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  1. It seems that Canadians,at least for the time being are content with a minority government, trusting neither Harper nor Dion with the full reins of Government Status Quo-it can be a wonderful thing. Sure not a lot is being accomplished, steady as she goes.
  2. Wow!,to go from Islam to Atheism,that is radical. Not entirely surprising, considering the backstory. The Lady has Cajones. The website is making herself a target, all bets are off though on whether she backs down or something happens to her.
  3. All this arguing over numbers is insane,whatever the agreed upon number of souls who died,regardless of whether they were gassed,shot, starved, worked to death, or experimented on like lab animals,the fact is it was GENOCIDE. Nothing else matters!!
  4. Does anybody here know who, considering the shoe-in of McCain, as the Republican candidate, who would be his running mate? Powell perhaps?
  5. Thanks for the test, i'm sending the link to to all my climate warming acolytes. I scored 8/10
  6. Exactly!,Why the handwringing? What other countries will buy our oil? Pretty well every other country! Slight exaggeration.,Only
  7. - people that need to do a job 3 or 4 times because it was'nt done right the first time.... - Liars....
  8. If you're a fan,you'll be happy to know, he announcing a tour in February,mostly to recoup his some of his retirement funds he got defrauded out of.
  9. Yeah, keep people in the stone age and they won't have to worry about obesity, heart disease and such, they'll be starving instead, that's the ticket!
  10. I work in the service industry, as a Butcher in a small Grocery store. What really peeves me is when a person stops in front of our service counter and gestures to me while they are still talking on the phone,but forces me to wait until they finish talking often taking their time before actually getting off the phone and telling me what they want. I want to take that phone and shove it up their pretentious little a--es! :angry: The customer is always right -Yeah Right! Thanks,I feel better now
  11. Despite such warnings, Americans and Britons are the most frequent travellers to Canada; Australians are the eighth most frequent. Much ado about nothing, How many people read those advisories any ways? Apparently,not too many
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