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  1. Probably not, but the U.S. has a long history of territorial transactions as a matter of national policies and circumstances regardless of Trump's current musings. The U.S. currently has sixteen (16) territories.
  2. Greenlanders would not automatically become U.S. citizens if/when Greenland ever became an unincorporated U.S. territory. It takes an Act of Congress to grant U.S. citizenship in U.S. territories.
  3. Blaming the U.S. for failings in Canada won't work this time. Toronto now has a higher crime rate than New York City, and many illegal guns in Canada stem from stolen firearms, not cross border smuggling.
  4. Trump got it right...Trudeau is weak and dishonest.

    1. OftenWrong


      Yep, Trump nailed it. Watching him squirm and stammer out excuses on TV was nauseating. What he said only proves further that he just doesn't get it. Politically he is a  complete knave.

      Chinese are ROFLOL.

    2. Hal 9000

      Hal 9000

      Someone strong can be dishonest, but a weak person is always dishonest.

  5. "I can't apologize for standing up for Canadian jobs." - Justin Trudeau Can't means won't....so good to see this sanctimonious worm squirm in his own virtue signaling political quagmire.
  6. Trudeau warns China...China rolls on floor laughing ass off.


    1. OftenWrong


      Hey Justin, how's that "I admire the Chinese dictatorship" thing workin out for ya?

    2. Shady


      Thankfully in a couple of months, they won’t have him around to laugh at anymore.

  7. Top 16 Worst Major Cities in Canada by Crime Rate 2019 ....how many in Ontario ? https://www.immigroup.com/news/top-16-worst-major-cities-canada-crime-rate-2019
  8. The highest "authority" in the United States is the Constitution...which includes the Second Amendment...upheld by the U.S. Supreme Court. Has nothing to do with Donald Trump...or Barack Obama...or George W. Bush...or (insert name of any president here). See District of Columbia v. Heller: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/District_of_Columbia_v._Heller
  9. Agreed...it has been reported that the owners of the plant where the latest raid was executed knowingly employed illegals to pay low wages and benefits. Social security numbers were stolen for employment records (identity theft), which is a common occurrence. It is cheaper for the employers to pay the fines than to pay higher wages to legal workers, and the illegal workers are vulnerable to abuse, including wage theft.
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    2. scribblet


      Only I  the u.k. so far ..what about acid do u have to register to  buy that  

    3. QuebecOverCanada


      Britain strictly regulates possession of guns -- and knives as well, to a lesser extent. But control of poisons and other dangerous chemicals is focused not on would-be users but on sellers. Anyone is free to buy acid, and it's cheap and easily concealed


    4. scribblet


      and used a lot...
      meanwhile in Toronto gun crime has gone up since they stopped street checks but no politician will dare bring it back, they prefer people getting shot I guess.  I mean, who cares if gangs shoot each other up, I don't, but it's the innocent bystanders caught in the crossfire, even children.



  10. And this is exactly the sentiment that Donald Trump has tapped into....for gun control...and a host of other related issues. Chipping away at gun rights will only polarize the electorate even more, urban vs. rural, blue vs. red states, etc. Stories like this from 2017 frame the battle well....
  11. Well, they don't care as much when school children and bystanders are killed every day as well. "Mass shootings" scream for attention like airliner crashes, and news media are more than happy to oblige. I think New Zealand recognized this linkage and refused to give the shooter his 15 minutes of fame as best they could. More guns are owned per capita in the U.S., but gun homicide rates are at 30 year lows...news media won't report that much, but the NRA will.
  12. Mass shootings are a tiny percentage of firearms related homicides and suicides in the United States, as are the so called "assault rifles" used in such shootings. Media and politicians spend a lot of time and energy on "mass shootings" compared to the slow drip of much more prevalent gun deaths each day.
  13. Patently false....Trump's ATF banned bump-fire stocks while Obama's ATF approved them....twice. Try again....but I do appreciate your begging for BC2004 attention. Also the most number of immigrants from around the world...they must love the "shitty" in the U.S. more than the "shitty" in Canada, even with Trump:
  14. Agreed....Nazis get blamed for everything these days, when that is not always the case/history.
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