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  1. 'Bout to get real up in here....2020 Battle for the White House chess set:
  2. Trump has already shamed the NATO deadbeats like Canada into increasing defence spending....Canada will scream and bitch about it...but you have to pay to play. Trudeau and SNC Lavalin really want to keep those big fat juicy oil services contracts in Iraq.
  3. Nonsense...Iran has strict legal liability for shooting down the airliner. Compensation will follow the Montreal Convention, plus any punitive damages that a court may try to enforce against Iran.
  4. ...and makes your country a NATO deadbeat. The bastard said so, right ?
  5. Stop depending so much on Trump's actions either way. He is America's bastard...not yours.
  6. Iranian civilians.....caused by Iran's AAW missile system.
  7. Michael Bloomberg's financial media helps Trump:
  8. Was Canada so concerned about "increased tensions" caused by other Iran inspired events in the region ? Were Canadian nationals advised not to travel in the area ? Did Canada refuse to deploy 500 troops in the region because it might "increase tensions" with Iran ? Nope. News flash to Canada....President Donald Trump was elected to "increase tensions" with Iran.
  9. Another one bites the dust...hurt by his own party's impeachment crusade. Senator Cory Booker has quit the 2020 presidential campaign....out of money...out of luck...out of time.
  10. Yipes...that's gonna leave a mark ! The U.S. and allies are working on CEC cooperative net sharing of sensor, processor, and AAW assets in theatre. Iran does not have this capability and few friends to buddy up with. The F-35 strike fighter is part of this strategy.
  11. Yes....."penetration aids" (decoys) are a lot cheaper than SAM missiles. Iran is at a severe disadvantage because it will never have air superiority in the region to defend up top or on the deck. Shooting down a Ukrainian airliner at 15km doesn't count.
  12. Yep.....even birds have sufficient Doppler to meet the fire control software gates.
  13. Right....tracking and fire control radars have much higher frequencies and pulse repetition rates for better target resolution. This SAM also has optical guidance. When the U.S. Navy first got close-in missile defense systems like Vulcan Phalanx CIWS, we would rarely leave it in automated mode because it would shoot at nearly anything detected, including seagulls. Commanders have to follow careful protocols now, especially after what happened to USS Stark in 1986, which contributed to USS Vincennes downing an Iranian airliner two years later in 1988.
  14. Yes, Trump has effectively destabilized his political enemies with all the tools available to him....including Twitter. They said Trump is a liar and a fraud, but suddenly he was very very credible for attacks on "52 cultural targets" ?
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