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  1. Actually what you said was "In fact China's oily-garchs are amongst the biggest foreign investors in the oil sands." You stated oil sands which is one part of the fossil fuels market in Alberta. As I stated, 80% of the oil sand company and oil sands activity are actually Canadian companies (http://www.jwnenergy.com/article/2017/3/charts-canadian-companies-about-own-80-percent-oilsands-production/) The bulk of the investors in these companies are US and Canadian funds. Keeping with your revised statement about it being the "fossil fuels", you still have only provided a paywall link and t
  2. Sure but lying about the amount of their involvement doesn’t help
  3. Well Canadian companies own 80% of the oilsands, this much is certain. Who are the actually owners of those shares or the investors behind the scenes is too much for me to care about. The reality is that your Chinese boogeyman theory in regards to the oil sands is unfounded. Of course, if I were you I would be more concerned with the money laundering and real estate issues being caused by the Chinese gangs in Vancouver (https://globalnews.ca/news/4155822/vancouver-model-david-eby-money-laundering/) Or do you prefer to worry about legitimate business investors in legal operations vers
  4. Your first link is paywalled and your second link is broken. However even the part you quote states they have moved from being a major player
  5. Citation request please. And please ensure it’s current
  6. Name one. You are exactly right that he is talking out both sides of his mouth and everyone (including right wingers) can see it. Pipeline advocates have been down this road before to know that nothing is built until its built and they won't be happy until oil is actually flowing through this thing. Until then its all lip service.
  7. Don’t worry...B.C. has tons of surly, old fisherman that will get them through this
  8. Keep in mind, the First Nations that are negotiating these treaties are only able to legally do this because there were never any treaties in these area. Almost all of Canada (outside of BC) has treaties in place which will most likely never be touched unless its to remove them and have these First Nations people join the rest of Canada.
  9. We are following the constitution provided by the Confederation of this country. That constitution gives natural resources to provinces and transportation to the Feds. You make it sounds like we Albertan's invented it???!! If you don't like it then get 7 of the 10 provinces to change it or stop freaking whining about it so much. Oh the irony in this statement. Why you ask? Because I have a BSc in Environmental Science. I also have worked in the water and waste water treatment industry for the last 15 years dealing with municipal, industrial, pulp, mining, and various other water issues
  10. I'm honestly amazed at your lack of comprehension: 1. I didn't say you were backing away, I said you were bouncing all over the place. 2. I do remember saying that comment and it was very clearly stated to put into perspective that Alberta (like every other province) has had people who speak of separation however it has never been close to a majority of the people or even close to anything that would allow one to make the assertion that Alberta has cut itself off from the rest of the country. Yet...you still make that claim. I see...so you're one of those guys. Not p
  11. Alberta has never skewed from its intent which is to get oil to tidewater. But now you are calling a Firewall and Agenda but have backed off from Separatism. You are really bouncing all over the place. LMFAO.....ya....and Alberta is selling oil to other human beings. You are funny! Now you are just trying to be rude or completely obtuse. Your province is the one who gave Trudeau a majority....not ours. And of course, Trudeau didn't start selling off Vancouver to the Chinese...you guys were glad to take that money long ago. Of course, Washington State is against it...th
  12. It doesn't need Ottawa's money. If anything it may attract other private partnership but not federal. I love your revamped idea of history but there has never been a threat from the Alberta government to separate. There has been talk of separation, just like there has been in every province including BC or should I say Cascadia, however the highest interest garnered by such a movement was during the Trudeau Sr era. And even that movement wasn't an Alberta separation, it was a Western Canada separation. Most people in Alberta now realize that having BC in any future separation plans ma
  13. No. It’s a provincial program that will benefit the nation. Last time I checked, Ottawa wasn’t kicking in any funds Again, you struggle with the fact that Alberta is not a country. But then again I’m surprised to hear you even talking like this as I thought we were all earthlings??
  14. FFS man...I told you it was referenced from Stats Canada. I even sent you the direct link to see the numbers are exactly the same. Is Stats Canada fake too? With that said at least your highschool number was a lot closer to reality much unlike your earlier 60% blunder. The way things work around here is that when a person makes a claim, it is up to that person to back it up. You made the claim so you need to back it up or shut up. Either works.
  15. Clearly your comprehension is as bad as your math. I stated that it was a Stats Canada referenced Wiki link...meaning that page sources its info from Stats Canada. If you took the time to read, you would see the source link right below the chart which leads to this page http://www5.statcan.gc.ca/cansim/a46?lang=eng&childId=3840038&viewId=3 I could have sent you right to this page but there is a lot of info on it and it is apparent how easily you are confused. I assumed the Wiki chart was much easier for you to comprehend. I have asked for another MLW member to back
  16. LMFAO...you are getting your stats from a high school test? What grade are you in. At least you have quickly retreated from your claim of 60% of Canada's GDP down to 41% however as per the Stats Canada referenced number from the Wiki link I shared, the actual percentage was 39.05%. Using the same population statistics on that chart we see that Ontario makes up 38.5% of the population. Ontario on par for what would be expected of them....nothing better and nothing worse. Of course these numbers are based on 2016 stats. If you have more recent stats that contradict them them by all means prese
  17. No...no I’m not. I said I have rights under law. No where did I say I have absolute right over the property. Like most people I realize that I am a part of society and there are reasonable expectations and limitations to what I can do on and with my property however that does not mean I have zero property rights. From your link: Charter Rights Although the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms does not expressly protect property rights, such rights are created and are therefore protected by both common law and by statute law — As a Canadian citizen, you have those same rights
  18. @?Impact still waiting on your citation to back up your statement. Or would you rather retract it?
  19. Thanks. For me...a link showing I have rights under the law to property For you...an initiative. You do know what that word means right? An idea....a thought....in other words not real at this moment. I do like the idea of First Nations Property Ownership but unfortunately your friends down at the AFN reject it.
  20. Again, it’s dillusional statements like this that make it impossible to have progress. I’d be more worried about it but the reality is you are just here to troll. Carry on!
  21. Already have...many times. Here...I'll quote you from the Treaty 4 text as you claim that is what you fall under: Any more questions?
  22. I’m guessing math isn’t your strong suit? It’s more like 39%. Ontario is right on par with the GDP Per capita so I don’t think your argument holds much water https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Canadian_provinces_and_territories_by_gross_domestic_product
  23. Yes...lots of frustration on both sides. That's why it would be great to actually have some solutions that would give both sides some encouragement. Yet the majority of the solutions from the First Nations is the 'Us versus Them' and the majority from the ROC is to turn a blind eye. Neither one of these works.
  24. Don't they already get that? The few natives I know that went to school not only had it fully paid for but also got grants to start businesses afterward. I truly feel that the solution(s) to these issues needs to be driven by the aboriginal community but not in the way that they have been going. This constant 'us versus them' thing keeps the proverbial wheels spinning in the mud. They need to think outside the box and get away from the divisive strategies. I agree but in current times the roadblock happens when the 'us versus them' situation happens. I feel the same way abou
  25. I know a number of natives who have left the reserves and became really successful. There is no doubt the vast majority would have the same capabilities if they did too however the reserves seem to be like quicksand that keep sucking people back in even when there is little to no hope. The issue again seems to be the system of segregation that continues to draw them into staying on reserve. Ironically it was the white man's segregation that put them there and its their own segregation that keeps them there. Its very much an 'us versus them' mentality with the whole time hearing about h
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