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  1. I guess we all don't bother mentioning it anymore. It's just expected that the CBC will be rooting for the Liberals.
  2. What happened to Bill Graham? Has he announced that he won't run again?....or was he just passed over. I thought he did a very good job in a tough position.
  3. In 1997, Canada, under the previous Liberal government, negotiated our Kyoto target - 6% below GHG levels for 1990 to be reached by 2012. At the time, this was thought to be very agressive and it has proven so for most of the Kyoto signatories. So here we are in 2007, 25% worse than when we started and 30% over our target. If the original goal was aggressive, what insanity would make anyone think that we could even come close to meeting our target? Saying we can even come close by 2012 makes a mockery of the original goal.
  4. Rona Ambrose is out. John Baird is in. Clean Air Act one fizzled.....or did it? Was it really bad or was it a case of mangled messages? The Conservatives had trumpeted a new approach to the environment - a Made in Canada approach. As the months passed, pressure from all sides mounted - politics were rampant. The game was afoot. Rona Ambrose attended a conference in Nairobi this past November at which she gave her first major speech, unveiling the Conservative vision. The speech clearly indicated that short, medium, and long term targets would be released early in the new year. The only date th
  5. So North America is the centre of the universe and everything revolves around us?That's an extremely self-centred opinion. You have ignored all the people in the rest of the world, the Chinese and Indians included. Do you really believe that if we didn't buy Chinese stuff, the Chinese economy would immediately stop? And what of India? Sorry, there's more to the world than North America and the Chinese are not merely drones producing stuff for North Americans. China and India are developing rapidly because individual Chinese and Indians want a better life for themselves. At present, the C
  6. In the Toronto area, I've heard the term "Affordable Housing" a lot. Jack Layton and Olivia Chow continue to be "champions" in this area......but I've never really quite understood what comprises "Affordable Housing" - who should get it, what form it should take, who pays for it (Municipal, Provincial, Federal). I know that in the 60's and 70's, there were blocks of apartments that were built and rented out almost exclusively to "income challenged" citizens. More often than not, these apartments became run-down and crime-ridden. I believe the Toronto Star recently quoted that 30,000 people wer
  7. Here's an added thought - if we truly care about the environment, we should thank the stars that the Conservatives are in power...and here's why. If the Liberals had remained in power, the CBC and our leftist media would have continued to give them a free ride. Oh, they would have had a few complaints but for the most part, they would line up behind whatever promises the Liberals made and defend most of their actions. You need only reflect back on Stephan Dion's 17 months as Environment Minister and the Liberals overall environment progress to understand how truthful this is. They did next to
  8. Let's keep going on the original question - do you agree with sending billions of our hard-earned tax dollars to foreign countries to make up for Canada's shortfall in meeting Kyoto targets - instead of investing that money right here in Canada to further our own GHG reductions? This goes to the essence of Kyoto - if you cannot support this approach, then you cannot support Kyoto. Kyoto, as presented by opposition parties and the media is an all-or-nothing scenario - black or white - for it or against it. It's unfortunate that it has become so polarized and politicized - but it's a fact. Rona
  9. Many Canadians think that "supporting" Kyoto means making a concerted effort to reach certain targets. It is more than that....and that is why more and more Canadians are becoming skeptical of its merits. Please read on and let us know where you stand. Liberal leader Christian Dion does not want to address the most serious flaw in the Kyoto agreement. It is clear that Canada will miss its Kyoto targets by a huge margin. According to Kyoto, we are obligated to "buy" credits from "developing" countries or Russia to make up for our shortfall. This would amount to billions of dollars being dir
  10. This guy does not and will not address the most outrageous flaw in the Kyoto agreement. It is clear that Canada will miss its Kyoto targets by a huge margin. According to Kyoto, we are supposed to "buy" credits from "developing" countries or Russia to make up for our shortfall. This would amount to billions of dollars being directed out of the country - instead of being invested here in Canada - in our own green solution. The previous Liberal government had actually set aside many billions (not sure of the exact amount), precisely for this purpose because they knew they could not possibly
  11. Kyoto has done a valuable service in alerting the world to an issue that deserves attention....but its political and economical framework is unworkable. Here's an article by Lorrie Goldstein - his third of three: link: http://www.torontosun.com/News/Columnists/Goldstein_Lorrie/ January 16, 2007 More Kyoto crimes China, set to build 562 new coal plants, is exempt from the rules By LORRIE GOLDSTEIN, ASSOCIATE EDITOR Where is the political party in Canada that will take us out of the Kyoto accord, since the deal is an impending economic disaster for us? When the Liberals under Jean Chre
  12. Canada is higher than all western countries? According to who? I was wrong in that statement - too quick on the keyboard today. It's difficult to compare from country to country because of all the taxes over and above Income Tax - GST, Sales Tax, Gas taxes, etc. All inclusive, there is no doubt that we are one of the higher-taxed Western countries but some of the Scandinavian countries pay more than we do.
  13. http://ca.news.yahoo.com/s/capress/070114/.../green_tax_poll Then they should find those fifty one percent and tax them like Christ bearing down on a sinner. I'm a little confused. If these are "hypothetical" election promises - then why is one Conservative and the other one Liberal? In general, of course someone would prefer tying a tax cut to environmental behaviour - it sounds all warm and fuzzy - like a Liberal promise should......but take a moment to think of how one could possibly define what that "environmental behaviour" should be - and how you would measure and manage it for t
  14. The Toronto Star and their OCAP compatriots seem to do more harm than good for people who are truly in need. Their constant exaggerations only serve to turn people off. Yes, we have an issue and we will always have an issue with people who are less fortunate than others - but let's all deal with the facts so we can collectively provide the needy with a hand-up and for those who truly cannot fend for themselves - a hand-out. As an example, the Star claims that 1 of every 6 people live in Poverty. Their source, as usual, is a selective use of Stats Canada. In fact, if we use the Stats Can LICO (
  15. Some of you guys just think too deeply. What the heck is wrong with Harper "reaching out" to ethnic communities. If these communities are so enthralled with the Liberal "inclusive" and "big tent" approach, then they will tell him to get lost. It's true that the Conservatives used to rail against the Liberals on immigration - but only for their "doors wide open and forget about them "approach. In conjunction with reaching out to ethnic communities, the Conservatives are building a program that better qualifies immigrants, provides preparation before coming to Canada, and giving better integrati
  16. "someone said there is a possibility". My first suggestion would be to shoot "someone". The US would never arbitrarily and unilaterally pull out so there's no sense in speculating.
  17. Benny Pieser is not a climate expert. Sorry to shoot the messenger again. http://www.sourcewatch.org/index.php?title=Benny_Peiser I wouldn't expect him to be a climate "expert" - that would make him biased - we've got too many of those already. This article is simply a summary critique of how the "process" is working and what the economic impacts appear to be. I won't take all his observations as gospel but it's a critique that is long overdue to be published on a more regular basis. After all, if we are asking countries to fundamentally alter their economics, wouldn't we all be wise t
  18. Today, the Toronto Star published a front-page article entitled "Jailers fear PM's Justice overhaul. The article states that the document is dated January 24, 2006 – the day after the Conservatives won the election. Obviously, it was in the making several months before. Since the Civil Service is theoretically non-partisan, the document had to have been requested by the political masters of the day, the Liberal Party. Not surprisingly, its “recommendations” refute each and every Conservative policy and thus was clearly prepared as Liberal electoral fodder. During the election, the Liberals wer
  19. 1. We have all saw the latest report posted here on other threads that came out stating humans are increasing the levels of carbon dioxide occuring naturally, and accelerating climate change. This means climate change can be slowed and stablized by lowering GHG emissions. 2. That point by the NP is a red herring, and/or a strawman propaganda technique. The second point that it is Kyoto destroying the EU is refutted in their own words: The Biggest factor in it its potential failure is greed: The next factor is: and another factor is: The EU is having to go it alone, because other
  20. I didn't see the Mercer/Dion piece "live" but played it on my computer from the CBC/Mercer site. I'm a Conservative and although I despise CBC's bias, I didn't find this clip to be anti-Harper. I did however, find Dion to be straight from Dullsville and I can't for the life of me, see how people could vote for this guy if they are looking for a leader. If you haven't seen the Harper/Mercer clip on the Accountability Act - take a look - it's pretty funny. Bear with it for a moment because it starts out looking quite serious but that's part of the ploy. Here's the link - just click on the Accoun
  21. I hope Canadians are starting to wake up to the fact that we cannot blindly follow Kyoto - we must develop our own effective "Made in Canada" plan. Putting aside the Kyoto scheme for wealth transfer from rich countries to poor countries, we cannot continue to chase poorly conceived targets that were abandoned by the Liberals and are now utterly unachievable. Here's an important article from the Financial Post but before you read it, please read what I think is a very good summary of Kyoto - excerpted from the National Post: Climate change is an inevitable reality. Climate has been changing si
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