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  1. no Bryan, the ones I have with "Conservative" on them, are actually government paid mailers....Not all of them, but a good many. The Conserative Mailers are in Colour, the Mailers from the MPs sent into the region with are Black and White. Again, I had thousands of them... It was quite embarrassing, and no doubt an abuse of the system. Yes, Having stopped because of a majority, doesn't make what you did when you had a minority ok. And even the ones without hte Conservative logo, are still PURE PROPOGANDA... Constant Election Mode, paid by the taxpayer...
  2. That is my understanding to of how the system used to work and how it should work and how it should be interpreted. You couldn t have said it any clearer/ So.. Has there been an increase in abuse? That may be teh question. Interns are complaining, some are using words that exagerrate the abuse. Slave Labour is a throwaway term and is not helpful to the argument. THere has been a recent increase in "slave labour" found throughout Canada of recent, but it has not been Interns, its been, immigrant, migrant adn foreign temp, victimized by human traffickers.
  3. I recall from 2006 till 2011 being carpet bombed, sometimes 2 to 3 PER WEEK, of these mailings from the Conservatives. Of the Hundreds upon hundreds I had collected, numerous ones had CONSERVATIVE written on them. I even got some from the no gone and forgotten Rob Anders. Well I got lots from him. I started keeping them until I had 3 BLUE BOXES Full. They Used to attack DION, and have 3 empty boxes and one CHECKMARKED box beside Harpers Name. All with some Conservative Campaign slogan. and some accusation against the Liberal Leader, be it DION or later Ignatieff. I believe I started or eng
  4. NFLD really seems to eat up leaders of all parties... must be some rough and tumble politics. I really liked Danny Williams I liked that Little women that the NDP rebelled against. I didn't know much about Dunderdale, but apparently a bitter pill... So, why does nobody seem to want to be premier of a HAVE province lol
  5. Very Strange, considering Tim Hudak and the PCs prevented local candidates from challenging their hand picked Openly Gay Toronto residing candidate. A former MPP and Cabinet minister and having the help of Gays in the Federal Caucus. This Gay thing is such a non issue, with regards to the piss poor PC campaign and its mathematically challenged platform of hope. Perhaps you missed it, but Rob Ford Wouldn't vote for Tim Hudak , because he supports Gays and Gay Pride, and the Flag. Ironically, I am not sure if Rob managed a vote from rehab, but he doesn't get to select Tim Hudak, he would have
  6. The NDP took 2 Seats from the Liberals. How many seats did the PCs take from the Liberals? The NDP took seats in Working Class Ridings, All 3 seat pickups were in working class ridings. The NDP lost seats in Toronto ridings where the Liberals were targeting their seats with a campaign that said... IF YOU WANT TO STOP TIM HUDAK VOTE LIBERAL!!!! The counter to that attack was if you want to stop Tim Hudak, vote NDP.... Unfortuneately for everyone, the PCs ran a SHIT campaign with an incompetent and mathematically challenged goof who appeared DANGEROUS to everyone , including many PC voting
  7. "Harper Government Spending more money on vets then ever" Lets see the proof...
  8. A change in government is needed. A house cleaning has been long overdue.
  9. Conservatives seem to be driven by entitlement What is interesting is how quickly they turn on one another when exposed. I also like the deflect that those Conservatives are "NOT" conservatives, lmao.. sure tell it to Conrad Black.. another entitled Liberal lol.
  10. Not saying you are wrong or right, merely its a choice the Provinces elected officials make based on the will and desire of the public. Alberta still has 4Million people to go before equaling Quebecs Population. And Alberta has major infrastructure challenges to meet that growth. When Alberta can sustain 8 million people is yet to be determined. So, to be clear, I agree with what you are implying. but the outcome remains unclear. As Albertas wealth is in natural resources, which no matter how long they last, there is a finite timeline, which lower taxes will not cure nor will higher taxes.
  11. Federal Taxes from Quebec support Farm subsidies in Alberta. All Canadians pay into the same pot. Regardless..... it is also untrue that equalization allows Quebec to afford services that are impossibly generous for Alberta. The equalization formula tells us that the Alberta government could collect twice as much revenue as Quebec (including its equalization payments) if both provinces had identical tax rates. In other words, Alberta could easily afford tuition rates lower than those in Quebec, and plenty more besides, if it was willing to pay for them. Can we eliminate this “injustice?” S
  12. How much Quebec receives in transfer payments and how much it is in debt/ deficit are mutually exclusive. Quebec could run a budget surplus and still receive transfer payments. "Fiscal capacity and fiscal need are not equivalent to measures of fiscal revenue and expenditure, as making them so would induce perverse incentives to subnational governments to reduce fiscal effort." Transfer Payments have been explained many times I don't intend to repeat either myself or Smallc, who has posted on this topic for many many many years on this forum regarding transfer payments. No Province in Canad
  13. Great discussion, makes me happy to see the MLW posters attack this subject with healthy debate rationall thought and yes opinion too... Tim G. I agree with both your posts, and your link uses the same data i was viewing from stats can, in the report. SmallC, yes 2009 would skew most anyones data, however, I must say, Ontario will continue on a long slow steady decline, unfortuneately as it has been economically rudderless for years and I don't see that changing. Westguy, No I am not suggesting that Quebec is the only Province that makes "excessive contributions" your words. I am saying Que
  14. I will edit the above later lol.. night shift brain...
  15. Total Transfers to quebec Transfers 9.333b SpecifcPurpose Transfers 6891b This is where your figure comes from 16billion MInd you here is Albertas Tranfers transfers 1.2b Specific Purpose 3.05b As there are other transfers which never get teh publicity as much as the that are based on the two highest provinces. regardless Total quebec payments to federal government.. $30Billion from the above listed federal taxes.... No Province receives more from the Federal Government then it pays into the Federal Government. However some Provinces Receive MORE of there monies back from the feds
  16. smallc, Question #1 How much does Quebec, Quebecers, Quebec Corporations Pay directly to the Federal Government in terms of Income tax Personal Tax Corporation Tax Mining and Logging Tax Consumption tax General Sales Tax (Yes its a different category and not the same) Gasoline and Motorfuel Tax Payroll taxes Natural resource Tax and Licencing Investment Income.
  17. You need to learn the difference between Debt and Deficit And quite Frankly, the Conservative Record while in office is nothing to write home about considering it ran the highest defict in Canadian History, while at the same time , very successful in massaging their message of good fiscal governance. and 2015 is not here yet.... lets see where we are at when the numbers roll in. It may be their first balanced budget, it may not..
  18. There is little doubt, he knows Hudak will lose the upcoming election and then run for the leadership of the PCs.
  19. Interestign logic that is.. That logic landed us TOYOTA . At that time, the Auto Pact only allowed for Cars made in Canada and the US to have special Export Import Status. In order to take advantage of that situation, Toyota made plants in both Canada and the US. Particularly during the REAGAN era, he put up HIGH TARRIFS on Japanese goods, which did two things. Japanese Motorcycles were made in California to avoid the tarrifs, and of all things, Harley Davidson arose from that ashes, as until then the Japanese had almost wiped Harley Davidson off the map. Sir John A Macdonald brought in th
  20. There is a difference between changing technologies with regards to employment restructure and Trade Agreements which create employment and capital relocation. One takes advantage of Technologies, the other takes advantage of 3rd world labour costs, environmental and health and safety costs. One is exploitation , the other is technological advantage. Considering my Nephew just spent 6 months training South Koreans to replace his 1000 coworkers in Ontario, their skills in CNC, Machining, Nuclear and Other Hydroproducts etc.... are to be eliminated... The way other Canadian Companies have
  21. Explain how this statement affects trade deals in a positive/negative or neutral manner. Its an interesting quote, the discussion could go anywhere. Here is my diversion... Regardless, Unbalanced trade deals can override a technologically superior country or give a country unearned access to a market. As long as people are involved the trade will never be free, fair or balanced. The current trade deals strip Canada of its technology and reduce Canada to an export of resources nation. There is strategic reasons for this that Global corporations and foreign countries can exploit. Its li
  22. LMAO, it affects all autoworkers, but Bryan probably doesn't know that many autoworkers are temp agency workers , fulltime, much like in other countries... so yeah, it will affect those employees as well, and my guess this may also have had an impact on Chrysler choosing to stall investment in Canada, as it would likely have another risk to market share with lower foreign imports from SK. Its a tough business to be in. Bryan probably also doesn't care about all the spinoff production, support and consumption of the local economy. But taht doesn't surprise me. Also, for ag.. I expect some
  23. Hmm, I think you need to figure out HOW a taffif works. The purpose of a Tarrif is to attract investment INTO your country, and that is why companies like Toyota, Honda, Suzuki brought operations here. To avoid the tarrifs. Hyundai, preferred to pay the tarrif instead going for the huge capital investment required to start an NA plant. What this deal does it makes it more attractive to build in SK and ship products here. THere is Little chance of lower pricing as hyundai already has a price advantage over their competition. Economics 101...
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