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  1. AG - Canada's "jets" do not meet international treaty obligations.


  2. bush_cheney2004

    Donald Trump (in 3 paragraphs)

    Oh sure...and Canada should have stayed out of WWI, because Germany was already a free market democracy.
  3. bush_cheney2004

    Canada's long, slow decline

    Indeed....Delta wings do have limitations. Canada actually took Voodoo transfers from the USAF in exchange for more investment in Pinetree early warning. F-4 Phantom II production was booked out for at least 10 years ! The reference above hints that Canadian brass was not very happy with Avro's performance and support for CF-100 Canuck....had low expectations for the more complex CF-105.
  4. bush_cheney2004

    Canada's long, slow decline

    I don't know if Canada is in decline or not...I am not Canadian. But there are plenty of folks in Canada who readily insist that the USA is in decline...maybe as a distraction to what is going on in their own backyard.
  5. bush_cheney2004

    The Jim Acosta Lawsuit.

    Agreed...that is just stupid. But such mutterings from MSNBC don't surprise me anymore.
  6. bush_cheney2004

    Canada's long, slow decline

    Well, at least you finally admit that there are such myths spinning around the Canadian national identity and psyche. If Canada is in decline, it won't be saved by pointing at the decline of other nations for comfort.
  7. bush_cheney2004

    Canada's long, slow decline

    Because Canada was part of the problem....The British Empire ! Thanks for helping out in two catastrophic world wars for God and King. Your delusional myths are not reality...the CF-105 died in development...never achieved its potential and never would in Canada. Some Canadians do not blindly believe the myths that other Canadians cling to like a religion.
  8. bush_cheney2004

    Canada's long, slow decline

    Actually, the CF-105 was cancelled by Diefenbaker's cabinet after Canada's military staff rejected it. The Liberals would have killed it too. Canada was a colony for UK aircraft design and production. All you are doing is reinforcing the sad history of potential never realized....dreams that died...in Canada.
  9. bush_cheney2004

    Canada's long, slow decline

    ...and then there is this....from a Canadian:
  10. bush_cheney2004

    Canada's long, slow decline

    Please don't turn this thread into another Avro Arrow CF-105 beat down....but since you insist on cheering on this Great Canadian Myth: The Canadian program needed the following American resources to even complete development: Pratt & Whitney engines (Iroquois engine was never fully developed) Wind tunnel testing at Langely, Virginia, USA B-47 engine test bed bomber (returned damaged to the USAF) Nike (American) rockets for high speed shape testing over Lake Ontario U.S. developed missile and fire control Canadians made the decision to cancel the expensive program that had no buyers for an interceptor aircraft that never made it to production...even Canada didn't want it. Meanwhile, the proven speed and superior combat radius of the Convair F-106 was already in production years earlier at much lower cost. Worse yet....A.V. Roe was British in origin ! http://taylorempireairways.com/2010/08/myths-are-public-dreams-dreams-are-private-myths/
  11. bush_cheney2004

    Canada's long, slow decline

    ...and avoiding riskier opportunities as well. Canada didn't launch anything....another nation launched that Canadian built satellite...and Canada still can't. The doomed CF-105 was not the fastest aircraft, and failed for the same risk averse disease that holds Canada back in many areas. Canadians helped to put men on the moon...but had to leave Canada to do it.
  12. bush_cheney2004

    Canada's long, slow decline

    America is not about playing it "safe"...and never has been. Going to the moon was not a "safe" thing to do, but Americans (and other nationals wanting more opportunity and challenge)...did it anyway. I'm good with that too...the "safe" Canadians can just watch on American television networks...like they always do.
  13. bush_cheney2004

    Canada's long, slow decline

    Yep....America gets both...including many of Canada's best. They know where to go for the best opportunities.
  14. Canada getting hammered on oil prices...sunny ways !


    1. AngusThermopyle


      It would be nice if the Trudeau Liberals could do even half as good a job for Canadians as they are for Americans.