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  1. Rumor has it Jets sniper Patrik Laine may be a holdout at camp, and is unhappy in Winnipeg.
  2. What are your predictions for the upcoming NHL season?
  3. This is precisely what is happening in France. The country has the largest Jewish population in Europe at 600,000. Unfortunately, Muslims make up 6,000,000 people in France. As a result, Jews have been beaten in the streets for being Jews. You cannot wear any type of religious gear in public if you are Jewish, in fear of being mobbed spit on, harasse, or beaten by Islamic gangs. To a lesser extent, this also occurs in the UK, Germany, Holland. However, French Jews are now leaving the country for Israel and North America in fear of their lives. The French Government has repeatedly denied that Muslim Antisemitism is a problem in France, for fear of upsetting the Muslims.
  4. Shady's comparison was fair, and historically accurate.
  5. Lets not forget the PLO strategically placed terrorist cells, which were designed to launch rockets into Israel, and recruit suicide bombers into ISrael, by placing them near Hospitals, daycare centres, elementary schools, nursing homes, etc. This is why I have no respect for these people. They are willing to put innocent lives into the line of fire, in order to gain International sympathy when the IDF inevitably launches counter-strikes against these belligerents.
  6. Immigrants actually create jobs, and are technically less likely to leech off the system than Canadian-born residents. This has been proven time and time again. The only way Canada should realistically curb immigration, is to increase the birth rate by giving Canadians more incentive for having children.
  7. The Bombers won again vs BC, and now lead the CFL at 7-2. Is it finally the year Winnipeg wins the Cup?
  8. I wonder of Winnipeg will become a major international transportation hub, once the Northwest Passage opens up, and the Government builds better infrastructure to accommodate the increase traffic at the Port of Churchill.
  9. Actually Omni and The_Squid control the media now. I tried to talk them out of it, but to no avail.
  10. You are just wasting your money. Textbook Antisemitism. How can 1.1% of the population control Canadian foreign policy?
  11. LOL at "Zionist owned newspaper." Well, unlike many other ethnic groups and tribal religions, the Jews survived and weathered the storm throughout centuries of European persecution. The only people you can compare them to is the Roma, and they were expelled, and outright murdered by their host countries. Lets not forget about what happened to Muslims in Spain and Eastern Europe, once the Ottoman Empire began to collapse.
  12. Palestinians are dirty subhumans, who openly cheered during 9/11 and wish for death upon everyone not Muslim. They cannot be trusted, and should have been dealt with accordingly, immediately after the Six Day War.
  13. Actually, the Jews were expelled by the Romans in 132 AD, and had longed for a return to their homeland for centuries. It's a central theme in Jewish religion. The Jewish diaspora even pray towards Israel. Under the Ottoman Empire, the Holy Land was a barren wasteland, with barely 200,000 inhabitants. It was not until the British conquered much of the Middle East, people (Jews and Arabs) started to move there in droves.
  14. Name one religious or ethnic group that has immigrated to Canada in large numbers that wishes to impose their way of life upon Canadians, and are prepared to destroy us.
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