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  1. Well, the ICC is a creation of the imperialists and colonialism framework, with no jurisdiction for crimes committed prior to the international treaty (2002). African nations have been the main targets of ICC proceedings and prosecutions. So don't hold your breath waiting for that grand-slam truth.
  2. The logical action that would stem from a Canadian government finding and admission of "genocide" would be more investigations and prosecution of the state and individual actors for "genocide" crimes. Canada would be in violation of the ICC treaty were this not to happen.
  3. If MMIW be "genocide", why hasn't Canada and/or the ICC initiated the required investigations and prosecution of individual and state actors ? Canada is a signatory to the Rome Statute (International Criminal Court).
  4. No, as Bush did not sign the repeal of Glass-Steagall....that would be Bill Clinton (1999). This was the final chapter for many years of financial deregulation going back decades.
  5. Actually, Obama was handed and continued many of the George W. Bush administration's policies for economic recovery after the recession, including TARP and tax cuts. Obama also cozied up to Wall Street, just as before.
    1. scribblet


      That's okay...  Chretien is advising Trudeau to cancel the extradition case so we can start talking to China..   a complete capitulation IMO

  6. Fun and games with Canada aside, the American women's team does have a strong case for getting equal pay as the men, because the women have been far more successful in soccer. Cut the men's pay and give it to the women !
  7. Another fond CanAm memory...this time from the 2018 Winter Olympics...the Americans won gold...Canada...silver: https://www.theglobeandmail.com/sports/olympics/rules-trump-emotion-as-canadian-womens-hockey-player-ordered-to-wear-silver-medal/article38062105/
  8. Neil Macdonald is back in Ontario after a long foreign assignment in the United States, where he likely used D.C./Maryland area hospitals and clinics that have lots of excess capacity. It probably was a shock to him to go to a crowded ER in Ontario and wait a long time just like everybody else, delaying care with lots of pain meds (opiates). He might have done better in Alberta or BC.
  9. The U.S. team has a lot more World Cup and Olympic gold medals to count than Canada's team. Remember when Canada's Melissa Tancredi stomped on Carli Lloyd's head ? Now that's "sportswomenship" !
  10. My bad...I forgot that Canada thinks of itself as a confederation of individual provinces as it makes in-fighting and finger pointing much easier.
  11. ??? The Americans have already reduced GHG emissions more than Canada, mostly because of cheap and abundant natural gas from fracking.
  12. I agree that carbon taxes are inherently regressive, regardless of any government rebate shell games.
  13. Maybe because the largest GHG component in the atmosphere is....water vapor.
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