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  1. Well, that's just not how global debt markets work. The U.S. has more influence, but only because of dollar hegemony and stability, not games of "shrug". China dumped almost $200 billion of U.S. debt several years ago and it hardly made a ripple. Others just gladly snapped it up. Remember, China also wants to play currency games for domestic and international reasons that relies on debt markets being stable. If anything, the reverse is true, as the U.S. (Eisenhower) threatened the UK with financial collapse by selling pound sterling bonds in 1956 (Suez Crisis). China just doesn't have that kind of leverage...yet.
  2. Doesn't matter....same thing would happen....U.S. debt is very desirable and would be gobbled up by global markets (private and public). Holding some foreign debt is actually necessary for monetary and trade reasons. Riskier debt just returns higher interest or coupon rate in the case of bonds.
  3. China would just sell off Canadian debt instruments to a global market that has many other buyers. Canada's dollar would dip lower in peso value. Any actual default would have far more serious consequences for Canada, not China.
  4. Canada's relations were far worse because of Trudeau. Don't even ask about the negative impact of oil prices and who you sell "your oil" to.
  5. Yes we do know which way it goes....that's how the U.S. was born. How do you like us now ? He's not my hero...he is my president. Progressives can still do what they do best....cry about the "entrenched power"...because they have none.
  6. Because he wants all the rabid Trump haters to leave limited drug supply for the believers.
  7. No, China and the U.S. will not be careful. They will be very forceful in the pursuit of nation state interests, and Canada should be doing the same. ==================================================== Typical 3M N95 particulate masks components...not so special: •Straps – Thermoplastic Elastomer •Nose Clip – Aluminum •Nose foam - Polyurethane •Filter – Polypropylene •Shell – Polyester •Coverweb - Polyester
  8. Bernie Sanders quit today, after failing to win the nomination...again. Progressives have failed...again. Message leadership cannot change this reality.
  9. Bernie Sanders quits race....hello Sleepy Joe !

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    2. scribblet


      Thanks, so it's highly unlikely anyone else could take him on.   IMO Biden is the more moderate of the candidates but he does seem to be having too many brain farts.  The big thing here then is his running partner because there's a good chance he/she could become President.

    3. Hal 9000

      Hal 9000

      At this point, I don't think they're "brain farts".  I think it's diminishing capacity.  That said, I'm still not counting out Hillary.


    4. Right To Left

      Right To Left

      You weren't aware that Liz Warren is still lurking in the bushes, waiting for her big break!

      She's going to come charging out with Big Structural Bailey any time now.....as soon as she figures out what her healthcare policy is going to be!

  10. Bernie Sanders is quitting the race....Joe Biden is the last candidate standing. Sorry "progressives"....you lose again.
  11. Still better than Trudeau...Trump's wife Melania did not get infected and cause him to quarantine for weeks. Trudeau remains in hiding.
  12. While Justin Trudeau hides away and is afraid of projection modeling (except when it comes to climate change carbon taxes)...Doug Ford becomes a rock star.
  13. So what ? The drug has been approved for many decades and doctors can prescribe it. This Democrat is thanking Trump...
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