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  1. Yep...Canada would certainly know about such things. God Save the Queen !
  2. As are many U.S. presidents. Donald Trump is just another American president, and there will be more after he is gone.
  3. Here's why....Trump won...Romney lost...so did John McCain. Any questions ?
  4. But it has always been that way...good with the bad....why would it be any different now ? If you think it is bad now, you should have seen it way back when all the carbon was still in the ground and trees.
  5. Sir, can we please rise above our own fates and think about the entire planet ? Clearly there are more humans available to die today compared to before, so perhaps a quick hit of more mortality before reaching a new equilibrium. Then climate change would become the new normal and actuaries would just update their Excel spreadsheets. The main point here is that there may be no time limit, but there is also no limit on human adaptation. We are very hard to kill on a mass scale, and not for lack of trying.
  6. I'm just trying to bound your fears with actual numbers...this is a common technique in business. So best case would be 60,000,000 + 1 and worse case is unbounded according to the climate change alarmists. With a little effort, I bet we could define the upper boundary within +/- 10%, and it would not be enough to materially put a dent in population growth at current rates. We already know that economic growth reduces population in far greater numbers than the climate change boogie man. As for the cremation business model, they know where their market is, and they are not chasing 30 year old millennials afraid of climate change.
  7. OK...we're getting somewhere now. More than 60 million....how many more....double ? triple ? Little wonder that the cremation business is growing fast...I get those things in the mail every week !
  8. Excellent point....it has been estimated by esteemed eggheads that 99% of all species (fauna and flora) went extinct long before mankind rubbed two sticks together to heat up his two bedroom cave.
  9. OK...worse is good....we can handle worse....just fill more sand bags. About 60 million people die each year from natural and unnatural causes right now ....can you beat that ?
  10. Oh...so you mean it will be just as it has always been...that's a relief ! Droughts...famines...pestilence...social unrest...economic calamity...wars...pandemics....killer storms...flooding....earthquakes....and Justin Beiber.
  11. Do you really believe that "peoplekind" will be wiped out by climate change if no mitigation steps are taken ? I mean...seriously ?
  12. You have just described more adaptation....and that applies to climate change too....no big deal.
  13. Still too vague.....what is pretty bad ? Remember the ebola scare...."WE'RE ALL GONNA DIE !!!"....that bad ? Bring on the bad...I want to see it on my HD 4K monitor.
  14. Well, on a personal note, I have started to search for a counter-intuitive solution to global warming...errr...I mean climate change. I will have to upgrade to a two stage snow blower/thrower to more efficiently manage higher snowfall rates, but I can't decide whether to go with the proven gasoline powered goliath of old or join the boutique club of cheap, wimpy battery powered units with lithium batteries. City snow plows leave huge berms at the end of the driveway and the eco-warriors don't have a good solution yet besides my aching back and cardiac stress. I guess it goes back to Apocalypse Now...and loving the smell of petroleum in the morning. This is how mankind adapts !
  15. True...the Earth does not give a damn either way. Remember the Hellstrom Chronicle ? Insects will inherit the earth after feasting on our decaying bodies.
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