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  1. Who said:
    "We simply cannot allow people to pour into the United States undetected, undocumented, unchecked and circumventing the line of people who are waiting
    patiently, diligently and lawfully to become immigrants in this country"



    guess who

    1. Hal 9000

      Hal 9000

      I don't know who, but it's a pretty racist, bigoted and hateful comment.

    2. scribblet


      Really,  it was Obama

  2. I was beginning to respect Singh, even though I don't like his policies, but he just lost my respect.  "Singh has undone much of the goodwill he generated and has sadly revealed himself to be yet another divisive politician."    He should step down as someone who disrespects a large % of the population cannot be a leader to all people.


    1. Shady


      He’s a disgusting demagogue.  I lost any respect for him when he issued his Castro tweet a few years ago.  He’s either evil or completely ignorant.

  3. Generally sons means 'all' in this case removing 'sons' is an insult to the war vets who fought for our freedoms Trudeau is on record in 2015 as saying the party with the most seats should govern.
  4. Could this be the new Gerald Butts  strategy?  Is the new spin going to be “alt right Scheer supporters go after Trudeau”,  dollars to donuts we are going to see this.

    1. OftenWrong


      First thing I thought as well. Oh look, poor Justin. He's so daring to fight the bad guys and so... dashing

  5. Based on Liberal  reactions I've seen today, it is evident they have become so fiscally irresponsible that they now attack the goal of a balanced budget, as if thecwish to manage the nation's finances responsibly is a radical, extreme idea.
    Tomorrow they will probably call it alt-right.

  6. Short reply right now. Apparently it's ok for quebec to have a test but not the rest of Canada
  7. So - Trudeau told Lisa Laflamme on CTV that the Globe and Mail's reporting on Lavscam was false because he believes  that he did not inappropriately pressureJody Wilson-Raybould to grant a differed prosecution agreement to SNC-Lavalin.        hmmmm

    1. scribblet


      Note she only gave Trudeau the opportunity to talk

    2. Army Guy

      Army Guy

      It's got to be true, CTV does not make fake news....at the end of every news story they bring out the neuralizer stick and ask everyone to watch the false.....Nothing to see here , move along....hey wait a minute what we talking about again....how about those leaf's….

  8. Poor Justin, he had to cancel his photo ops with the teacher unions cos the strike he was hoping for didn't happen.

  9.  Really Judy:  was it a total lie did someone actually say that to her



    1. scribblet
    2. OftenWrong


      Mr. Trudeau was simply self-identifying as black at that moment, that's all. It is his right to do so, as it is for anyone in a post-Just society.

  10. To be clear:  We will not be putting a 50% tax on the sale of your home.

    OK then, how will it be 49% or what

  11. The format and moderators were awful, particularly Delacourt, not sure if she was sober... however. IMO Singh did very well, with Scheer a close second, he got a couple of good zingers in, particularly ' There is a vacancy for the Ontario leadership'. Good thing I didn't agree to have a drink every time Trudeau said Harper or Ford Trudeau straight up lied about the G & M report, and his Twitter account has been in non stop attack mode since the debate.
  12. Singh is getting Trudeau rattled

    1. scribblet


      Oh my Ford, Harper must be running       

      Scheer to Trudeau: You lie.
      Trudeau to Scheer: Doug Ford.

      Shoulda had a drink every  time Trudeau says Harper or Ford

  13. No surprise, Wiki has always been suspect  because anyone can edit it, and they do.   Never use Wiki as your sole source.  

    BREAKING: Investigation finds massive manipulation of Wikipedia by the Chinese state. It found nearly 1600 tendentious edits across sensitive political topics  https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/amp/technology-49921173?

  14. Agree for the most part. We do have to give some foreign aid but 600 million for abortions in the the third world, maybe food and education would be a start.
    1. QuebecOverCanada


      They literally mean to use State power or having a corporation to control the narrative. 

      These are what sociopaths look like.

    2. scribblet


      This seems to be what the Star is looking for. 

    3. Argus


      They better stay off my meme topic! :ph34r:

  15. Sadly, the rush to push young people into changing their sex is going wrong as many are seeking help. No surprise, it's not something young people should be pushed into, better wait until they can make an informed decision as an adult. https://news.sky.com/story/hundreds-of-young-trans-people-seeking-help-to-return-to-original-sex-11827740
  16. It's not just the feminists silencing other view points, it's the BBC and it's Anti-Sikh, Pro-Islam Bigotry The Times reported that Indarjit Singh, 87, blasted the Beeb for “prejudice and intolerance” after he was told the broadcast may have offended Muslims. The BBC is not alone is shutting down opinions and discussion for fear of offending Islam, how about not offending other people for a change. However, this is another example of preferential treatment given to Islam. https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/blogs/cogito-ergo-sum/the-anti-sikh-pro-islam-bigotry-of-the-bbc/?fbclid=IwAR0hC4ohp8mRRs80-Te1hQgSRsEbpgil_sOTzB3iZu_zmAcF2F_6aFiSqmo Sikhs are nothing if not a race of people who stood up to defy the brutality and intolerance of Islam. Now 21 st century political correctness and the Liberal desperation to appease Muslims attempts to deprive the Sikhs of their truth and their identity. Indarjit Singh, Lord Singh of Wimbledon, recently left the BBC Radio’s Today program’s Thought of the Day feature after 35 years. He claimed that the BBC had tried to prevent him from broadcasting an item about commemorating Guru Tegh Bahadur ji, who was tortured and executed by Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb for opposing the forced conversion of Kashmiri Pandits to Islam and refusing to convert to Islam himself. The BBC objected on the grounds that it would offend Muslims. It was not the first time that Lord Singh had been prevented by the BBC from expressing Sikh beliefs in order to prevent offence to Muslims. This craven anti-Sikh bigotry must not go unchallenged.
  17. I know the left likes to eat their own but really, eat your babies- was she for real or just having a meltdown or what https://www.dailywire.com/news/ocasio-cortez-responds-to-womans-eat-the-babies-rant-dont-talk-about-it
  18. Liberals are desperate now they are using birther tactics. Who knew liberals would be the party of racism and smears.  Dion and Mulcaire have it as do a number of liberal MPs..  Scheer was born in Canada, his father was Americzn and he allready started the process to get rid of it before leader.  

    1. scribblet


      So lemmee see:  It appears that the Liberal narrative  says Andrew Scheer is bad because his dad is a legal immigrant?   Maybe Dad Scheer should have just strolled across the border at Roxham road.  The Liberals seem pretty okay with that form of immigration.

      This is the new scandal of the day by the media in the can for Trudeau desperately trying to change narrative away from Trudeau incompetence and real scandals. 
    2. scribblet


      Meanwhile, a Liberal MP had his lawyer license suspended for conflict of interest, but the media is focusing on Scheer selling insurance and having an American dad.  The liberals are at best, corrupt incompetent liars. Vote wisely.

  19. It seems a lot of people are giving Trudeau a pass, on everything, not just poor judgement (black face) but corruption and lack of ethics etc.
  20. So Trudeau uses 2 planes, what's the other one for - black shoe polish, costumes and canoes - but he bought offset credits - oh sure, like that reduces his carbon LOL 

    trudeau planes.gif

    1. scribblet


      Guess this means Trudeau has a lot of baggage

  21. The son of the senior who was harassed and intimated by ANTIFA thugs speaks out, the only actual Nazi scum there was ANTIFA. 4 of the thugs have been arrested. What these bullies did not realize is that I’ve already had an excellent teacher on the subject. My grandfather. And unlike these misguided youth, he actually went to Europe to kill Nazis. He served in England, Italy, France and Germany. I’m not a Nazi. My family gave everything to stop them and I would do the same. If you need to wear a mask when you assault people, who exactly are you? https://www.hamiltonnews.com/opinion-story/9622448-apparently-i-m-nazi-scum-
  22. Might fry up a can of Spam today ...  or just get that steak out to defrost.  
     : No, beef isn't bad for you: Scientists conclude there is no need to eat less red or processed meat.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. bcsapper


      Yeah, I used to have the occasional red meat too.  Usually bison, as they don't put growth hormone in them.  Now I'm a house vegetarian.

      As for spam, much as I like the taste, it's just a slow acting poison.

    3. scribblet


      Just kidding about the spam, but I do like my beef

    4. OftenWrong


      Rather than eating beef, (poor cows!) liberals would rather eat exotic, even endangered animals. Because the meat is so pure and organic...

  23. It doesn't say who the author is, or did I miss it? OK, it's Colin Alexander, is he Ojibwa or Inuit ? Found an article by him on the cost of refugees... https://canadafreepress.com/article/what-refugees-cost-for-a-family-of-five-but-what-about-our-own-people And tens of thousands of Aboriginal children live in conditions like what refugees are leaving, in remote settlements under boil-water advisory. This is what happens when illegal migrants invade a country creating overcrowded conditions that the host country cannot handle, people have died. https://apnews.com/92a15950e8f948ef99ebdbcb5df2f966 ATHENS, Greece (AP) — Migrants protesting at an overcrowded camp on the Greek island of Lesbos set fires and clashed with police Sunday, killing at least one person, authorities said. A burned body was brought to a local hospital and there is information about an unconfirmed second death, police said. The protesters were demanding to be transferred to the Greek mainland. “The situation is tense,” Lesbos mayor Stratis Kytelis told The Associated Press earlier. “There is information about a dead mother and her child. We haven’t been able to confirm that yet.” UNHCR Greece later tweeted that “we learned with deep sadness that the lives of a woman and a child were lost in a fire on (Lesbos) today.”
  24. Yes, and originally they tried to somehow blame Karen Pence. Too bad the media doesn't verify before publishing.
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