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  1. Alberta's cross-border truckers to be vaccinated by Montana

    1. dialamah


      'Cause so many Americans are stupid and don't want to be vaccinated ....

    2. DogOnPorch


      So stupid they invented flight and went to the Moon. 

  2. No....the U.S. is Canada's closest ally....the U.S.A.'s closest ally is the United Kingdom, but your point still stands. True...Canada is far behind several nations for first dose and fully vaccinated, and will remain far behind for fully vaccinated because of the one dose-16 week strategy caused by the vaccine supply shortage (for the greatest vaccine portfolio in the galaxy).
  3. Trudeau was more than willing to use Chinese covid vaccine on Canadians, until the plan blew up in his face (CanSino), and left Canada far behind in the procurement game.
  4. U.S. Blackfeet tribe in northern Montana provided surplus covid vaccines to First Nations from Canada.

  5. Desperate Canadians flying south to get COVID vaccine shots as U.S. demand falls - NP


    1. Boges


      Good for them. Perhaps the US should quit hoarding vaccines they don't need. 

    2. bush_cheney2004


      The US has given vaccine to other nations.  How many doses has Canada provided ?   If only Canada could manufacture covid vaccine....easier to beg from the Americans ?

  6. Ontario asks Michigan to vaccinate Canadian workers "stateside"...the side with vaccine.

  7. WHO Finally Admits Coronavirus Is Airborne. It’s Too Late  - Forbes

  8. Canada worried about Line 5 shutdown by Democrats on May 13...would "deeply wound" CanAm relations.

    1. Shady


      The useful idiots up here are getting what they deserved.  It’s too bad though for the people that aren’t part of the useful idiot group.

  9. Do American liberals and narrative control Canada in this way too ? Is there any federal policy independent of the American narrative ? Is that why such things are so often discussed here and in Canadian media using the American framework ? Is Canada the poorer nation to the north ?
  10. Canada ranked 58th for fully Covid-19 vaccinated - Our World Data

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. Boges


      Care to opine on Cuba's vaccination rate? 

    3. Boges


      *lowest level since last August. 

      Provinces, like Ontario, have a vaccination plan that would see most adults have at least one dose of a vaccine by Canada Day. 

    4. Right To Left

      Right To Left

      That high? That's the price you pay for going along with free trade, open borders and giving up the right to protect your own industries!

  11. Indeed...the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has executed countless projects in that region of the Mississippi delta for generations trying to control the river, with mixed success and much environmental "modification". The Corps is being sued right now for the Yazoo Pumps flood control fiasco. This is one of the worst possible examples to be a poster child for "climate change".
  12. Nice try, but the Isle de Jean Charles (Louisiana) has been eroding away for many decades before "climate change", because of saltwater intrusion, subsidence, dredging, dams, levees, hurricanes, etc.
  13. No doubt...Canadian federal and provincial governments do not want to open that Pandora's box any further. Most of British Columbia was never ceded at all as "Crown land". Keeping the focus on the American narrative buys more time and insulates Canada from the much more dynamic factors at play in the U.S. Canada never had equivalent civil rights conflicts, but it has had labour unrest (riots). The impact of American culture is obvious...I recall watching one arrested Canadian demanding his nonexistent "Miranda rights", something he learned from watching so much American television
  14. The history is not forgotton because of the legacy impact on American cities and society. Other elements of systemic racism endure to the point of Global Affairs Canada jumping on board for its own political purposes in Canada. Going down the U.S. rabbit hole for issues in Canada just continues the trend. Odd....
  15. This is getting off topic....but if you want: Redlining and racial covenants were widespread in the U.S. (don't know about Canada) throughout much of the 20th century, and my main reason for choosing that among several other examples is the long term economic and social impact on American cities. Housing projects, interstate highway locations, zoning, schools, etc. were all part of systemic planning. https://www.npr.org/2017/05/03/526655831/a-forgotten-history-of-how-the-u-s-government-segregated-america https://mappingprejudice.umn.edu/what-are-covenants/ Several U.S. ju
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