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  1. bush_cheney2004

    What is Wrong With the United State?

    The Democrats have a very big hole to dig out of at the state level, having lost over 1,000 seats during the Obama administration. The 2018 election results only helped to stop the bleeding.
  2. bush_cheney2004

    America under President Trump

    U.S. Senate votes to confirm President Trump's nominee for Attorney General (William Barr) 54 - 45, which means he got some Democratic votes. ...WINNING !
  3. The Trump administration is tightening the screws on Chinese steel, and Canada/Mexico may get caught up in the investigation for DUMPING (again):
  4. bush_cheney2004

    Trudeau lying about SNC

    So much for "sunny ways"....Justin Trudeau and the Sunshine Band really have their tits in the wringer this time. So many "self inflicted wounds"....this CTV crew has plenty of yuks to offer....
  5. bush_cheney2004

    What is Wrong With the United State?

    Another high speed rail project bites the dust....what is "wrong" with those liberals in California?
  6. bush_cheney2004

    America's gun problem or is it?

    But that is exactly how drunk driving and smoking were shamed to much lower levels. The same thing is being tried for guns, but it doesn't work...the opposite happens. Driving and smoking in public places are not constitutional rights.
  7. bush_cheney2004

    Trudeau lying about SNC

    Well, you sure as hell wasn't with Butts.
  8. bush_cheney2004

    Trudeau lying about SNC

    Butts couldn't even lift Cheney's jock strap.
  9. bush_cheney2004

    Trudeau lying about SNC

    It is already politicized to begin with, with Canada exacting its own pious exceptions for extradition. Trudeau has painted himself into a corner and now there is a price to pay for his alleged interference on SNC. Not to worry though...this is Canada...so it's not like anybody is actually going to do hard time, even for proven ethics violations.
  10. bush_cheney2004

    Trudeau lying about SNC

    We all know that SNC-Lavalin is shady...that's a given. Canada wants to have its own Halliburton too. What Canada lacks is its own Dick Cheney.
  11. bush_cheney2004

    Trudeau lying about SNC

    SNC would prefer American style fines and settlements for billions of dollars.
  12. bush_cheney2004

    Trudeau lying about SNC

    IMHO, Trudeau would have been far better off cutting a deal with China for a "prisoner swap" than to be caught with even the appearance of SNC obstruction of justice. Most Canadian voters would understand the situation and reward action to repatriate Canadian nationals in the face of bad choices and circumstances.
  13. bush_cheney2004

    Trudeau lying about SNC

    But it is Canada holding extradition hearings and it is Canada that is detaining a Chinese national because.... "rule of law". Perhaps Meng should have been on the SNC board for a bit of inside juice.
  14. bush_cheney2004

    Trudeau lying about SNC

    If that be the case, then what does it say about the presumed qualifications of the person who appointed her in the first place? The Trudeau influence on "aboriginals" has a history that includes many negative policies and outcomes with the usual Liberal shuck and jive. The best part about this fiasco is just how much the Chinese must be laughing their asses off about the "rule of law" in Canada.