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  1. Canadian health departments agreed not to order tens of thousands of travellers arriving from China to quarantine in February in order to reduce pressure on public health resources.

    So tens of thousands have landed here and how many hid symptoms or did not isolate...   this is criminal  

    1. Argus


      And yet then they did require such a quarantine on people arriving in Canada, including the tens of thousands coming home from the US. So clearly it was possible to do so. I think they were mostly afraid of being seen as targeting Chinese.

    2. scribblet


      Of course they were, we were told from the beginning we were racist to want travel stopped.

  2. I never mentioned money, so don't fabricate things. As for this, you are not making sense, only in your mind have I been hypocritical but you are free to believe whatever makes you happy.
  3. I said no such thing and I never mentioned money, you really need to stop imputing words and actions. I have no responsibility other than not to break the law or stop anyone from having equal opportunity, and to teach my kids the same thing, that, we are all entitled to the same opportunities,
  4. What responsibility, as long as we ensure that people are given equal opportunity, it's their responsibility to make use of it, and make the right choices.
  5. We can offer to help people become successful . We can give people equality of opportunity but we cannot guarantee there will be an equal outcome. To achieve an equal outcome could sometimes mean removing children from their home/environment and placing them in a different/better environment/home. Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime.
  6. I'm a senior so yes, scared of getting it, hubby is a few years older, I doubt we would survive it and it's a hard way to go. we are on our own, kids can't get to us as they don't have cars, so yeah, I won't go shopping without a mask, which we can't get.
  7. Another layer of safety cannot hurt, if I had one I would venture out, but don`t have any so stay home and order on line.
  8. Saw this on Twitter, I think he's right.  Yes leaders have to also practice social distancing etc. but all other leaders are out and about - leading...   not Trudeau.   Many people are wondering if there is something else going on.

    I’m not a psychologist, but majored in psychology, Trudeau’s current behaviour is abnormal, hiding in the cottage and making a daily appearance before the cameras, this is not prime ministerial behaviour, the country is crying for leadership, the premiers are filling in the void

  9. From what I've seen on twitter, this is true, such double standards.
  10. So, did all Trudeau liberals swear allegiance to Communist China or what,.

  11. I'm pretty sure they will, and the media will make Trudeau out to be the next Messiah. I've seen elsewhere people blaming Ford for the Ontario shortage. Trudeau messed up in the beginning and still is on closing borders and flights from hot spots, due to political correctness. I think we all are willing to give a lot of leeway for any gov't in this situation, however, Trudeau's attempted back door audacious power grab (by any standards) which the opposition managed to stop was unforgivable IMO. I guess Trudeau believes in not letting a good crisis go to waste. No one should forget that or forgive it. His daily forays outside for a controlled press conference is interesting as he seems to be the only leader in hiding; his isolation period is long over and his wife is at Harrington Lake so what is the real reason for him hiding. The only real reason I can think of is that the party has him on a leash with a written script to read from, as he can't be allowed to go off script. If this goes on for months rather than weeks it will be a different country and way of life, we may be into a depression with deep unemployment so how that is handled will be telling.
  12. I wouldn't trust the WHO either, not at all.
  13. Trudeau suggested that Canada was not on the same trajectory as the US because it had acted sooner. But the fact of the matter is – on several issues, Canada trailed behind the US by several days or even weeks. https://edmontonjournal.com/news/national/the-road-to-canadas-covid-19-outbreak-timeline-of-federal-government-failure-at-border-to-slow-the-virus/ When asked if he now regrets not tightening travel screening earlier in the pandemic: Trudeau replied: “I think there is going to be lots of analysis after the fact about what happened when, what could have happened a few days earlier, what only needed to happen a few days later" So – no regrets even knowing that Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore started restricting travel and screening inbound passengers in early January as they cared more about their citizens than getting a UN seat. Don't you love the CBC's euphemism for ignores and refuses to answer questions: "in his responses to reporters at these morning briefings, he still sometimes floats above the questions asked" https://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/trudeau-pandemic-covid-coronavirus-media-1.5516383
  14. Nah, still happening, double shooting in Agincourt earlier this month.
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