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  1. A conservative was just gunned down in the streets by ANTIFA and not a single “mainstream” news outlet has asked Joe Biden to condemn the organization he called “just an idea” We don’t have a media in this country anymore. We have activists posing as journalists.
    He's right...
    The Denver shooter who killed a Trump supporter: -is a registered Democrat -was a part of the occupy protests -followed radical far left politicians on twitter -followed accounts against cops & an account related to Antifa -had a history of anti-Trump rhetoric online
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    2. dialamah


      Everybody who is attacked or "gunned down" in riots has a political ideology.  

      Both Biden and Trump have decried violence.  Trump supporters don't also require Trump to specifically condemn right-wing violence, so why the double standard for Biden?

    3. DogOnPorch


      Indeed....and Biden should remain quiet as Lincoln and Douglass both hit the pavement. It would be a double standard to force Joe to condemn something the Orange One has already condemned harshly. Can't have that. It would anger the Democrat base.

      Good news...we'll likely find out his actual policy towards it if Biden wins the election. How much does he love those Antifa brown shirts and BLM goons? Their purpose...over. Maybe Canada will take them...

    4. OftenWrong


      What happened to “When they go low, we go high”?

      Never happened, eh. More like the opposite. Whatever standard we expect from you, doesnt apply to us.

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