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  1. And so it begin: and we know 'hate speech' will be defined by liberals which usually refers to anyone disagreeing with a liberal. https://pm.gc.ca/en/mandate-letters/minister-canadian-heritage-mandate-letter "Create new regulations for social media platforms, starting with a requirement that all platforms remove illegal content, including hate speech, within 24 hours or face significant penalties."
  2. I doubt you know that or that he 'barely passed', the rest is also nonsense.
  3. Right. this is all reminiscent of the "scary Harper agenda" days you know...the so cons are coming, the so cons are coming , with hyperbole and innuendo intended to set liberals shivering in fear... guess it still works.
  4. Right, because his so called religious agenda never materialized, didn't happen. in fact, some people were unhappy that he did not not pursue it. waiting for someone to mention but John Hagee
  5. Marci McDonald was pretty good at fearmongering about Harper and religion, I wouldn't believe much of any thing she says about Harper, it was all supposition and innuendo. Harper went to church I suppose but his politics were informed by economics not religion. Obviously his actions during his term put a lie to whatever she purported to know.
  6. So...what is Trudeau going to be doing as he's handed over a major share of his duties to Freeland.  

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    2. scribblet


      I join with others in wishing Justin Trudeau well on his retirement.

    3. OftenWrong


      I think the other parties are not going to put up with Mr. Trudeau for very long, hence the sudden removal of Mr. Scheer. Politics is in the wind.

      If you listen carefully when they show the house proceedings on TV, when Mr. Trudeau speaks, you can hear it. Very quietly in the background you can hear it... the sound of a knife being sharpened. Perhaps even... a kirpa?

    4. Army Guy

      Army Guy

      Well shit son, gives him more time to do those morning shirtless jogs, shop for socks, woo all the ladies with his I'm a feminist talk, take selfies .....save French jobs, while killing English ones....break a few laws , smash the ethics codes all to shit, take his family on some more exotic vacations where they will all dress up and dance around a fire...perhaps see a speech therapist to get rid of all those uuuHHHMMMs, and aahhss,  have better eye brows tattooed on this time....OOHH ya lets not forget someone has got to come up with a new climate plan because the last one is not going to work or meet any targets....wait Frrrreellaanndd I up dated your job description again....Maybe he'll surprise all of us and find his pants, take those recommended "how to be a man classes" I recommended...

  7. No they were not. Harper never ever talked about his beliefs or made religious comments and actually neither did Scheer. it was the media that continually harped on it. j
  8. Well I think there was one ...Stockwell Day
  9. Antifa and other socialists evidently don't believe in democracy as 100s of sore losers protest outside downing street demanding  an overthrow of government.




    1. scribblet


      Anyone that protests against the election result ought to go and live in North Korea, we live in a democracy.
  10. Lisa Rait said yesterday she will not run, no word from Ambrose yet but if she does run she's a shoe in (I think).
  11. My understanding too, Corbyn was Marxist and anti Semitic, I can't imagine the damage he would have done had he got a majority. He promised free internet, to redistribute the wealth (read taxes and more taxes) nationalize some companies and massively increase public spending.
  12. I am shocked,  I say shocked,  that federal anti-racism adviser says she was punished for talking about PM's blackface  https://www.huffingtonpost.ca/entry/manjot-bains-trudeau-blackface_ca


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    2. scribblet


      Sorry about the link...   thanks for correcting it.   

      Generally they are restricted but I do seem to remember the left screaming and ranting about Harper 'muzzling' employees from talking.

    3. dialamah


      Preventing employees from providing information or research is rather different than criticizing one's employer.  

    4. scribblet


      Well, of course it would be wouldn't it   ;)

  13. No, he quit rather than allow a very divisive time leading up to a review that could've torn the party apart. This now leads the way for them to select someone who can beat Trudeau.
  14. He certainly fell on his sword for the good of the party, he is a good man. Now the fun begins.
  15. No, it does not seem that way as Quebec only made it mandatory in 2017, prior to that there were exemptions. As I said, someone needs to google the French papers. https://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/national/quebec-becomes-latest-province-to-make-sex-education-compulsory/article37335042/
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