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  1. Biden keeps Trump's U.S. covid travel restrictions in place.

  2. Rota: Trudeau/Liberal government violated parliamentary privilege with redacted lab documents.

  3. Biden keeps border travel restrictions for Canada and Mexico..."too risky".

    1. Boges


      ...For people coming into the COVID infested country. 

  4. New details have emerged concerning Canada's role in Haiti's 2004 coup, specifically the conspiracy to plan and kidnap Haiti's then democratically elected president, President Jean-Bertrand Aristide. Even more interesting is the Liberal government's rationalization for the "Ottawa Initiative on Haiti" given the context of a reluctance for the invasion of Iraq (2003) and its own "Responsibility to Protect" rationalization for interventions (e.g. 1999 Kosovo War), now widely discredited by many UN member nations as "humanitarian imperialism". Haiti has been purposely destabilized for over 100 years by American, Canadian, French, and other interests. The latest assassination just continues the legacy of corruption, violence, and international complicity.
  5. Corrupt Trudeau/Liberals block testimony about MP campaign budgets and U.S. analytics firm.

    1. Shady


      Sounds kind of like American collusion.

  6. Maybe less so because of limited R&D investment, but government institutions in Canada have developed several important technologies (e.g. insulin (Univ of Toronto), atomic energy (fission labs), etc.). Canada's National Research Council (NRC) has provided things like the artificial pacemaker, canola/rapeseed, and the cesium atomic clock, which U.S. submarines used on patrol during much of the Cold War.
  7. Sorry, but this is a generalization that simply is not true. Government R&D investment in universities and agencies has often resulted in applied science and technological innovation. Yes, there is plenty of pure science only...but I know from personal experience that some technologies never would come to market were it not for the direct role of government funding and applied science institutions. This is true for sectors like defence, agriculture, transportation, health care, energy, etc.
  8. "Western Canada thanks Tampa Bay"... for defeating Habs (Stanley Cup 2021).

    1. OftenWrong


      Ontario too haha.

      I'm kinda glad Cory Perry didn't get a Stanley cup. He's not a nice man.

    2. Shady


      Pretty much all of Canada other than Quebec.  Kucherov is my new favourite player.  I loved how he ripped Montreal fans!


    3. Aristides


      Not this Western Canadian.

  9. I don't know why you are focusing so much on conservatives or Christians...this is an issue for many different people from a wide spectrum of social, political, and religious backgrounds. I know from personal experience with a 6" 9", 320lb transgender woman in the workplace that most women did not want to permit "them" access to the female rest rooms or on-site locker room. With notice, HR had to clear out the rest room and prevent other women from entering while "they" used the facilities. "They" refused to limit their use to the existing unisex rest room in order to press the issue and agenda. It got to the point where women would go the rest room in pairs or more to make sure they wouldn't have to deal with "them" alone.
  10. All men in society do not have a natural urge to rape or get a pass to do so...that is a ridiculous assertion. It is women (and minors) from all backgrounds who can demand that their safety be assured from such threats regardless of the sex/gender source.
  11. But it is not just religious conservatives who object to the circumstances of this incident. Women (and girls) of many different religious/political stripes should not be forced to feel "safe" around transgender people under such circumstances. This story has been played out many times in California...I specifically recall lawsuits against women's only gyms that exclude males. Some states have passed legislation protecting same sex/gender businesses and public accommodation that has been challenged in the courts. If you have ever been a parent with small children changing in pool locker rooms for swim lessons then the issue becomes more than just a debate on web forums.
  12. But it is not just stupidity...voting fraud is a felony for a reason.
  13. I have never understood this perspective and dismissal of any voting fraud because it may not have impacted the outcome of an election. Doesn't make any sense...as if voting fraud is to be tolerated at any level.
  14. Supreme Court backs Arizona voting restrictions....
  15. Doesn't matter....still voter fraud either way.
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