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  1. I was going to do the "Uranus" joke but, that would be imature...though funny! Didn't Bush talk about going to the moon and Mars again right after all hell broke loose in Iraq and no WMD were being found...a good distraction from the real issues. I don't see any reason to spend so much money in going back to the moon and besides, with record deficits under Bush, we Americans can't even come close to affording that right now, i.e., tax cuts, Iraqi war, miscalculation by $133 Billion in Healthcare, etc. This president's incompetencies will hurt all around!
  2. While Bush was out getting drunk and sniffing coke at the age of 27, Kerry was coming back from Vietnam and head of Veterans Against Veitnam, speaking to Congress and getting the attention of Pres. Nixon and other aides. He has shown me enough leadership in comparison to the incumbent! I think Gen. Clark would have been the best Democratic Candidate. He has a great resume and is an anti-Iraq war voice!
  3. And the whole while he's been telling us that we got attacked because we are a "free nation." This guy is so clueless and has done so much damage that another 4 years would be a tragedy and even more radical since he won't worry about re-election!
  4. His credibility is definitely gone. Unfortunately as a Democrat, Kerry's seems to be diminishing as well even though I would never ever vote for Bush, not after all of his screw ups and responsibilty dodging. But there is a saying, "if Bush says it's true, doesn't necessarily mean it isn't." Just a lack of crediblity.
  5. Why I dislike Bush: Forced an Iraq war, didn't get enough money or troops from abroad, didn't fire Tenet and forgot about Bin Laden. Tax cut will do more harm than good. Everything is an excuse from 9-11. Biggest divider, nationally and internationally. Uses faith for judgement, i.e, stem cell, gay marriage, etc. Makes the position look dumb by not articulating properly. Enviromental sellout for corporate greed/ contributors. Got the position for who he is and not what he is.
  6. There's extremism on both sides, the KKK is a Conservative based, Repulican voting organization who happen to be terrorists by striking fear in those who don't fit their specifications of being human...should we call all Republican Conservatives, terrorists and say that they also lack class? If you base your argument for one side, at least think it through and be consistent and look within your own party...perhaps in the future, you'll make better decisions!
  7. Don't know if someone posted this already but, didn't Bush just flip-flop too saying, "we can never win it" and then saying, "we will win!" Can we or can't we win, which one is it...that's a flip flop to me! Or is it only a flip-flop when the Democrats do it?
  8. We cannot afford 4 more years of excuses like: The economy's bad...oh, because 9-11. We're going to war again with another country...oh, because 9-11. We have huge budget deficits...oh, because 9-11. But the Saudi's were involved, ...yeah, but they had nothing to do with 9-11, just Iraq and Afganistan??? The 9-11 excuse has worn thin to a point where they have made it feel like an annoying subject now, and that, in and of itself is a tragedy. I know blaming Clinton for everything is the Right's other excuse but, it's time for this president to take responsibility and accountability for what happend under his term...didn't even fire the CIA director, in fact, he praised him! WOW, and you'll call this leadership...
  9. I would like to hear about most of the issues and not just about one. This is just another detraction because there is nothing else to talk about under the Bush Regime, at least not positively! They want to talk about Bush's leadership during this time, which is strange to me because he never had a plan to finish in Iraq, never was able to get enough money and troops from other countries, he's used up money like it grew on trees, he's an environmental disaster....I just don't see how anyone with a conscious could vote for this clown!
  10. Let's talk about credibility issues: - WMD? - Mission Accomplished? - Greeted as Liberators with flowers and chocolates? - Imminent Threat? - Saddam and 9-11/Al Qaeda link? - Yellow cake from Niger? - No new deficits from the wealthy tax cuts? - Senior official leak of CIA operative? - No child left behind funding? - Gay marriage to be left to the state during his campaign? - Uniter, not divider? - Called remark of war in Middle East as terrorist breeding a "ridiculous notion?" - AWOL for a couple of months while Kerry volunteered for Vietnam - Cheney and Halliburton ties/ Iraqi loan bidder for high end contracts? - No plan for post-war? - We pay 90%+ cost of war/ lives and claim to have this huge "coalition of the willing?" - Questioned UN credibility for not finding the WMD and now we cannot find?
  11. It seems hard to knock this guy right now but, I'm sure you Right Wingers will try very hard.
  12. He said just the other day that even knowing what he knows now about Iraq's WMD, he still would have invaded Iraq. Doesn't sound too peacefull to me, more like Oil hungry.
  13. Don't forget the Rush Limbaugh's, Sean Hannity's, Ann Culter's and O'Reilly of the Right...some Repubs think these people are God as they dominate the radio air waves and spew tons of slanted garbage!
  14. Fidel's a dictator, how come we haven't invaded and occupied Cuba??? Oh yeah, there's no oil in Cuba!
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