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  1. Trudeau apologizes for being really stupid...again.

  2. You mean this "hoax"..."the risk for COVID-19 is low".
  3. No....only a fraction of those people are getting sick. People are still getting sick in Canada too....so ? So you admit that face masks have been mandated in parts of Ontario. ...that must be for the "Trumpers", right ? How dare some Canadians not behave like sheep !
  4. But the "Vikings" team name is still OK...because they were "white" ?
  5. Not for tax havens, which actually go back to purposeful government polices during the League of Nations about 100 years ago. Foxes will always take what is so easily given to them.
  6. Correct..."Live Free or (and) Die" in action. President Trump speaks to that aspect and large segment of American culture that has existed for 250 years. But face masks ares still being "mandated" in many Ontario cities....nice try. Ironically, Canada buys face masks and other PPE from the U.S. (e.g. 3M Co.)
  7. Governments don't have to "unspend" all of the debt, as that will never and should never happen. Government can strive to limit deficit spending and debt service impact on budgets and appropriations (discretionary and non-discretionary spending). Debt can also be partially mitigated with monetary policy through central banks. Well, such estimates are very dramatic, but often conflate and confuse notional value vs. actual market value.
  8. Maybe....Trump doesn't look very happy wearing a mask. The "morons" love any opportunity to trigger the Trump haters.
  9. Keeping the U.S. Senate is more important to the GOP than President Trump getting re-elected. The Republicans actually gained two Senate seats after the 2018 mid-term elections.
  10. OK...President Trump has worn a mask...happy now ?
  11. If your concern is the amount of accumulating debt, then the place to start is spending, not marginal tax rates on income or other clawbacks. Government cannot tax its way out of debt at current spending and debt service levels even if it wanted to because there are not enough 0.01% filthy rich people. At a minimum, one has to include spending reductions and reduced entitlements along with collecting more revenue. Shutting down the "casino" would also remove more from the revenue side, and reduce available capital for investment and economic growth.
  12. The Liberals got more upset over a $16 glass of orange juice.
  13. Not evident to me, plus the OP mixes income and wealth....for the U.S., not Canada or Mexico (i.e. North America).
  14. OK, but that is not how income statistics are usually aggregated and reported by government or other sources. If you can parse the data that way for Canada, go for it.
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