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  1. Canadian snowbirds will get COVID vaccine before the haters back home.

    1. Boges


      They'll certainly need it more. 

  2. Canadian authors, academics, government (e.g. CRTC), political parties, immigrants, etc.
  3. Trump gets COVID vaccine on his watch...Trudeau doesn't.

    1. Cannucklehead


      Trudeau isn't up for relection for a couple of years.  I'm sure we'll have a vaccine by the end of his second term- something trump didn't get. 

    2. bush_cheney2004


      Trump didn't need two terms to get a COVID vaccine.

    3. Shady


      We’re pathetic.  Trudeau will probably try and bum some vaccines the way he did PPE back in the spring.

  4. Not at all, Canada was complicit in aluminum and steel transshipments/dumping with China and other producers. The "excuse" was to stop Canada from doing this, and concurrent with Trump's tariffs, Canada changed trade laws to stop the dumping.
  5. Tariffs already existed, and are part of the WTO framework. When the United States (Trump) doubled down on tariffs to impact the globalist trend, Canada flipped out.
  6. But government still believes that, so it doesn't matter. Why can't China act in the same way as Canada/Ontario to attract and keep automotive manufacturing by multinationals like GM, Toyota, Ford, BMW, or AUDI/VW ? China is now far and away the largest automotive market in the world...and biggest for GM. If Canada or the U.S. cannot or will not compete on labour costs, taxes, regulation, etc., then jobs and capital will flow to those places that will.
  7. There is no morality play with China...Canada (particularly) and other nations created the perfect "human rights" cover story, "Responsibility to Protect", International Criminal Court (ICC), yada, yada, yada, long before that for NATO military actions and UN sanctions. But these were only applied for narrow western interests while ignoring economic complicity elsewhere. And that's because.... Economics Trumps Virtue
  8. How many warships and nuclear submarines does Canada have in the South China Sea and surrounding region ? How many tactical and strategic aircraft squadrons ? How many Canadian troops are in South Korea and Japan ? Clearly Canada does not share that.
  9. Indeed....Senator Barack Obama in 2008:
  10. The U.S. has certainly seen this before, but it has never had the media bandwidth to amplify and fight the ideology battles on such a scale down to the individual level. Partisanship has been democratized with technology that is far more efficient and penetrating than plodding letters to the editor. There are no more barriers to media entry, and the more partisan and inflammatory, the better to drive clicks and responses that drive even more views and clicks. Hard, objective news has become passe and underfunded because the old revenue model is broken.
  11. Yes you would....China's middle class was already growing and BC was laundering money for them. 50 years ? China thinks in much longer terms....going on 5,000 years.
  12. Sure....after going through the Trump meat grinder, Canada will welcome the good old days of softwood lumber tariffs, "Buy American" protectionism, NAFTA quotas, 50% Yankee ownership of manufacturing base, pipeline politics, and Chinese clean-up for the rest. I guess a familiar and previously acceptable level of misery is better than a new adventure for Canada, and that includes China.
  13. U.S. exports are far larger than that and is dominated by services compared to "electrical machinery. Also, the U.S. economy is far less dependent on exports (13% of GDP) compared to China (20%) and Canada (30%).
  14. Okay, but that really isn't the point here for "what Canada should do about China". Sometimes yes...sometimes no. Canada was complicit in some of the dumping, IP theft, and transshipments. Canada is far more likely to accept the familiar economic pains of the past represented by Biden/Democrats than anything Trump/GOP came up with.
  15. He gave more of a damn than the leadership in Canada, which is what this thread is about. Transshipments, IP theft, dumping, tariffs, and Huawei were engaged by Trump, and Canada had to react to the changing landscape for globalism. So it is back to what Canada should do about China really means what Canada wants America to do about China and protect the "post WW2 order", because Canada sure as hell can't/won't do so. Maybe Biden will make Canada happy...but I doubt it.
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