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  1. It was an excellent action 2 billion people participated, if even a 1/3 get active it will be a huge plus. More on latest news on Global warming; http://www.telegraph.co.uk/earth/main.jhtm...1/scisun111.xml
  2. If May wants to shoot herself and the party she leads in the foot she has just done so. Having said that she apparently went there because the othe MP's from all parties had a meeting with the EFC a few weeks prior.
  3. The fundamental problem of the NDP position, and this inconsistency is not lost on most voters, the NDP social positions supporting gays and women's rights require sometimes the use of force.The NDP is all in favour of using police force to stop spousal abuse in Canada but it seems unwilling to use force to stop far more atrocious abuse in places like Afghanistan. Oh come on, that summation is absolutely nonsensical. It was even a good sstrawman that you created to kick down. We were not in Afghanistan to make sure women were treated correctly, and in fact the ISAF has now killed so many innocent women that such a comment is exposed for the ridiculous nature of it, that it is, it it hadn't been from the moment you posted it.. The NDP has not been inconsistent in anyway shape or form, they have been quite clear stop the combat warfare, start aide and reconstruction, actually reading the Report would be a good thing, eh? Here is the link again. http://www.ndp.ca/page/5462
  4. Wow, now there is a doosey, medicare had NOTHING to do with the social credit it was Tommy Douglas under the CCF/NDP who brought universal health care to Canadians. And the only reason it is getting broker, if indeed it is is because the Federal governemnt funding is going elsewhere like 1.5 billion a year minimum to Afghanistan and thus it has been since Martin made the the deep cuts back in 1994. And thank goodness we have the sytem we do, if it was USian style it would be even broker.
  5. Liberals have been calling phone shows on the radio, and on tv, impersonating ordinary citizens. This tactic especially appeal to the Liberals since they are such big liars to begin with. Conservatives are just taking a defensive stand. Please provide proof of your assertations betsy, because we all know the proof of the CPC doing so, Jaffer anyone? The CPC and their followers top Liberal liars any day of the week.
  6. No, actually, we ALL do not know that, as that presentation of what is going on with the NDP 's positions is incorrect. First off, the NDP started criticizing before the CPC came to power back in 2005, with Martin at the helm. They have remained consistent for well over 2 years. In the meantime, because of both the Liberals and the CPC, there are scores of young Canadians dead and diasabled. http://www.ndp.ca/page/2061 Last week Dawn Black, tabled The Oppositions Report on Afganistan by the NDP. And in it the NDP call for the withdrawl of the counter insurgency military personal, and end that mission. In it they support the other 2 missions of aide and reconstruction. Moreover, today NATO spoke out against the actions of the ISAF in killing the amount of civilans they have, NATO is not in agreement with US policies in Afghanistan. On staying in Afghanistan to provide diplomacy, aide and reconstruction: On stopping the counter insurgency warfare and bring that portion of the military home: http://www.ndp.ca/xfer/pdf/2007-06-19_Dissenting_Opinion.pdf It is an extensive report which is full of information pertaining to all aspects of what our military is, or is not doing, in Afganistan. Plus what NATO is doing and Afghanistan and the plight of the women and children.
  7. People have little or no comprehension of the infinite, or eternity. Most look and understand with finite lenses. As such, it is difficult to grasp fully, or even closely, what omnipotent/omnipresence is or could be for many.
  8. What a great man IMO, is Taguba, to have the courage to present the truth, when everyone around is trying to stop the truth, is no small thing. The story he told of the woman detainee who was sodomized by one of the guards in front of others, is absolutely sickening. As you say kuzadd, when these monsters come home, it won't be pleasant for the women and children with whom they come in contact with.
  9. Exactly, good job pointing out the propaganda, and it sounds exactly like the same nonsense leading up to Iraq. The fact is they are trying to generate public support to attack Iran, before Bush leaves next year. Want to fill their pockets with a bit more blood money before they leave.
  10. Senator Cools went further: The references to the Constitution Act are, of course, correct; it is the Govenrnor General's duty to fill Senate seats... how long can she wait for Harper to advise her? Where is the link for this, you cannot site thing without referencing and providing a link if source was on line?
  11. Well, a change of government without an election, eh? That may suit Canadians very well. It would also sacve Harper face from losing an election, and all the Conservatives could rally behind him about the injustice of it all. Of course failing to realize it would be Harper's fault, and/or his mechanations.
  12. What a grotesque appropriation of the Holocaust to defend the policies of modern Israel! The boycotts apply to Israel because of policies, not Jews because of race. Exactly, and just ignore the comments about an editorial. The one being spoken about is simply Coren's usual blathering and one can hardly attribute anything thoughtful, let alone editorial, to him.
  13. Oh, so it is okay for you Rue, to utilize generaliztions, when taking exception to my obvious yet not so faulty generalizations that were taking exception to JBG extreme generalizations. Perhaps you should have taken exception to JBG's, absolute hate mongering generalizations, as opposed to mine that were merely pointing out very real inconsistencies and outrageous generalizations in the title premise? Instead you insist upon furthering those outrageous generalizations and fail to address the very real inconsistent thinking of some of those on the right who believe the "left" is too tolerant of and is thereby hurting society, while pretending you are doing a debunking.
  14. The thread title set up the tone of this thread , and of course participants in the thread continued with the negative tone set up by the title between one another. But now this thread is under way, let's look at the reality of the postulations in the title. 1. It states a premise that the "left" has a vicious hatred of Israel. Now the reality is the "left" is absolutely chalk a block full of Jewish persons. It could hardly be said that the "left" has a vicious hatred of Israel, now could it?! 2. Moreover, the left can hardly be said to hate anyone, after all, the complaints against the "left" from the right, always contain the fact that they feel the "left" is too tolerant of EVERYONE. So, from that perspective it is highly unlikely that the "left" hates anyone, let alone viciously hate a country. Now that is a serious inconsistency in thought processes, that those on the right fail to perceive or at least acknowledge. 3. Theere are mistruths postulated here about Israel and the formation of it, based upon the Palestine Mandate and events leading to and after. http://www.ameu.org/page.asp?iid=35&aid=427&pg=4 Please do read the link it is to the University in Haifa and it details the conflict and the creation of Israel, in factual reality, as opposed to the myths spread by both Israel and Palestine.
  15. JBG, kuzzafd noted actions by both Jewish persons and Chrisitans against Muslims that you ask for examples of. We need look no further than Iraq and Palestine. But one could throw in Afghanistan too.
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