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  1. No I don't have to make up my mind. They will not reach their target of 10,000 by the end of the year - even though the vast majority were already in process as privately-sponsored. That's an important distinction - not only in the number itself - but as a measure of stress-testing the entire Federal/Provincial/Municipal/Support Group infrastructure. Arriving at an airport and being ferried off to a privately-sponsored household is a much easier task than a government, fully-supported refugee. As a result, their target of 25,000 government-sponsored refugees by end of February seems pie in the
  2. No - I don't. But I also want to hold them accountable for the thought(less) process that went into their very firm election promises. If they continue to make knee-jerk commitments without understanding - or ignoring the consequences, we'll all be in deep trouble. And where did doubling the Syrian refugees to 50,000 in 2016 come from?
  3. And how do you think the band member who requested the FOI would be treated if there was something going on? It supports your contrariness but it's a pretty naïve viewpoint......and I didn't say it was "all about" - I said "more about".....you won't hear everyday band members complaining about holding their Chiefs and Councils accountable.
  4. That's the entire point that has seemingly swooshed over your head, hey? As you rightly point out, 95% of First Nations had no problem in complying with the Act. This is an Act that has more to do with holding the Band Chiefs/Councils accountable to band members - than it is to the government. Shovelling billions to an unaccountable few elite creates an environment rife for corruption - it wouldn't matter what colour your skin is. It's just common sense.
  5. Marty Patriquin on Power and Politics was very upset with this dumb move. He said over and over that he's seen the abuses of the band chiefs and councillors on several reservations and it's not fair to the communities that they are left with no way to hold them accountable - what does transparency mean when there are no consequences for not being transparent? Only 31 "nations" - a small minority - chose to hide their finances.....and for what purpose? But now, Sunny Ways has thrown out the baby with the bathwater.
  6. ......and I guess McGuinty didn't know about the Gas Plants.......and Wynne didn't know about the Sudbury bribery.....and on and on it goes. As Scott Reid said yesterday on 1010 radio (a Liberal) - that's what Chiefs of Staffs are supposed to do - isolate their boss from messes and just clean them up.
  7. Of course he'll have a good chance of walking - because the rules were never clear. You've always ignored the fact that Harper's position was simple - it didn't matter if it was technically legal - it wasn't right and it should be paid back. That's what he told Duffy and that's what this should really be all about.
  8. Services provided by the provinces are more valuable to taxpayers - think Healthcare - including Long Term Care, how about more money for cities, public transportation - both the responsibility of the provinces? So why not have the provinces increase their Sales Tax by two percent instead of re-bloating the Feds?
  9. Will you change your thinking on China after reading this? I'm not holding my breath: Link: http://www.nytimes.com/2015/11/04/world/asia/china-burns-much-more-coal-than-reported-complicating-climate-talks.html?_r=0
  10. No. Most if not all of the "adaptation" was due to the initial outlandish promise - which in itself risks that other promises may bring about similar chaos.
  11. That's a personal insult that is totally uncalled for - perhaps you can show me just one - one thing I've said that exhibits a phobia against Muslims - other than those extremists that completely sully the religion and their fellow Muslims. By the way genius - with regards to your "Islamaphones"....... there is no common language for Islam.....nor are there telephones that are manufactured only for Muslims.
  12. You'd have to search long and hard on this board to find anyone who "doesn't want Muslims here". I can only speak for myself but all "I want" is to continue to shed light on what a reckless, irresponsible promise it really was - 25,000 government sponsored refugees by December 31st (now Feb. 28). It's this government's first attempt at establishing credibility - which they will need if we are to trust them on the planned deficits, the aboriginal file, and Climate Change commitments.
  13. That's OK - lots of moving numbers and dates. I've been critically following this issue because of what I term the "recklessness" of this particular promise. You can't play around with security but more importantly, you can't play around with people's lives. It's so important that government-sponsored refugees have all of the support systems in place to allow them to be as successful as possible. The coordination of cities, provinces and support groups is vital - and cannot done at the expense of non-Syrian refugees who've been waiting in line for years. You need only refer to the election est
  14. It keeps getting repeated because people like yourself keep getting it wrong. Yes - 10,000 privately-sponsored refugees were mostly in the wings and being prepared to come to Canada throughout 2016. Trudeau promised 25,000 government-sponsored refugees by the end of the year - now Feb. 28. So that means 35,000 refugees in total. Lets just wait and see how many make it here by end of February. It's tiring to see how this government keeps moving the goal posts.
  15. He should enjoy the ratings and adoration while he can - the realities of governing are coming swiftly. Better to under-promise and over-achieve - but this government went over the top on promises. On his main promises, Trudeau seems poised to have them blown to smithereens. Refugees that won't arrive for over a year (don't be fooled by the bait-and-switch counting of privately sponsored refugees - most of the recent ones being initiated under the previous government). Deficits that will blow past the $10 billion (don't be fooled by the bait and switch Debt-to-GDP ratio). How about the Canada-
  16. Not since Rob Ford at 70%....... Link: http://news.nationalpost.com/posted-toronto/rob-fords-approval-rating-at-70-poll
  17. It's no use - we're on the road to ruin.......or was it just alarmist talk? LInk: http://insideclimatenews.org/news/20090529/nobel-laureates-co2-emissions-must-peak-2015-avert-climate-ruin Wait - we've been granted another chance! Link: http://www.bna.com/global-emissions-must-peak-2030-ipcc-chief-n57982059270/
  18. Horrifying? My God man - have you not been listening? Have you no sense of proportion? Did you not understand that if the oil sands - which has been developing for half a century - if they increased their production five-fold......that it would still amount to less than one percent (1%) of global emissions? The book you pointed out - a brilliant example of why the majority of North Americans pooh-pooh alarmist claptrap just like that.
  19. Total Government sponsored refugees on Saturday's flight........1 (one).
  20. Although our current government would like us to think otherwise, Canada can do more than one thing at the same time. We can do our small part in the aerial campaign, we can provide training on the ground, and we can provide many flavours of humanitarian aid - like helping to build, maintain and finance refugee camps. As for building justice and other institutions in Iraq and Syria, don't forget that they both had relatively modern institutions - just the wrong type of governance. The educated population understands the concept of democracy and proper institutions - they just need a peaceful e
  21. If that actually happens, it's just another example of the gross incompetence/corruption of the McGuinty/Wynne Liberals - wouldn't you say?
  22. Oh c'mon Waldo - these guys have been incompetent, corrupt or both for more than a decade. It's unfortunate that there hasn't been an alternative that's canny enough to know hoe to defeat an opponent that is so clearly enmeshed with labour. Tim Hudak was a dufus - I guess we'll just have to wait for sanity to prevail. Get a grip Waldo - even by Liberal standards, these guys don't deserve your obsequience!
  23. That's part of the hypocrisy - moving the goalposts - bait and switch.....McCallum said it would take at least a year to get those government-sponsored refugees to Canada.
  24. The oil sands have been under development for almost half a century. Double their current production - and it's less than 0.3 percent of world emissions. Quadruple it and it's 0.6 percent. Climb out from under your bed. Your concerns are on a par with alarmist activist Leonardo DiCaprio saying that Calgary locals were "horrified" by a chinook that he experienced. Late addition from a blogger that I just had to add: Link: http://www.mcmurraymusings.com/2015/12/thoughts-on-chinooks-climate-change-and.html
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