this now, but this is what I got with FF when I try to reply. A box comes up but it won't let me type in it. I'm using Windows 10 on a desktop.
  4. scribblet

    Will Raybould cross the floor?

    As long as she still sits as a Liberal MP Trudeau is safe, if she quits alltogether, IMO he's done. I don't actually believe this has anything to do with ethnicity or gender, it's simply about a serious difference of opinion about the breaking the law and it's consequences (for SNC)
  5. scribblet

    Problems Posting with Firefox

    OK... I was using Firefox Quantum 64 . something (64-bit) which wasn't working but it just updated this morning to to 65.01 so now seems to be working. thanks
  6. scribblet

    Will Raybould cross the floor?

    Just thinking that it was a good think Robert Fife broke this story rather than say the Rebel as it would've been immediately shut down as "fake news" by the Trudeau gov't which has decided it is in charge of deciding what is fake and what isn't.
  7. Anyone else having problems posting with Firefox? I can't post or reply with FF so had to switch to Chrome.
  8. scribblet

    Trudeau lying about SNC

    New Strategy: Raybould didn't speak French so clearly she didn't understand what was going on. So let’s be clear, not only was she difficult, incompetent but heaven forbid, she didn't understand French!? It's hard to imagine these morons are actually running this country. I guess her French wasn't good enough for the AG but good enough for Veteran's Affairs. https://www.theglobeandmail.com/politics/article-liberal-mp-says-wilson-raybould-might-have-lost-justice-post-because/
  9. scribblet

    How Fake News Goes Viral

    An independent investigation has cleared https://www.washingtonpost.com/national/diocese-reverses-course-clears-covington-catholic-high-school-students-of-wrongdoing-after-investigation-of-viral-incident-on-mall/2019/02/13/c11195f8-2fa7-11e9-8ad3-9a5b113ecd3c_story.html?utm_term=.6dd7abfcbd77
  10. McCabe just confirmed on national TV that he seriously discussed using federal force to remove Pres. Trump from office In any other country state security forces trying to forcibly remove a President would call it an attempted coup. Imagine, unelected liberals colluding to remove the President against the will of the people therefore voiding a democratically elected President. Think about that for a minute… https://news.yahoo.com/mccabe-25th-amendment-discussions-doj-remove-trump-office-140646145.html
  11. scribblet

    The Death of the Federal Liberal Party

    Interesting, and that is why SNC where able to buy the legislative changes needed to avoid prosecution. (Quebec jobs). It still doesn't explain why Rabould was demoted, or at least moved to another position. Something happened in her eyes. I'm also wondering why she can't speak out in Parliament which give her immunity - right ? The cover up and cries of 'witch hunt' from the Committee won't go over so well... one thing that puzzles me is why there isn't more said about gov't interference in the Norman case or is that just simmering for now.,
  12. scribblet

    The Death of the Federal Liberal Party

    Ontario voters continued voting for a corrupt provincial Liberal gov't so there's not much reason to believe they will not continue voting for a corrupt Federal Liberal gov't. If the Liberals party wants to win a majority they would be smart to remove Trudeau, but I don't see that happening before the election.
  13. scribblet

    Trudeau lying about SNC

    I had forgotten about those remarks, they were inappropriate. Meanwhile Quebec just thinks it's business as usual and Trudeau is just defending their jobs... I've read that Bombardier could be next as they are alleged to use bribery also.
  14. scribblet

    Trudeau lying about SNC

    The ndp but the party isn't strong enough or big enough.,,mind you if she took over as leader ...hmmmm