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  1. Too late for that....extradition has already been politicized for domestic and international gain. USA, Canada, China...makes little difference....each have their own axes to grind. Edited to add that there is no reason to get extra excited just because a Chinese national is the subject of extradition and retaliation involves Canadian nationals. "Good faith" is not dependent on that either.
  2. Not necessarily...Canada refused extradition of a convicted sex offender to the U.S. not long ago. Each nation has its own version of "good faith".
  3. The U.S. should not be so burdened compared to the "credibility" of other nations.
  4. Why ? Why is U.S. "credibility" so important compared to other nations, including Canada ?
  5. Canada has not always acted in good faith....tariffs, dumping, IP theft, transshipments, etc.
  6. bush_cheney2004

    Justin Trudeau the Worst PM Since Pierre Trudeau?

    With Justin Trudeau and the Sunshine Band, Canada has been sent back to the children's table.
  7. With Trudeau, Canada shrinks from the world stage...sunny ways!


  8. bush_cheney2004

    The Slow Painful Death of the Trump Administration

    The process and immunity for political leaders is not unique to the United States...I think Brazil impeached a president in 2016 and found her guilty at trial. Other nations have a variation of the same mechanism for removing elected and appointed officials. More often the same goal is achieved by resignation from office under severe pressure to do so. An infamous political bumper sticker during the Clinton investigation stated, "At Least Nixon Resigned".
  9. Doesn't matter...no sovereign state should honor extradition without due diligence. Canada may have / should have had this scenario already vetted because of the narrow window of opportunity as Weng boarded aircraft. Don't worry about the USA's image and reputation, because history is filled with such episodes. BTW, the next presidential term does not begin until 2021. Gee....other nations seem to have already figured this out. What took Canada so long ?
  10. bush_cheney2004

    The Slow Painful Death of the Trump Administration

    No, it is by design and necessary for separation of powers in the U.S. republic form of government. Otherwise, the president and other elected officials would be subjected to the criminal and civil whims of their enemies. The impeachment and trial process exists to remove the president in an orderly, political coup. President Bill Clinton was impeached, and faced several civil lawsuits after he left office, costing the Clintons millions in debt.
  11. Agreed, but this is all we know so far, and I suspect much more will surface later. Canada's current government may be clueless at times, but one would hope that Team Trudeau isn't really stupid enough to fall for a stunt by Team Trump against China sans evidence of crimes by Weng that are also illegal in Canada (i.e. bank fraud). Trudeau knew about the request, and moved forward anyway knowing the risk, which is far more with China than the United States. Any competent eighth grader in Quebec could formulate a reasonable human rights objection to the American request....even a convicted U.S. sex offender that escaped to Canada managed to beat extradition back to the USA. The context is not just Trump's trade war with China, but the more narrow focus on Huawei's penetration into western ally telecom networks.
  12. Canada has put itself in this position, strangling itself by worshiping at the alter of "rules based order" even when there is no advantage in doing so. China has correctly determined that is was Canada that arrested and detained a Chinese national, not the United States. China has avoided direct confrontation with the U.S., preferring countermeasures through less powerful nations aligned with the Americans. Canada should never have arrested Weng if evidence was not forthcoming in the intial filing. We don't know yet how much information was shared about Weng before any of this happened. Maybe Weng will be getting her $10.5 million too after all the dirt comes out.
  13. Very true, and moreover, Chrystia Freeland did not make a speech begging China to continue carrying the burden of protecting the "post WW2" order with blood and treasure.