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    2. bcsapper


      Everyone's a slut when they feel like it.  I disagree with JT's ideology in that I don't believe indisciminantly, but If he wants to, let him.  There is a vague rumour going around that if enough courage is mustered to present certain affadavits, he might well rue the recommendation.

    3. betsy


      To automatically  believe them, just because they're women???  It's one thing to listen....but to believe them???  You'll automatically assume the accusation is truth, and that the guy they accuse, is guilty!

      Was Justeen high or something when he said that?  What a terrible thing to say!


      Whatever happened to presumed innocent until proven guilty, Mr PM? 

      You seem to have no wits about you.  Maybe if you try to get your head above that cloud of smoke - you wouldn't be spouting off reckless comments!



      Lol.  Gomeshi women comes to mind!  Every vindictive, bitchy, opportunistic women with an axe to grind (or even not), will be screaming sexual harassment! 

      Hell hath no fury......unleashed!


      It's going full-circle, folks!   Trivialized and abused, women's credibility will be back to where it's been.  No one will take women's accusations seriously in the long run.  It's starting to happen.  That's what so infuriating about all these!  The real victims will be lumped along with all the sensational, wanna-bes.

    4. betsy


      Does it mean.....

      If a female friend of the wife came out to say PM abuses Sophie in private - I'll have to believe it's true .  It came from a woman.......and, after all, there was also that elbow incident.