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  1. NO, they want a quick return of control to Iraqis. NOT IMMEDIATE. BIG DIFFERENCE. It appalls me how Craig twists everything, including the english lanaguge to suit his biased cases. Neither did the US. Your point?
  2. Superior in what sense? We've already established that the legionnare is a superior overall weapon. They both had different functions, OBVIOUSLY. War Elephants War elephants somewhat effective aganist Roman armies. HMMMM Actually a few of Hannibal's elephants did fight in a battle or two. When faced aganist infantry and cavalary not specificially trained and armed aganist them, it often became a rout.
  3. KK, I see your point, and under other conditions, I would agree with you, but with the largest debt in the nation, large unemployment, many minority issues, and major economic downturn, I cannot agree. There is simply too much to risk on 4 years with a green politican. Perhaps if the risks were smaller, and the time more forgiving, but I simply see that the risks of another 4 years (or is it 2?) with a green is asking for disaster. I really can't believe the brought up that crap Nazi thing. Seriously people, with someone who has tried to stamp out intolerance, a NAZI? For crying out loud, pl
  4. Why should I? It never worked before. You simply disgard the evidence or say that the source, even if the rest of the logical world respects it, is false. Or you simply just ignore it and say I never post any evidence. As your posts are always to hateful, intolerant, pro-oblivion, and anti-peace. I have no problems seeing you banned. Because the beliefs of 1/10,200 of the overall muslim population applies to the rest of the 10,199/10,200 people ? Have you ever spoken with anyone from that area? My post, was to give you two options: Answer that it, the pure religion was failing and l
  5. Um, US troops prefered the AK for numerous reasons even when they had use of the M16. They prefered its stopping power, reliability (it's not a uzi, but it's got better reliability then the 16), ability to fire many type of ammo, and ease of obtaining. But let's just forget that as well? The War elephant and Legionnaire were obviously use for different things. However, when a war elephant stomps/tramples legionnares, it obviously has a advantage. Yes, a War elephant cannot patrol or search house to house, but a legionnare cannot stomp or trample infantry by the dozens. Yes it was a supe
  6. LOL. Your attempts to make yourself look like the victim are horrible. If you bothered to put the amount of effort that normally goes into your intolerant posts, perhaps you could have some resembalance of a victim, until then, stop trying. If your opinion, anyone who does not follow your beliefs is morally wrong and automatically immoral. The purpose of the post was to show your idiocy is comparing slander to political history that one lacks. Obviously, you cannot see that. I'm disagreeing with you that he would be a good candidiate due to his severe lack of any and all political ex
  7. Practice what you preace. Then talk to me. It's far too interesting how you think clear observations ANYONE can make when examing Arnold's political history is slander. You are the one who throws hundreds of mindless anti-liberal, anti-progress, pro-genocide, pro-oblivion, anti-tolerance, anti-peace, pro-fear, pro-hate, pro-intolerance, anti-freedom, anti-logic, PURE LIES, and fabrications around. Don't even try to take the higher ground from that deep swamp of immurity and hate that you are so deeply sunken into. Every one here can read the hundreds of posts that you preach hate and
  8. my whole point is that to think that the US is completely without any blame is ludicrious.
  9. When a weapon can utterly stomp an other into oblivion it is inferior? However, we need to define better in what sense. Better in attrition wars? better in training? Better in overall combat? better at sea battle? Yes, a legionare is better at sea, training and attrition, but in a certain battle(s), when faced aganist something that can better adapt or has a signifigent advantage, it will take a inferior stance. My question is (which you people will probably answer strangely) does one thing apply to everything else that is shares something with?
  10. Because you are blind to your own ignorance and your own hate. Everyone here has seen hundreds of your vile, spiteful, hateful, intolerant posts clammoring for severe change that will hamper and harm the world. Do not even try to hide that. STOP LYING. Fricking stop. I was the one, in a thread, KK asked me to write, who argued that without a understanding of the past, the fundemental causes and beliefs, this war will never end. Unless you'd like to change the past and edit the archives, STFU. Freedom in your mind is genocide of all people who dissent from your views. Pre-emptiveness wi
  11. There are always people like in both sides. In America there are people who condone genocide of all Muslims (a few of the right-wingers were represente that view), and some that would like to see many of them die a horrible death. Likewise, that attidue exists in the middle east. Of course, but do you want to live in fear your WHOLE LIFE? Changing their attitudes will ultimately change the problem, and in a good dirction, get rid of the fear. Then we will be safeguarding forever. For every defense, there is a way to circumvent it. For every barrier, there is an achilles heel. I do not
  12. What the hell are you talking about? I'm beginging to think that you are dillusional. Um...you do understand WHY? No, it disagreed with you, and most of the quotes are from your post on what you typed, not what you quoted. Cherry picking and selective reading along with fabrication, are those your majors you recieved in college? You are dilluisional. And have no ability to pick up on sarcasm. However, you did prove something, that when you cannot admit that you are wrong, you simply regressive to 5th grade insults and ignorance.
  13. You're missing the point. He earlier said that Rome, like the US had all the best weapons. During several battles in Africa, Roman legions were trampled and annihilated by War elephants. They did not have the best weapons. After they produced a navy centered around boarding ships, their fleet became the strongest in the Meditteranean, however, before that, their navy was seriously lacking in comparsion to the Carthagians. By all means, read the question and answer before you comment on either. Craig Read, like his usual self, misses the point as well. No one ever said that. I si
  14. Yay, craig shows his ignorace again! NO, Liberals view US foriegn policy and acts of aggression as the enemy, not the country. It's always amuzing how you leave out the horrible things America has done. Because EVERY LIBERAL IS THE SAME! Every conservative is the same! Thus everyone thinks in one of two IDENTICAL thought patterns. Stop with the sweeping generalizations that don't apply to anyone. That's bull. The US consitution and its "all men were created equal" was written by SLAVE HOLDERS. WHAT MORALITY? The US seeks to exploit other countries for its self interest, just as ot
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