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  1. Media blackout on all the victims of these riots

    1. betsy


      Media are all pushing the same agenda.  "Less looting...." they say.  Like as if, that's good enough!

      Youtube show a group of looters beat up an elderly woman with 2x4 wood who pleaded with them to stop vandalizing.  Her husband was beaten up when he tried to come to her rescue. 

    2. Shady


      What they need to do is stop covering the riots.  Publicity is what most of these people are looking for.

    3. scribblet


      They got a dog which they brutalized then killed.  media should report that, then see what happens

  2. It isn't anymore, it can't be as the guy is up on charges. Someone is helping organize and leaving piles of bricks around, fanning the flames of insurrection and chaos. They used to shoot looters. It's not often one sees such blatant thieving criminality and without an ounce of shame, in broad daylight. Watching this criminal behaviour is particularly shocking because these people are so seemingly unaware of what morality is, that they are capable of repeating this action and possibly worse crime, with no sense that they have done anything wrong. They seem to think it's okay to kill a black police officer, beat up women and men trying to defend their businesses, torch a house with children inside https://www.foxbusiness.com/lifestyle/dallas-man-beaten-machete-riot-store https://www.kmov.com/news/retired-st-louis-police-captain-david-dorn-murdered-by-a-looter-outside-pawn-shop/article_327ce1e4-a4a9-11ea-8b67-ff8a3d5d9ab4.html who will protest in his name, cos you know - black lives matter Senseless brutality
  3. I don`t care about Trump, I don`t have a dog in this hunt, but no matter what you think of him, and I consider myself, if I were American, to be a blue dog Democrat (if there are any left). Any President would`ve been taken to the bunker, and you know that, but at least he came out and later went out. Unlike our Dear Leader who cowers in the cottage coming out once a day to tell us all how racist we are #cowardofthecottage I will say I think his poor performance on this is going to cost him the election, imagine, Joe Biden for President.
  4. We are in a pandemic, gang  bangers shooting up the town, all over, drugs in the street, massive debt & more taxes coming.  Yet,  Toronto'ss fundamentally useless mayor decides he needs to do more virtue signalling to the SJW crowd. No wonder people hate/distrust gov't of all kinds.  BTW, women are now 'menstruators' 347587201_menstrualdayjohntory.thumb.jpg.f94278a6f5dbc8422058f368e358f187.jpg

    1. bcsapper


      On May 28, we are all menstruators...

    2. scribblet


      And men will be referred to as ejaculators.

  5. Actually, there was a bit more to the bird watcher story, if you read his FB page, there were words exchanged before he took out his phone. He actually did appear to threaten her and he is an activist, so it was a bit of a set up. He said: “Look, if you’re going to do what you want, I’m going to do what I want, but you’re not going to like it.” Not that what she did was right, she should've just leashed the dog and left, but I don't think a company you work for should give in so quickly to a howling internet mob.
  6. The govt flew 144 people to a climate conference in Spain while simultaneously preaching about the need to reduce emissions. The govt spent at least $683,278, w/ $178,282 spent on additional expenses such as airfares, taxis & chauffeured cars. 
  7. Obviously they don't because no one seems to be getting too worked up about it, Canadians seem to be quite happy to have Parliament shut down and replaced with a Covid Committee. Trudeau and his Liberals have nothing but contempt for Parliament and contempt for debate, dialogue and criticism. These are essential elements of democracy but for the Trudeau regime, they are just an inconvenience. Each day we seem to be moving closer and closer to full dictatorship andapparently there’s nothing we can do about it.
  8. Democracy is dying in Canada now as Trudeau is bargaining Parliament and Democracy away in a deal with the NDP for 10 sick days (which is a provincial responsibility. A real leader doesn’t abdicate his responsibility to hold the executive to account in exchange for pieces of silver. Get back to work Mr. Singh. Shame on you, Parliament and democracy is not to be bargained away. It shouldn't happen but you just know that it will. A freakin' minority gov't is going to shut down Parliament and give Trudeau the dictatorship he's always wanted, free reign to spend with no oversight, no votes, no accountability
  9.   They are debating the push by Trudeau to shut down Parliament until September on news this morning.  Why isn’t the media screaming from the rooftops about Trudeau getting free rein to spend with no oversight, no votes, no accountability? Trudeau has bought their silence. 

    1. scribblet


      This shouldn't happen but you just know that it will. A freakin'  minority gov't is going to shut down Parliament and give Trudeau the dictatorship he's always wanted.   He has promised the NDP he will work with the provinces on mandatory sick days  in return for - shutting down Parliament until September. This is abhorrent, a real leader doesn’t abdicate his responsibility to hold the executive to account in exchange for pieces of silver. Get back to work Mr. Singh, and Trudeau. Shame on you, Parliament and democracy is not to be bargained away.

  10. Imagine this, in our Brave New World, a news organization actively campaigning to silence a critic of the government in this strange tale from the Twilight Zone. https://www.thestar.com/opinion/contributors/2020/05/21/andrew-scheer-is-fighting-the-last-war-which-he-lost.html? meanwhile, Trudeau shuts up his critics by adjourning Parliament https://www.ourcommons.ca/DocumentViewer/en/43-1/house/sitting-37A/order-notice/page-4o now Parliament is adjourned until June 15th - so Trudeau can continue doling out money etc. etc. with no checks or balances?
  11. The CPC certainly need someone with a backbone who will stand up to our Dear Leader, not sure if any one of them can do it. Our Parliament and Democracy are under attack, yet few seem to realize how radical and extreme the federal gov`t has become. IMO part of the problem is the bought and paid for media with the Star leading the pack with the recent most biased and overtly partisan attack I think I`ve ever seen. I`m not as afraid of the virus as I am the fact that Canadians are so easily manipulated into giving up their civil liberties and so willing to abandon democracy.
  12. Well, I wouldn`t go into Toronto on a bet. Trinity Bellwoods park today was packed with thousands, not distancing and not wearing masks...
  13. Chretien made Harper's prorogues look chintzy but neither of them took away the right of the opposition to ask question or allow MPs to compel the government to produce documents or to get witnesses to testify. The whole thing is a sham, just a platform for Trudeau to continue subverting democracy.
  14. "we were wrong. In retrospect and maybe looking forward, the world might be a very different place in terms of whether this kind of measure is enacted,” said Dr Tam. “So, we will learn."
    That's one hell of a mistake. yet those who questioned it were called racists by the 'experts'

  15. They obviously have a lot to hide which is why they don't want Parliament to meet, but when the Toronto Star calls for restraint you know there's a problem Trudeau has lied AGAIN to Canadians in Parliament. He said 'from the beginning of the pandemic' Parliament had sat once a week & twice a week virtually. Liar. The pandemic was announced 11 March, first virtual sitting wasn't until 28 April. https://www.thestar.com/politics/political-opinion/2020/05/19/after-months-of-panic-driven-economic-policy-its-time-for-ottawa-to-show-some-restraint.html Has anyone else noticed Trudeau has changed Wednesday's QP to The Special Committee on COVID-19? Now it is a Trudeau dictatorship, the somewhat balanced, more moderate Liberal Party of the centre disappeared with Trudeau who brought a radical move to outflank the NDP while mollifying green radicals putting some Liberal realists at odds with a Party they no longer recognize.
  16. I'm sure you can figure it out for yourself
  17. A good piece from Salim Mansur on the rule of law and preferential treatment for one group https://thenationaltelegraph.com/opinion/salim-mansur-call-to-prayer-and-the-rule-of-law When mayors and city councillors favour one group ahead of the rest, the rest need to sound the alarm. To warn its residents and taxpayers that the rule of law has been subverted. If not checked and reversed, then the rule of law, which binds people together in our beloved democracy, will unravel and eventually break. The raging controversy surrounding the public Call to Prayer during Ramadan is an example of local politicians privileging one group of people, in this instance, based on their religion, over the rest.
  18. So UNIFOR is willing to put our food supply at risk and screw over the farmers during an emergency.

  19. The financial situation is pretty grim, but I doubt Trudeau would do what Paul Martin did, he'll just continue spending. Watch out for a new 'corona tax'.
  20. This is from the propaganda arm of the NDP, but I'm sure many liberals will feel the same. Will, or should this result in a minimum income and if so how will it be paid for. I agree there needs to be an overhaul of LTC homes but should they all be nationalized, should private care homes be taken over by gov't, cos we all know how well gov't does in these things. I do not see how this can happen in the near future as we will be in for higher taxes and yes, severe austerity from the gov't, but will Trudeau reign in the spending as he will have to? https://pressprogress.ca/big-majority-expects-major-social-reforms-and-transformation-of-canadian-society-after-covid-19/ Most Canadians agree the pandemic reveals ‘ugly truths’ about Canada and expect major social reforms focused on ‘health and well-being’ The next federal election could shape up to be a battle over what the “new normal” in Canadian society should look like after COVID-19. According to new polling from EKOS, a clear majority of Canadians agree that the pandemic has exposed “ugly truths” about how workers and the elderly have been treated in Canada under the old status quo. Three-quarters (73%) of Canadians said they now expect a “broad transformation of our society” as a result of the pandemic, with a majority saying they expect to see major social reforms that prioritize “health and well-being.”
  21. So, someone had a 'vision' so they have to continue with their ceremonies --- do not come on 'our land' to tell us otherwise.   Okay - when you have an outbreak and need health care don't come on 'our land' to get care and money.

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    2. OftenWrong


      “Our ceremonies, our sun dances, our sweat lodges, our pipe ceremonies will continue and no matter what any government or what the RCMP may try to say or do, those ways are going to continue.”

      I agree with him on this, 100%.

    3. scribblet


      You agree that they should not follow protocols... and if the virus breaks out, who should help

    4. OftenWrong


      If they already closed down to outsiders, they don't need the RCMP to get heavy on them for doing a pow wow within their community. I oppose government heavy-handedness, for anything like this. It is not unlike my situation at work, where managers write long flowing emails about the standards of practice for minimizing exposure. Then when I call them and ask what to do about it, I have no PPE, they are stupified. Big speeches about safety one thing, providing the goods is another.

      So when the government or employer tells me I have to abide, I put it back to them. I cannot abide by your plan, there is no PPE. And you give me no other choice but to shut down. So you stay out. This is my family here. When you come in here, you are the outsider. (to gov't)

  22. Doug Ford has been doing very well, I support him and will accept a lockdown until June 2, but after that... no... they have to lift it gradually.
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