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  1. Liberals are desperate now they are using birther tactics. Who knew liberals would be the party of racism and smears.  Dion and Mulcaire have it as do a number of liberal MPs..  Scheer was born in Canada, his father was Americzn and he allready started the process to get rid of it before leader.  

    1. scribblet


      So lemmee see:  It appears that the Liberal narrative  says Andrew Scheer is bad because his dad is a legal immigrant?   Maybe Dad Scheer should have just strolled across the border at Roxham road.  The Liberals seem pretty okay with that form of immigration.

      This is the new scandal of the day by the media in the can for Trudeau desperately trying to change narrative away from Trudeau incompetence and real scandals. 
    2. scribblet


      Meanwhile, a Liberal MP had his lawyer license suspended for conflict of interest, but the media is focusing on Scheer selling insurance and having an American dad.  The liberals are at best, corrupt incompetent liars. Vote wisely.

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