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  1. Don't think I've heard so many insults, he's a clown, will you shut up man.. itvwas a sh.t show
  2. I wouldn't votefor either one of them... where's the mute button
  3. So, let me get this straight: Unnamed sources can falsely claim Trump disparaged service members therefore it's the biggest story of the election lead up.. ...But Joe Biden can call the troops "stupid bastards" ON TAPE and the media is completely silent?

    1. DogOnPorch


      "Clap for that you stupid bastards."

    2. Shady


      Pretty much.  Objective journalism died several years ago it seems.  The mainstream media is just part of the Democrat party now.  They don't even pretend anymore.

    3. bcsapper


      Objective journalism is very hard to find, as you say.  However, it seems reasonably sane subjective opinion is just as rare. 

      I know the difference between what Trump said, and what Biden said. 

  4. If writing off massive business losses is so wrong, why haven't Democrats changed the tax laws....
  5. If Trump knew some history and had a sense of humour, he’d nominate his horse.

    1. bcsapper


      The Senate would vote for it.

    2. DogOnPorch


      Never happened. A bit of Suetonius's flare for the lewd.

      But Incitatus was indeed Gaius Caligula's favorite horse...pampered beyond belief. Any threats/promises to make a horse a Consul were likely made to annoy the Senate...however.

  6. BREAKING: An accuser has already stepped forward with an allegation against the Trump nominee. Sources familiar with the matter say they are just waiting to know who they are accusing before releasing more details.   did a double take when read this...

  7. I hate to say it but if it's close and Trump wins, the left will go bonkers; I'm calling it on major unrest and attempted coup. They will not respect the results. I imagine they will go bonkers even if it's a clear win.
  8. If people are having a problem getting a loan for whatever it's more likely that they don't qualify for various other reasons, other than discrimination. Not everything is discrimination, it's just doing business. My kids wouldn't get a loan, I'd guarantee that, even though they are working. Should a financial institution be forced to loan money to anyone who asks?
  9. It is legit, there is also extra funding for black mental health as the Liberals claim Black Canadians disproportionately have mental health issues - and are excluding other groups from new funding. This is total systemic racism by the Liberals. It is sowing division and discontent, dividing people into tribes, each with their own hearth. It seems that 'progression' is now retrogression as we seem to be slipping back into apartheid and segregation.
  10. Maybe the darker the more money you get... talk about creating division. look at this ad where they are Looking to diversify DND’s Executive Team. Whites not need apply as hiring is based on skin colour!! https://emploisfp-psjobs.cfp-psc.gc.ca/psrs-srfp/applicant/page1800?from=linkedin&poster=1493510
  11. I don't know if he did or not, but so far it's all anonymous sources, and yeah, they confirmed it was 4 anonymous sources. on a visit to France a few years ago. I I seem to remember a flap at the time about him not wanting to go in the rain and subsequent records showed that it was indeed bad weather that prevented the trip. If he said something so egregious why wouldn't they have said something at the time, so coming out now really feels like a slime job. https://dailycaller.com/2020/09/06/never-happened-sources-close-to-trump-rally-defense-atlantic-story/
  12. New Covid Guide 

    Covid guide.jpg

  13. Conservative, can't tolerate any more of you know who.
  14. This is awkward:  Israel says George Soros is a threat: He "continuously undermines Israel’s democratically-elected governments,” said a foreign ministry spokesman & funds organizations “that defame the Jewish state & seek to deny it the right to defend itself”

  15. It's a shame that this gov't continues using race as a wedge and a divisive tactic; does mean 'no whites need apply' and if so, how does discriminating against one group solve discrimination. All hiring should be based on merit and qualifications, all things being equal then they can use race to be the deciding factor, but IMO, it should alternate. (between white/non white)
  16. I've seen a lot of videos of BLM violence, harassment and intimidation, they are like a howling pack of rabid dogs. Peaceful demonstrations are one thing but this mob psychosis is just insanity, here is just a sample. Meanwhile Democrats such as Rep. Ayanna Pressley, urge them on . In one video a howling mob is harassing and shrieking in a woman's face but she remains calm. I'm not sure I could, in fact I'm sure I couldn't. https://nypost.com/2020/08/17/blm-mob-beat-white-man-unconscious-after-making-him-crash-truck/ https://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2020/08/mostly_peacef
  17. Yeah... you know she/he is suing the same women again, https://nationalpost.com/news/trans-activist-jessica-yaniv-files-second-lawsuit-against-3-beauticians-after-losing-human-rights-suit-to-them-in-2019 Trans activist Jessica Yaniv has filed a civil suit against three female beauticians for close to $12,000, almost a year after a human rights tribunal ruled against her complaints against the same women. Documents published to the British Columbia Court services website on Aug. 26 show that Yaniv — who legally goes by Jessica Simpson — filed a suit against Sandeep Benipal, Ma
  18. He's not a social conservative so that's a plus, I'm good with it. Leslyn Lewis did very well, they should give her some position to give her experience etc.
  19. Since when does a virus give a minority government - especially one as inept and ethically challenged as this one - a mandate to fundamentally reshape Canada?  That’s what elections are for.

  20. Where did I say that. Trudeau is outspending the taxes taken in, and plans on spending much more "If the Liberals and their plan survive the [confidence] vote, they will have effectively been given a mandate to enact major reforms – a mandate granted without the usual inconvenience of an election." https://t.co/wB706Xgga5
  21. The spending and changes will be made through regulation so bypassing Parliament, again . There is no accountability or restraint so what will happen when he runs out of other people's money.
  22. He actually made a campaign promised not to prorogue, he didn't just march against it as an MP. Harper was trying to avoid defeat, but Trudeau is trying to prevent Canadians from learning the truth about how pervasive the this scandal really is, that along with his own family’s clear conflict of interest. All you need to know about Trudeau Prorogation. "We need to prorogue Parliament" "But Parliament already is shut down" "But not the Committee investigating our corruption" "Good Point"
  23. Trudeau's proroguing of gov't is worse than any others because a) it's the middle of a pandemic so no Parliament b) he's doing it to avoid investigations of his scandals (so did Chretien to avoid the ad scam inquiry) c) Trudeau actually promised never to prorogue so another promise just bit the dust this tweet didn't age well
  24. From what Trudeau has said he will be doling out a lot more money, it appears he will be turning Canada into a total Nanny State if he gets the chance which is why we cannot let him continue, even if he quits, Freeland is the same. I didn't want a fall election but now I think we have to have one as it's imperative that Trudeau goes. The thing is Election Canada isn't sure they can handle it under covid rules and or a total mail in, so what happens if the gov't falls but EC says they can't do it? Finance Official on learning the cost of the WE grant: “Money. Meh. No problem ;)”
  25. He left his teaching position mid term but no one knows why, lots of speculation and salacious articles from the Buffalo Chronicle which alleges it was due to messing with a student. There's nothing to back it up but that's why we are seeing instances of "pedo" graffiti.
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