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  1. They cant. This is why there idiots. I relize your question could be considered a retorical one, but i will attempt to field and answer anyway. The problem with the liberals has always been finacial. They policies are acceptable but there ability to handel Canadian money and spending is absolutly horrific. The most disgusting thing about it is that it probably has gotten worse over the years no matter how often they get called out on it. Lets face it the liberals have let there security go to there heads. Canada needs to relize that our democrocey has de-railed. Minority areas like the
  2. I am young, and a vivid anti-pot person, thats all I have to say!
  3. Many Canadians when asked about there own countrys military often express dissapoiontment and dispair, other cling to the ill concived liberal conclusion that we dont really need one and that the other nations of the world we aid us when ever trouble arises and they money is better spent else where. Well I am not one of them. Do not get me wrong i dont support most armed conflicts (i.e war on Iraq) but should situations arise that do require force, force should be used. As it stands today, we have no navy its on recall, are troops are overextended to the point there ill suppiled, and our ab
  4. I am proud to be Canadain for the simple fact that i have much respect for many of my fellow citizens. We have developed a comparatively intalectual and peaceful society in a relatively short amount of time (historicly speaking). Our national average for violance and crime is reasonably low, are educational instatutions are well respected around the world, and are people are generally sterotyped as the politist and friendliest people in the world. Plus who else can win both gold medals in hockey at the same time!
  5. This is excatly what i am talking about, here we see excatly what Arnold plans to do, however i am sure he failed to mention in his little spout that by making 500 jobs in california we loose that many here in Canada. I personally dont care if Arnold loose 2 mill of a 30 some mill dollar pay out (or whatever it was). And i am sure that most average people dont either. I think its kind of an insult to us that he is willing to spend 2 mill just to ensure that canadains dont get they money. I dont think that if i were a Canadian politician i would be able to expel forgin American bussniess so
  6. Sparked again by The cali recall, my anger arises over our lack of forgin policy backbone. Arnolad now states one of his quick fix ideas for cali is to bring back movie revanue to the state of cali. He especially points out drawing it away from cheaper places like Canada. I dont have to mention that the movie industry is a multi billion dollar industry and that have more and more films made here in Canada is doing wonders not only for our econmey but for our cultrue as well. Now that Arnold has stated his intention to draw all this away what do you think the government is going to do about
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