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  1. Slaughtering a million people and a third of a nation in a matter of months qualifies as genocide in my books. Sorry Turkey, grow up, it's time to recognize what you've done. Not talking about or calling it something it wasn't, won't change history to suit your personal preferences. It's holocaust denial on a national scale.
  2. Ontarians are retards! With FPTP, the number of votes that actually count in any riding = number of votes for candidate finishing second + 1, which is what...30% on average? The remaining 70% are worthless junk. Only a retard can support such an idiotic system and believe that s/he lives in a democracy. Last night the wide majority of Ontarians proved to be just such retards. I pity the fools who couldn't afford 50 cents/year to have a reasonable voting system. I pity the fools who didn't have a third brain cell to know what they were voting for or against in that referendum but felt t
  3. I couldn't care whether it's Liberals or Conservatives. Anyone who defends corruption and theft because "it isn't as bas as..." is a pathetic loser and a sad excuse for a Canadian. Remember that next time you are tempted to defend one crook or another because they stole less than...
  4. Just a minute, shouldn't this government be seen as squeaky clean, not just stealing less than the liberals? They have at most one more term to steal, so they ought to be quick.
  5. Unfortunately, that's what you are most likely to get. The telecoms are lobbying very hard for deregulation and the minister is listening to them. When he reverses CRTC decisions in favour of deregulation and you see them gloating, it's not because the customer is better off.
  6. Expect Harper to call the election next week if the election in Quebec goes his way. Hehe, it figures that a few hundred bucks of handouts for parents should buy you 5-6% support - translating into 20% more seats in the House. The interesting question is what excuse Harper can make up now for calling an election.
  7. It's a problem because you seem to believe that you deserve to earn as much as two people. Obviously, families with one-income earner will have less income than families with two-income earners in general. You can't expect someone else to pay you a second income for nothing. Add up your CTB, UCCB, and GST credits and provincial sales tax credits, and you'll be in the neighbourhood of $15K. If you are below that, then you are certainly earning enough to support your family. Since your wife works half-days, your tax credits may well be less than $20K. Whatever the case, I wish you the be
  8. Average Ontarians aren't struggling because we didn't get enough taxcuts. We were struggling because the Harris/Tory gang ravaging our health-care, education and infrastructure, pillaging the provincial coffers, and sticking us with billions in the red and the interest payments on it. Oh, we know what Mr. Tory's promises are worth. And we know that nobody else's promises can be worth less. LOL! Really fun to hear the Harris crowd of crooks accuse someone else of lying.
  9. Alberta is far from a Republic in any way, shape, or form. You've got a long way to go before it becomes one, so get working on it - blabbing in the forums won't do it. This simply means that your kids are now adults - prior to that you weren't paying for their school and you were collecting child benefits. And you still get your non-working spouse tax credits. It's moronic for you to suggest that I should pay more taxes than yourself because I don't have a spouse who's on vacation permanently. There are 2-3,000 taxpayers per kilometer of road, 30,000 per school a quarter million
  10. Apparently, Harper once described the problem quite correctly: He is now the party in power and it's clearly against his interests to carry out electoral reform.
  11. Please define what you mean by the "backbone of the economy". I mean that the rich have capital but don't do much work (they make up only 1-3% the population), the poor do some work but aren't very productive in general, so the capital of the rich and the labour of the middle-class is what our economy rests on. Hate to break it to you but couples having 0.5 children on average is a problem unless those children become 4 times as productive as their parents just to "replace their parents". Somehow I don't see productivity going up 4 times in the next 30-40 years. Agreed, but currentl
  12. Because keeping the status quo is way cheaper and easier than making changes. The technology for much more efficient cares is already available (and there is a lot of room for improvement) but neither the consumer, nor the producers want to pay for it. Now some producers are smarter than others and realize that paying their engineers to build better cars pays more than paying an army of lawyers and PR firms to fight environmental standards but some (read American car manufacturers) are still having difficulty coming to terms with reality.
  13. You get no CTB, no UCCB, no GST credits, no spousal and child tax credits? I suggest that you look at your tax form. You get plenty of benefits that people with no kids and/or working spouses don't get. Factor in the health-care and education costs of your family and your net transfer to government will more likely turn into a net transfer from government. Whatever the case, people with non-working spouses and people with kids are far ahead of dual-income families and people with no kids in terms of tax breaks and government transfers. To claim that this preferential treatment is somehow
  14. Good for the Ontario economy. Lots of "help wanted" signs around. A decent minimum wage will give a push to some of the welfare crowd to get a job - excellent for government coffers.
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