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  1. So - the journalist union for the CBC and Canadian Press have registered to campaign in the election. So there really is a Media Party.... http://www.elections.ca/content2.aspx?section=thi&dir=42ge&document=index〈=e

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    2. poochy


      They don't have enough shame to even pretend to be unbiased, but then we wonder why the government covers up $90,000 worth of fraud..they simply have never gotten a fair deal from the left leaning media in this country. No different than the evil agenda, evil empire crowd here.

    3. On Guard for Thee

      On Guard for Thee

      Can you translate that in to English?

    4. scribblet


      Seems like the entire CBC is campaigning for Justin Trudeau ... think about how many people they are giving manipulative and distorted election news to, on our dime. Ex-CBC head honcho Tony Burman really has lost his mind cos he now thinks our PM et al are a bigger threat than ISIS. Who says the media isn’t campaigning for the left.

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