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  1. Don't be a hypocrite 


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    2. Army Guy

      Army Guy

      I think we should start with every green parties home then move on to the NDP, and Bloc Quebec homes.... then the best for last the Liberals ...but since that is never going to happen i'm starting slap a lefty in the back of the head group.. our motto is slap a lefty in the head, slap them hard, slap them often, slap them when they start to wonder. screw it just slap them... Oh ya I'm going to sell t-shirts , I'm going to be rich...and lefties across the country are going to get slapped . I think I've died and gone to heaven...

    3. OftenWrong


      Nice AG. May I ask, what have you been smoking?

    4. Army Guy

      Army Guy

      Some of NB liquors finest weed, rolled in a fresh, clean white rolling paper curtesy of mr Irving.  ... and a little some crown royal as a chaser. Numbs your hands so you can really slap them lefties...

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