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  1. Shoveling a whole lot of global warming this morning.

    1. scribblet


      In 2020 climate hystericals said children won't know what snow is.

  2. I think Canada paying for security is a moot point now that they have lost their HRH and public funding, Canada should not be in the hook. I'm not clear on whether or not he will still get the 2 million a year from daddy's Duchy of Cornwall revenue. OK, this says they will still get it.. yikes, 2 million a year for what... What - me worried says Harry. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7902807/Prince-Harry-Meghan-expected-getting-2-3m-Duchy-Cornwall-cash-Charles.html https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-51163865 I was a bit worried for them for a while..
  3. CA is right on this point, it always ends up being personal. Meanwhile in Morocco, a TV channel taught Muslim Women how to cover-up their black & blue marks after beatings by their husbands. Remember this when anyone tries to insinuate sharia into your country and convince you 'sharia" is compatible with the West. The channel did lose their licence over it https://www.enca.com/africa/morocco-tv-channel-censured-over-makeup-tutorial-for-abused-women
  4. So now we have to rid the earth of half it's population, is the author volunteering to go first?


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    2. betsy


      A lot of cities are over-populated!  Look at the crime rate - plus, mix people with various cultural differences - you'll have a ticking time-bomb.  They'll end  up killing each other.

      What about diseases?  Congested cities will easily spread them.

        That's how they'll rid a lot of people? 


      What happens to farmlands?  

      I suppose, no more meat!  THAT'S the agenda of the the enivonmentalist lunatics!

      Lol.  You bet, someone will be having all those farmlands....and vast space! 


    3. OftenWrong


      Cities are an abomination of desolation. They are the reason the world, environment, animal life are doing poorly. That is where your industrial filth belches out, and the toxic sludge runoff made of what we truly are.

      No, there’s no time to change the road we’re on. We’re on the escalator to hell.

    4. scribblet


      Massive immigration will only add to that, and put more pressure on housing prices/rents

      I think this should be a thread, should I start it elsewhere?

  5. She wasn't subjected to racism from day one, the Press welcomed her. I'm generally pro Royal but I don't like what they did to the Queen and how they did it... I'm disappointed in both of them. and I sure as hell don't think we should have to pay for their security, but Meghan has allready told us that they are 'internationally protected people' - so there. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7881661/PIERS-MORGAN-playing-despicable-race-card-Meghan-Harry-libeled-Britain.html Meghan & Harry haven’t been criticism because of her colour but because she’s a selfish social climber & he’s a weak whiner - and by playing this despicable race card they have grossly libelled all of Britain.
  6. You are not making sense, but let me know where free apts. are. Retricting tax payer subsidized apts. to Muslims only, and one particular sect, certainly is not open for everyone, in that building.
  7. Deliberate mass murder with 2 missiles. Conservatives brought a successful vote in Parliament in June 2018 to have the IRGC listed as a terrorist entity. The Liberals voted for the measure but have not made the listing. It's time to recognize the responsibility IRGC bears for its destructive influence and warmongering. They started this by attacking the
  8. No it is not normal, not for government funded housing which should be open to every one.
  9. The rape PakistanI rape gangs speak for themselves, canada doesn't yet have the demographics
  10. Must be a different rcmp And Toronto http://www.torontopolice.on.ca/homicide/mostwanted.phpt
  11. You've all got it wrong. It was Israeli secret agents, you know, part of the international Zionist -Jewish conspiracy, disguised as sand dunes who secretly fired the missile from the Golan Heights, personally approved by Trump. Try to keep up,
  12. Many, many links have been posted. Meanwhile in the U.K. a 14 yr. old girl is raped by 10 Muslim men and reports it to the police who they just say "thanks for the info" & do nothing . Why, because no one wants to upset Islamists. https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-england-south-yorkshire-51037692 A girl who was sexually exploited by a gang that used her as a "piece of meat" found police took "no effective action" to stop it, a court heard.
  13. I don't trust the Dems to tell the truth as they appear to be siding with Iran, but there was lots of open-source information, many public threats from Soleimani's thugs. Reuters has reported on this. The Dems and the media's new narrative seems to be that Iran is more rational than Trump, so no war. So, they now are saying that the Iranian regime, which hangs gay people from cranes, oppresses women, and pursues global terrorism is more rational than a president using practiced deterrence strategy. https://www.aljazeera.com/news/2020/01/russian-downed-plane-iran-ukraine-top-official-200109154318859.html
  14. MSNBC ran with Iran claims killed 30 Americans but the Pentagon said they killed no Americans. MSNBC decided to run with Iran’s narrative so if you were wondering whose side the media is on, let that inform your opinion. Also, Iran is refusing to turn over the Black box of a Ukrainian 737 that crashed in Iran last night, on which over 60 Canadians were killed, wonder what Trudeau will do.
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