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  1. I know of one person in these forums who don't vote when it's raining.
  2. You mean Stephen Harper's signature was forged by the same person making Obama's birth certificate?
  3. I'll accept that when Harper apologizes to Helena Guergis.
  4. Under FPTP it's also possible the NDP wins with more seats and less votes that the Conservatives. In a case like that, look for Harper to dig out his 2004 Coalition Agreement with the Bloc and NDP but replace "NDP" with "Liberal".
  5. I wonder why the Sun was so sloppy with this story when they were able to catch the manipulation a few days earlier with the photo-shopped picture of Ignatieff's head on the US soldier. Did they decide to get back to their bias or were they threatened by Harper to do so?
  6. Who ever is the stronger candidate.
  7. Rick Mercer rants make more sense than Don Cherry. Don Cherry addresses Toronto City Council; now the RoC is back to laughing at us.
  8. Typically, subway stations are two kms apart from each other. So unless a patron lives within 1km of a station, he or she is likely to get there either by car or by bus. If he gets to the subway station by car, he’s (and the subway plan is) not helping to ease traffic. And furthermore, he’s going to need a place to park his vehicle at a price. Currently the parking lots along the Sheppard subway line are closed to subway patrons during rush hour – makes sense, huh? Secondly, if he takes the bus to the station, he’s going by a surface route which is what the Transit City already is. Bus a
  9. Change the header to "Mayor Ford, Best Mayor Mississauga could hope for" http://www.thestar.com/news/transportation/article/902712--mississauga-only-too-pleased-to-take-toronto-s-light-rail-money?bn=1
  10. Ford is just playing politics. If he's as good a business man as he claims to be, he would have known well before the election campaign started all the contracts and penalties related to Transit City. But these kind of details won't get you elected. (Like Ann Coulter would say, these facts are "so boring"). So campaign on snippets that sound good. They don't have to be correct. The tough job is for his opponents the explain why he's wrong. And explaining takes longer than one sentence - election lost. His game now is at least show he's trying to keep an election promise. Knowing full
  11. John Shimkus should recognize that God had put David Suzuki, Al Gore and other Climate Scientists to do the analysis and their work. He should remember that when Noah built the Ark under God's direction, the deniers ridiculed him.
  12. Turns out Miller was already doing what Ford was campaigning on doing.
  13. This just in: Miller hands Ford a $250million budgetary surplus.
  14. Then the highlights of his presidency must be any one of: 1) having difficulty looking through a pair of binoculars with their covers still on; 2) having difficulty opening a door in China; 3) waving the US flag upside down.
  15. Just a reminder of what was said two years ago: People are so short sighted. They think that eight years of destruction can be fixed in two years.
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