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  1. Actually what you said was "In fact China's oily-garchs are amongst the biggest foreign investors in the oil sands." You stated oil sands which is one part of the fossil fuels market in Alberta. As I stated, 80% of the oil sand company and oil sands activity are actually Canadian companies (http://www.jwnenergy.com/article/2017/3/charts-canadian-companies-about-own-80-percent-oilsands-production/) The bulk of the investors in these companies are US and Canadian funds. Keeping with your revised statement about it being the "fossil fuels", you still have only provided a paywall link and two small text excerpts from that link which provide zero numerical justification that the Chinese are one of the biggest investors. When you make a claim that something is the biggest, then you have to quantify it and compare it to the others to show its the biggest. All that you have provided are quotes saying that Chinese companies have shifted to smaller acquisitions. Nothing in here says anything about them being one of the largest investors at all. The latest oil bust has scared most foreign investors away. That is the reason the Liberals are now trying to swoon the Chinese investors back. As such your claim may one day be true but at this point its just not. No. I chose this name because I was annoyed with people spewing misinformation to suit their personal agenda. I see both sides doing it but I guess I speak up more on the issues that matter to me. I don't share the same resentment for all government as you do. Government is a revolving door of politically driven people that have agendas however they are only put there by informed (or misinformed voters). So when I see people who are purposely misquoting things or create false statements especially on objective/numerical figures, that is when I speak up.
  2. Sure but lying about the amount of their involvement doesn’t help
  3. Well Canadian companies own 80% of the oilsands, this much is certain. Who are the actually owners of those shares or the investors behind the scenes is too much for me to care about. The reality is that your Chinese boogeyman theory in regards to the oil sands is unfounded. Of course, if I were you I would be more concerned with the money laundering and real estate issues being caused by the Chinese gangs in Vancouver (https://globalnews.ca/news/4155822/vancouver-model-david-eby-money-laundering/) Or do you prefer to worry about legitimate business investors in legal operations verses the gang activity?
  4. Your first link is paywalled and your second link is broken. However even the part you quote states they have moved from being a major player
  5. Citation request please. And please ensure it’s current
  6. Name one. You are exactly right that he is talking out both sides of his mouth and everyone (including right wingers) can see it. Pipeline advocates have been down this road before to know that nothing is built until its built and they won't be happy until oil is actually flowing through this thing. Until then its all lip service.
  7. Don’t worry...B.C. has tons of surly, old fisherman that will get them through this
  8. Keep in mind, the First Nations that are negotiating these treaties are only able to legally do this because there were never any treaties in these area. Almost all of Canada (outside of BC) has treaties in place which will most likely never be touched unless its to remove them and have these First Nations people join the rest of Canada.
  9. We are following the constitution provided by the Confederation of this country. That constitution gives natural resources to provinces and transportation to the Feds. You make it sounds like we Albertan's invented it???!! If you don't like it then get 7 of the 10 provinces to change it or stop freaking whining about it so much. Oh the irony in this statement. Why you ask? Because I have a BSc in Environmental Science. I also have worked in the water and waste water treatment industry for the last 15 years dealing with municipal, industrial, pulp, mining, and various other water issues. Maybe that's why. Sure. But do you always use strawmen arguments when you debate? Are you now refuting the fact that BC doesn't get a large portion of its oil from Alberta? Here you go again with the Apples to Oranges comparison. You Sound just like my 5 year old nephew who answers Toronto when I ask what Province Ottawa is in. You keep whining about Norway. A couple quick facts: 1. The people of Norway have always and continue to enjoy some of the worlds highest taxes. Compared to Alberta where the money stays in the peoples pockets where it belongs 2. Alberta does not get to control the natural resources as Norway would because our constitution does not allow it. I'll remind you once again that changing the constitution requires 7 out of 10 provinces...not just Alberta! 3. If you are simply looking at that trillion dollar trust fund that Norway has then maybe I can help ease your pain. There was a study done showing the federal revenues and expenditures received and given to each province by the federal government. Over those five years (2004-2008), Alberta on average gave back 15 billion more than it took from the Feds. The study doesn't extrapolate over the other years but it is key to note that those five years had moderate oil prices compared to other years where much higher numbers were seen (meaning that 15 billion per year could have been more like 20-30 billion). So if you even want to take 10 billion as the average over 50 years then quickly get to half a trillion that Alberta has paid to Canada. As I said, the other half a trillion is in the pockets of Albertans and many, many other people from Canada who have thrived from the industry.
  10. I'm honestly amazed at your lack of comprehension: 1. I didn't say you were backing away, I said you were bouncing all over the place. 2. I do remember saying that comment and it was very clearly stated to put into perspective that Alberta (like every other province) has had people who speak of separation however it has never been close to a majority of the people or even close to anything that would allow one to make the assertion that Alberta has cut itself off from the rest of the country. Yet...you still make that claim. I see...so you're one of those guys. Not part of any group which allows you to sling mud at everyone but never really be accountable to anything or anyone. Good for you. I shouldn't have expected you to know something about economics. And there you have it. All this time you are showing your faux outrage over Alberta wanting to separate but yet that is the only thing you care about. Well done sir. Your hypocrisy stands alone. Who said we would turn their taps off. We would turn your taps off...you know the ones that feed your refineries. Maybe even better, we would just start shipping only dilbit through the TransMountain. Win win on our end.
  11. Alberta has never skewed from its intent which is to get oil to tidewater. But now you are calling a Firewall and Agenda but have backed off from Separatism. You are really bouncing all over the place. LMFAO.....ya....and Alberta is selling oil to other human beings. You are funny! Now you are just trying to be rude or completely obtuse. Your province is the one who gave Trudeau a majority....not ours. And of course, Trudeau didn't start selling off Vancouver to the Chinese...you guys were glad to take that money long ago. Of course, Washington State is against it...they get a good portion of their oil from Alberta which they refine and sell back to BC. What do you think will happen to that discounted price once the TransCanada pipeline goes trough?? You do know we lost Northern Gateway too...which was to save BC again. Right? Ganging up on one province? You mean like the fact that Alberta and Saskatchewan can't get its product to market because of a whiny mayor in Montreal and because of NIMBYs in BC? Yes Alberta certainly has been ganged up on in our recent past. But that's ok....I'm sitting back to see how this plays out especially when the taps are turned off and BC is paying four bucks a liter for gas. Maybe you can use wine to fuel your boat as there will be a surplus of that too.
  12. It doesn't need Ottawa's money. If anything it may attract other private partnership but not federal. I love your revamped idea of history but there has never been a threat from the Alberta government to separate. There has been talk of separation, just like there has been in every province including BC or should I say Cascadia, however the highest interest garnered by such a movement was during the Trudeau Sr era. And even that movement wasn't an Alberta separation, it was a Western Canada separation. Most people in Alberta now realize that having BC in any future separation plans makes it a null point. This is ironic coming from a British Colombian resident as the pipeline has been deemed to be in Canada's interest by the federal government yet its BC shouting the individualistic claims. All in this together until its something we don't want....is that BC's provincial slogan? But I'm sure you have no problem buying products from this said dictatorship. Or more importantly do you have a problem with this said dictatorship largely fueling the Real Estate market in your province...which by the way is your largest industry by GDP. So will I see you protesting all the new LNG pipelines that BC is going after. Surely those will affect your salmon...no? Or will you look the other way because its not Alberta's pipeline? The irony is staggering again on this. Alberta lost the Northern Gateway and Energy East because Canada determined it wasn't in our best interests. Canada has since stepped in and shown that TransMountain is in the best interest and has ruled as such, yet it is now BC throwing the tantrum. Yet you have the gall to claim its Alberta who doesn't understand Confederation?? Priceless.
  13. No. It’s a provincial program that will benefit the nation. Last time I checked, Ottawa wasn’t kicking in any funds Again, you struggle with the fact that Alberta is not a country. But then again I’m surprised to hear you even talking like this as I thought we were all earthlings??
  14. FFS man...I told you it was referenced from Stats Canada. I even sent you the direct link to see the numbers are exactly the same. Is Stats Canada fake too? With that said at least your highschool number was a lot closer to reality much unlike your earlier 60% blunder. The way things work around here is that when a person makes a claim, it is up to that person to back it up. You made the claim so you need to back it up or shut up. Either works.
  15. Clearly your comprehension is as bad as your math. I stated that it was a Stats Canada referenced Wiki link...meaning that page sources its info from Stats Canada. If you took the time to read, you would see the source link right below the chart which leads to this page http://www5.statcan.gc.ca/cansim/a46?lang=eng&childId=3840038&viewId=3 I could have sent you right to this page but there is a lot of info on it and it is apparent how easily you are confused. I assumed the Wiki chart was much easier for you to comprehend. I have asked for another MLW member to back up this very claim and they refused to do so. As such I will ask you to do the same. Please cite (using a reputable source and not your high school tests) showing the amount that the Province of Ontario or the Federal government contributed to getting Alberta's economy going. To save time, please also cite the amount of money that Alberta has returned to the country from said 'cesspool' operations.
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