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  1. A link from Safari Club International....the same group who, for the right price, will charge thousands of dollars to lure an endangered species out of it's wildlife refuge, in order for rich Americans to kill or poach them. https://globalnews.ca/news/3112257/polar-bear-population-to-decline-by-a-third-by-2050-study/
  2. Speaking of which.... " WINNIPEG — What looked like an anti-Semitic attack at a Winnipeg cafe that drew public concern and political condemnation was not a hate crime but an alleged sham staged by owners of the business, police said Wednesday. Officers responded last Thursday to a report that a woman who worked at the BerMax Caffe and Bistro was assaulted and that the business was vandalized and spray-painted with hate-related graffiti. It was the night before Passover. After a lengthy investigation involving 25 officers and 1,000 hours of investigative work, police said they charged the three owners of the cafe — including the woman who was reportedly assaulted — with public mischief. "Last night, investigators formed the belief and came to the conclusion that the incident ... was staged," Winnipeg police Chief Danny Smyth said. https://www.huffingtonpost.ca/2019/04/24/owners-of-winnipegs-bermax-caffe-bistro-staged-anti-semitic-attack-police_a_23716765/
  3. Climate change has been around forever, but nothing like we have witnessed for the past 50 years, and it is only accelerating. If what you say is true, where all the large mammals in danger of becoming extinct? Why are Polar Bears dying out? What happened to 75% of the insects in some countries in Europe? How about frogs, bees, and other creatures. If bees are eliminated, we are in deep trouble.
  4. " Severe droughts made more likely by global warming worsened conflict in Arab Spring countries early this decade, forcing people to flee, researchers said on Wednesday, publishing evidence they said proved the connection for the first time. The study used data from asylum applications in 157 countries from 2006-2015, together with an index that measures droughts, as well as figures tracking battle-related deaths, to assess the links between climate change, conflict and migration. The findings, published in the journal Global Environmental Change, showed a particular correlation between climate stresses and conflict in parts of the Middle East and North Africa from 2010–2012, when many countries were undergoing political transformation during the Arab Spring uprisings. Those countries included Tunisia, Libya, Yemen and Syria, which is still mired in a bloody civil war. The researchers said they also established a climatic link with conflicts that triggered migration in sub-Saharan Africa over the same three years - but not during other time periods." https://www.reuters.com/article/us-climatechange-conflict-arabspring/climate-stress-drove-wave-of-arab-spring-refugees-researchers-idUSKCN1PH23B https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/climate-change-and-rising-food-prices-heightened-arab-spring/
  5. A fellow Winnipegger had posted about this on another forum. Winnipeg has a really bad meth crisis in the past couple of years. However, I would like to point out that it is arguably worse in Alberta. I've been through Calgary, Red Deer, and Grande Prairie in the past year, and meth is everywhere. It's at epidemic levels. Not sure if the Fentanyl epidemic is subsiding, but BC and Alberta had the highest per-capita rates of Fentanyl related deaths in Canada. What can be done to curtail people from such harmful substances? I do not think treatment centres are the answer, considering BC has tons of them, and it is really bad out there. What can we do to curtail people from themselves? For what it's worth, BC led the nation in deaths from opoids and meth in 2017 (no number was provided). Alberta had 313 deaths related to meth use, while Manitoba only had 35. Ontario had 142 meth related deaths in 2017, far below Western Canada. In every corner of Canada, meth use has been increasing for the past five years. https://news.vice.com/en_ca/article/8xybzk/meth-related-deaths-are-rising-across-canada
  6. I think you are missing the point. None of those conflicts involved climate change. Look at what has happened over in Europe. Millions of migrants fleeing, due to climate change. The Arab Spring happened as an indirect result of climate change. Some leading environmentalists have warned that global warming is accelerating, and we have 12 years to change the Earth, before a catastrophic event occurs.
  7. Military invasion and occupation. We will just have to weather the storm.
  8. I predict the US invades us by 2035. By that time, large areas of the Southwestern United States will become uninhabitable. Arizona, Nevada, and California will suffer greatly, and millions of people will be displaced. The displaced Americans will vote in a fascist regime, and since any kind of mass influx to other areas of the US would be troublesome, it will be easier to just invade Canada- a country along with Russia, may be the two sole beneficiaries of Global Warming. Our population will reach 60 million within 20 years. There will be a shift towards right wing politics. Canada will be powerless to stop any invasion. I also predict the Mexican Wall will be built, since large areas of Latin America will become uninhabitable, and there will be a push to the north. Unlike Canada, the USA has the ability to repel any mass influx of immigrants by force, so that will not be a problem for North America, but may involve genocide in Latin America, as too many people will be competing for not enough land. As for Europe? Climate Change will trigger millions to migrate to Western Europe, but by this time a country (perhaps several), will elect a Hitler-like character, and most likely eradicate said immigrants similar to what happened in the 40s. Climate change is real, and we have no idea how bad things are going to become in 15 years.
  9. I believe it was a personal issue with Saddam Hussein and the Bush family. Bush Jr. wanted to finish the job that his father had started. Let's not forget America was hungry from blood just two years removed from the 9/11 attacks, and Iraq became a convenient scapegoat.
  10. Speaking of Jews, they are leaving France in droves. I guess when Muslims outnumber you 10:1 in the country, and repeatedly assault you for what is happening in Israel, you eventually lose your nerve, and want to get the heck out of Dodge.
  11. Michael Hardner has mentioned that the Raptors lose if he watches them. He had tickets to game 5 lol.
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