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  1. guess they wern't getting fair market value or the company didn't take into consideration legal cost of working for the conservatives in a support role. The best defence againt court is being sued. Keep on an eye on what happens to the people in the company. If it is a story of punishment for failure or hidden reward. Robocalls were not new, none the less the ones from the US should have violated the election act, and they also should not be cold calling, the fact political parties arn't considered spammers is utter partisan BS.
  2. This isn't true, Israel has offshore oil reserves shared with Turkey as well as oil in the south of Israel. http://geology.com/usgs/oil-shale/images/israel-jordan-oil-shale-map.gif Now contrast that with http://www.honestreporting.ca/wp-content/uploads/2012/01/regionMap.jpg
  3. You have the choice not to pay your taxes. I would agree the welfare state is poorly managed, bloated and not geared toward productivity. At the same time what do you expect people deemed seriously disabled and unable to carry out daily living tasks let alone work in a regular job. Youthenizing the retards isn't a solution most modern democracies would advocate, and most g7 countries probably wouldn't let their vegetables die on the side of the road either. You arn't offering a solution to the problem. I am someone who advocates for medicare reform, this includes providing health care th
  4. They were in a park not the streets. I'm not an activist. None the less I communicate my issues direct with the people responsible for them. I'm not about public relations. I have no interest in being a sociopath or creating a following. If I feel something is issued I go to the government and voice my concerns. If it is important enough I'd resolve it myself. It would get bloody very quickly I have no interest in ending peoples lives, especially cops. However if it was arranged and there was no other avenue, yes I would raise awareness. Nothing is so clear and present a danger, that calls
  5. Some businesses rape money from poor people who work day in and day out for no gains in 200% markup on goods so that people sitting at desk jobs day in and day out pushing paper get to live better than the people buying the products they need to survive. Those same companies privatize and monopolize on resources that those poor people mutually have ownership in as citizens, meanwhile the dick and janes that supress the people pay for militants to beat up anyone who steps out of line. Some people pay way more taxes just based on how little they get paid for their hard work with little or no ec
  6. Blah blah blah. I'm not arguing. I'm sharing my opinion. I have nothing to proove to you. As stated previously my Canada is not your Canada, you can take your police state and let it remove your freedoms. It need not apply anywhere near me. I'd take freedom over unjust and unconstitutional totalitarian rule any day of the week. Why not focus on the discussion rather than once again turning this into ad hominem. If you have nothing to add to this discussion other than personal interogation why don't you save yourself the time and trouble and not troll the thread. Your lack of grasp of
  7. In otherwords wrong. You are condoning unconstitutional actions against people which the police are blindly following. Beating people up over a bylaw that is unconstitutional is just plain WRONG. There is no right here other than the side of human dignity and freedom. You lose no matter what in life without those values and you face even worse after that. You don't understand human regardless so I might as well be talking to feces.
  8. Dear god, some people that can vote wern't even alive then.
  9. I dunno was the SS responsible for killing jews, or was it just the law? Perhaps you can go down to your local library and check out a copy of The Diary of Anne Frank, and read it in retrospect to what bravery these protestors actually have.
  10. This is quite the punch after touring all the arab states, who may view Jerusalem as a holy city, which they don't want the Jewish state to control. None the less I think most people view Jerusalem as being part of Israel, aside form the antizionists. Harper government is prozionist, what is so surprising about this? I bet Baird would just love to cut funding to Palestine. They were one of 7 countries that voted against Palestinian statehood. Their loyalties are obvious. The New ME Order is all about the Palestinians and Arab states being stripped of all the land that was taken from them
  11. No I said the city and police are implementing and enforcing an unconstitutional bylaw and their crack down on the basis of that bylaw is unconstitutional. Also "Breaking up" a protest needn't occur, as I said the police should first tell people to leave the streets, such as via loud speaker or bullhorn, if it is a large group, inform them of legitimate charges, such as ccc. nuisance code, and if that fails to read the riot act provision and charge them with rioting.. but direction by the police in ordering them to leave the streets and take the sidewalks is the step prior. Just beating them
  12. At no point did I advocate for taking over streets. As stated, a crime committed during a protest is still a crime, the point was that protest is not a crime in itself. However, pedestrians do have right of way in crossing non highways. IMO protests which spill over onto roads should be organized, however saying the entire thing is illegal because some individuals take the road it is another matter. Police should respond to the scene and direct people off the roads, not into a box followed by physical arrests for protesting, a bylaw infraction that holds an outrageous fine levy (like equivol
  13. Yes my opinion is that people should only be allowed to gamble at publicly operated gambling houses if they arn't spending funds that represent social funding meant to remove poverty. That is my opinion. I will not prevent someone from gambling as an individual. I'm not the government. Me as an individual is not me as the government. The government has a responsibility to act for the benefit of society and to protect societies rights, part of that is responsibility to remove poverty, and gambling away funds meant to remove poverty is not responsible for the government to do. You are connectin
  14. It isn't the world they don't want to know, it is their enemies who put them there. Dude nato and the arab league are openly funding terrorism in a foreign state, that is a big no no so if you talk about where people stand look no further than yourself for where the ground is. The death of 100,000 people and a million refugees is on the hands of nato and the arab league.
  15. I agree with Assad Nato is trying to spy on Syria to enable them to secure the chemical weapons stockpiles, and generate any dirt possible on syria for propaganda purposes. The investigation was for that attack not all of syria. It turns it into spying which is a security risk for a country involved with massive internal insurrection. Canada was also saying how the 25 million it is paying or 2 million it is paying into the investigation is to help nato secure syrian chemical weapons stockpiles... hello??? Syria ain't going to be cool with that. The US for instance has the world largest che
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