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  1. That may be true, but just like the Yaniv case, where do we draw the line? I can see this being an issue if it was working at a summer camp, organized sports coaching, or even working at a day care. The problem with this case is: 1. The man put out an ad in kijiji looking for a babysitter. The 28 year old replies and states his age and gender. The father does not say "no I am looking for a woman under 25." He does not bother to respond. Regardless, the 28 year old takes the father to the Human Rights Tribunal, which coincidentally cover a complainant's legal fees, unlike real co
  2. This has to be one of the most factually inaccurate posts I have come across.
  3. In the case of Andrea Dworkin, I can see why she became a radical feminist. She was mentally ill, and knew how to game the system. She constantly lied about Men abusing her, and was celibate for much of her life, which takes years off one's life. She also blamed her failing health on imaginary sexual abuse she had suffered over the years.
  4. What an ignorant thing to say. I would love to see you work away from friends and family in some remote work camp up north, 28 days straight for 12 hours/day. Most people can't cut it. Unless you think some egghead University Professor teaching Woman's studies deserves more, while working 1 fraction of what trades people do, in the nice confines of the city with all the perks. Talk about elitism. "NOW you know why they get passed over. For someone with basically no training, few skills and little repsonsibility, that is ridiculous" You do realize it takes a ton of intelligence
  5. First, it was BC resident Jonathan "Jessica" Yaniv that has been gaming the system. Now, a 28 year old man has filed a Human Rights complaint with the Province of Alberta, since he claims he was discriminated against due to his age and sex, when he answered an ad posted by a single Dad wanting a babysitter. The complainant, has previously taken citizens to the Human Rights Tribunal for the exact same thing, and lost. Keep in mind, the tab of the complainant is picked up by the Human Rights Tribunal, so it's a no lose situation! Todd said in an email he
  6. I find your statement quite ironic, considering the fact that if this was a terror attack perpetrated by Muslims, all the Progressives on the forum would be dead silent.
  7. It always goes down well when the Government treats it's own citizens like second class citizens, while importing foreign labour or materials, when it's good for a companies bottom line: For example, Demosten said, he and other workers were horrified when a foreign worker took a blow torch to a propane tank to defrost it. Others intervened to prevent an explosion. "That would probably have killed him and hurt people around him. That's the kind of things these people are doing," said Demosten. Johnny Demosten and Leslie Jennings, journeyman ironworkers in
  8. Not to mention she is not too hard on the eyes
  9. Those islands were very small, and the time Denmark sold the Islands was at a time where European powers were beginning to dismantle their Colonial Territories. This is a massive island that would become easily the largest state, with huge deposits of various minerals and oil/gas. Greenland residents have even come out and said they have no desire to leave Denmark, and join America. In other Trump news, he is proclaiming himself the "King of Israel" and denouncing Jews who vote Democratic as "traitors."
  10. The New York Times is not credible news. It used to be, until left-leaning socialists infiltrated it. It's nearly as bad as Vice.
  11. Insulting ones character is a sign of weakness. ,:)
  12. Well it looks like Portland, Oregon is a battleground between right wing groups and Antifa. Should be interesting.
  13. You do not see the parallels between Jews returning to Israel and overtaking Palestinian land, and Europeans arriving in Canada, an overtaking First Nations land? Instead of boycotting Israel, perhaps you should look in the mirror, and clean your own back yard. Considering most countries are or have been guilty of the exact same thing that Israel is guilty of, maybe boycott buying any good, and move to Northern BC, and live in a remote cabin with no electricity.
  14. Ironic, considering European Countries and the UN looked the other way when Arab Countries ethnically cleansed nearly 1,000,000 Sephardi Jews from North Africa and the Middle East in the aftermath of the 1948 War Of Independence.
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