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  1. Why is it that we are the only nation on earth that faces almost insurmountable obstacles to build new pipelines. We've had 100,000 kilometers of pipeline running virtually free of problems for decades. The US has over two million kilometers of pipelines criss-crossing their nation - again, virtually free of problems - and Obama brags that his administration has built enough new pipelines to circle the world. Where is the clamour to shut down oil production in the Gulf of Mexico - or the North Sea? Where is the outrage in Denmark or Norway? Why is Canada singled out? What is it about Canada t
  2. There - was that really so hard to do? Sustainability - yes, there was a good deal of counter-argument to that point but it's a fact that the percentage of "retirees" is increasing, people are living longer, working longer......and the raise in age won't happen until 2023 thru 2029. There's a reason why other G8 countries have already raised the age eligibility.
  3. Perhaps you missed my request for a cite regarding changing the age of eligibility for CPP?
  4. I guess we'll know soon enough. My guess would be that they'll simply announce some broad guidelines and kick the can down the road on the actual details. But hey.....let's tune into CBC and see what Carr has to say. Maybe it will be good news.....
  5. Yep - he's the guy who raised OAS eligibility from 65 to 67 starting in 2023 and phased in over a period of 6 years (2029)......all to create more sustainability in funding while acknowledging that people are living longer and working longer. Yep - that guy. PS: Please provide a cite for raising CPP eligibility to 67.
  6. Looks like we'll be getting some bad press in the US: Link: http://news.nationalpost.com/news/canada/trudeau-government-sends-letter-to-u-s-senate-committee-thats-dissecting-canadas-fast-track-refugee-plan
  7. You mean be clear and precise like the Liberals have been so far? If they can make a clear statement to bring 25,000 Syrians to Canada and at least try to stick to that "aspiration" - why can't they similarly commit to an approval process for Energy East and Kinder Morgan that "aspires" to get things moving within one year, for example? The uncertainty is killing the economy. Any one who pays attentions knows that it's not about pipeline "safety" - it's about keeping oil in the ground - and the government's communication plan should start to separate those two issues. But hey - don't forget -
  8. I'm perfectly fine with that - but even longer will be better. My problem has always been the completely over-the-top reckless promises made by Trudeau and the fact that it's an indication of the danger the country might face in areas like Climate Change as he blurts out commitments that similarly, have no realistic foundation - or if they do, will cost this country billions more. The refugee commitment was one - a completely ludicrous number pulled out of the air (or some other place). A commitment to fulfill every one of the TRC recommendations before even analyzing the repercussions and cos
  9. The "slow-down" in 25,000 government-assisted refugees has taken it from the end of 2015 to the end of 2016 (at best) - there's one definition of a Liberal "pause". On December 6th, Stephane Dion said they would be pulling the jets in a matter of weeks - not months. Still waiting.....so that's another definition of a Liberal pause.
  10. Haven't heard back from you - but maybe this excerpt from a recent Terry Milewski CBC article will help you along: Link: http://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/isis-bombing-cf-18s-trudeau-milewskie-1.3416472
  11. I see - you're covering your bases nicely. Now it will be "responsible" if we pull the jets - and if he leaves them in, well, it's the right think to do - and a sign of maturity that he can change his mind, right?
  12. My previous post mysteriously disappeared - so here it is again - from The Star and Rosie DiManno - for those who still think there was "no snub": Link: http://www.thestar.com/news/canada/2016/01/21/ignoring-the-elephant-in-the-warroom-dimanno.html
  13. If it's even half true, it's a step in the right direction.
  14. Heck - I actually WANT Trudeau to be someone the world will respect......but he's done absolutely nothing on his own YET. Everything so far, be it good or bad - has been carefully orchestrated by his handlers. Anything out of his mouth are bromides and platitudes. Liberals and Conservatives both have run Canada since 1867 and so far, neither party has driven us into the ditch - not really that much difference historically between the two. I might lean Conservative at this stage of my life but that doesn't exclude me from wanting to be proud of our Prime Minister. I think a full year as leader
  15. I think history - and it's coming quickly - will be much kinder to Harper that our partisan Harper-haters on this forum.
  16. You're right of course. I think he was being sarcastic - as in "If Harper could travel all over, why not Trudeau". Pretty sure he won't be able to earn the personal respect of Angela Merkel like Harper did.
  17. What does that mean "......that gives our allies one to adapt"? You said "Trudeau promised and won with this particular promise as a key point on his platform.". As I said - doesn't that mean his "win" would be at best, tainted - if he goes back on his promise? I agree it would be the right thing to do - but it would also lay bare the fact that it was a politically calculated ruse from the start - done with nothing in mind but to woo NDP voters.
  18. Yes you can - and you have! Here's what Ambrose actually said: Link: http://news.nationalpost.com/news/canada/sorry-interim-conservative-leader-rona-ambrose-did-not-call-for-pots-legalization-on-vancouver-radio
  19. It was a key point to pull NDP voters over - but a large majority of Canadians were not in favour of pulling the jets - including many in the Liberal Party itself. He's already broken his promise by not immediately asking our military to pull the jets but it seems you're now saying if he bows to pressure and extends the mission......that perhaps his winning the election becomes at best, tainted...is that right?
  20. Same reason as with Israel and Hamas. The need to protect civilians. When the bad guys insist on occupying and storing arms in hospitals and schools, when they hide among the civilian population, it's almost impossible to engage them without inflicting civilian casualties. To a large degree, the miniscule amount of collateral damage (civilian deaths) gets as much - if not more negative play than the thousands of atrocities committed by these deviants...........and that's why it almost becomes a war of attrition.....can we kill them faster than they can replace them.
  21. I hope they can keep up.....it seems that they can't from the article that was posted......and then there's the cost. I used your link to check number of students to total tuition fees - and the average is $3300 per student. Multiply that by 25,000 and you get $82 million. If their needs are higher than average - which it appears they might be - that $82 million will quickly balloon.
  22. All part of why the election promise was nothing short of reckless - 25,000 government assisted refugees before the end of last year! But hey, this is just the start of Canada playing with peoples' lives. But no matter what spin ol' John tries to put on it, having people languish for a year before even starting to learn one of our languages is extremely problematic. From the same article:
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