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  1. Poor old John McCallum gets the Refugee file.....he's been a loyal soldier for so long - what the heck did he do to deserve that?
  2. Makes a lot of sense....there is always that dreaded law - the Law of Unintended Consequences.
  3. You can be a sympathizer and even an enabler - without being an actual "terrorist" per se. Very hard to weed out....but if we don't pay attention, those real terrorists that might be hiding among those "undocumented immigrants" you speak of will find a supportive network already in place. Mainstream Islamic terrorism (not the one-off nut cases) is very strategic and has made it clear they are willing to play a "long game". We naively ignore this reality at our own peril.
  4. Given the following, what would the US think about Canada bringing 25,000 Syrian refugees within a few miles of their borders? They might end up building that wall after all. Trudeau is a breath of fresh air compared to that hard-hearted, uncaring Obama, right? Link: http://www.vocativ.com/news/231688/obamas-pledge-to-syrian-refugees-may-take-years/
  5. The feminists will have fun with this one. Stay-at-home Moms popping kids out.
  6. There are people who work in actual greenhouses for hours at a time - at CO2 levels that are 2 to 4 times (or more) as much as today's atmosphere - and yet no health implications have been reported (and you can bet that the alarmists would be all over that tidbit)....and of course crops have higher yields with increased CO2. So.....no harm for humans, great for food production. Those are facts. So it's not the CO2 itself - it's the still imprecise understanding of what effect CO2 has on Earth's temperature - and whether that increase is, on balance, a good thing or a bad thing.
  7. They're just kicking the can down the field....an easy election promise for them.....makes it look like they are "saving" money when in fact, the F35 will likely be the chosen craft 6 or 7 years down the road.....after we've spent billions pro-longing the life of our CF-18s.....and we'll have lost our spot in line to become a major player in the F35 Global supply chain. Another Sea King helicopter debacle in the making.
  8. The unelected IPCC objective.....Social Engineering cloaked in save-mankind, sheep's clothing. The failure of Kyoto has knocked these guys off their plan. Paris won't just be about targets - the Social Engineers have to get governments talking about money again. The rich pay the poor.
  9. Somebody has to fix it - sooner or later. As long as it's "fixed", not re-designed.....
  10. Then we're reached some common ground.....and I'm happy with that.....
  11. Put all the bafflegab aside - as I said,if the seas are rising to any extent - you'll see the results in the Florida keys - which are actually lower than Tuvalu. Until you see the seas washing over the keys, you can bet that anything going on in Tuvalu is caused by something other than "Global Warming". Agreed?
  12. You may prove to be right - but keep in mind that Trudeau has never been in power so it's easy to sound "inclusive". He has a track record of being impulsive so let's see how inclusive he is when events overtake him and the pressure is on. As Mr. Spock once said on Star Trek: "After a time, you may find that having is not so pleasing a thing after all as wanting. It is not logical, but it is often true.
  13. He hasn't gone to many Churches or Sinogogues either......but he was invited back to that same Mosque in April of this year.....
  14. You've mentioned Tuvalu more than once so I imagine it really concerns you. Don't fret about it. The Tuvaluans are not sinking but the President of Tuvalu has been on a soapbox to declare his population to be the first Climate Refugees - and thereby extort money from sucker donors. But hey - if you are concerned enough about rising seas - your fears should be with the Florida Keys which are actually a lower land mass than Tuvalu. They are the true "canary in the coal mine". The emperical evidence has been drowned out by the hysterical cries of environmental activists - but here's some reading
  15. How they "appeared" is more a factor of how they were made to appear......by the media and by the opposition. As "bull in a china shop" as the Conservatives are, do you really think that Harper would want to alienate such a large voting bloc as Muslims? As for Trudeau being inclusive - it's easy to say nice warm, mushy things when you're not in power - when you are not responsible for doing your share of confronting ISIS. Let's see how inclusive and tolerant he is when he actually has to make decisions......... or when he's poked by reporters and goes off-script.... But I digress - we'll just
  16. And therein lies the conumdrum....without some sort of containment force - none of which was forthcoming - ISIS was butchering thousands upon thousands of people - Muslims, Christians and others alike. It was happening unabated and was getting worse. As they say, "evil succeeds when good men do nothing". What a mess.
  17. If more people understood this - they would know that there are offshoots and niches of supposed "Islamists" who have hijacked the faith in favour of intolerance and violence - and that is why we are in a fight against extremism. Harper and the Conservatives - like myself and any right-thinking person - knew that the battle is not with Muslims - but with those extremists/Fundamentalists who would sully the religion with their archaic intolerance....and I suspect no one hates that more than moderate Muslims. Instead, the opposition chose to paint Harper as divisive - when in fact he has always
  18. Because it's not about doing the right thing for both Canada and the refugees - it's about creating the illusion of compassionate action - about letting people see how much we care.....how much we really care. Look around at European countries - today's compassion is littered with tomorrow's ghettoes.
  19. You can make a technical argument - but it's an uphill one. Just about a third of all Green Party votes were in BC with 8.2% of the total votes - and even there, they were heavily concentrated in a few ridings. They got 2.9% of the votes in Ontario, 2.3% in Quebec. The only provinces to break 4% were PEI with 6% and NB with 4.6%. It's a regional party with fringe support elsewhere.
  20. I am one of those Canadians......and for personal, not partisan reasons.....I hope this particular commitment falls by the wayside.... but what I'm saying is that if it does, it will show that this fresh-faced government may not be that different than the old.
  21. That will be good enough for me......but I would expect the commitment to be fulfilled by say, end of March.....that seems reasonable given the promise he made.
  22. This was a pivotal commitment by the Liberals. It played on the emotions of all those people who saw that poor child washed up on the beach - and it turned those emotions against a Prime Minister who was castigated as cold and heartless by "only" committing to 10,000 per year. It's an important commitment to watch - one that will be straight forward to measure......just as they criticized the previous government - are they in Canada or not? It will be either the confirmation of a caring, action-oriented government - or the beginning of a recognition that Trudeau and his advisers are nothing
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