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  1. bush_cheney2004

    $40 Million of FEMA food

    Wrong...again...this is a habit for you. Find out was TERA is. Are you sure you are an American?
  2. bush_cheney2004

    $40 Million of FEMA food

    No, it's half base pay + about 2.5% for every year over 20 years up to 75%, plus other complications that you can't comprehend for "retainer" pay and early retirement for Cold War warriors like moi. Plus Congress has messed around with it a bit. Either way, can't live large on that, not even in a FEMA trailer.
  3. bush_cheney2004

    $40 Million of FEMA food

    No, you changed yours...several times. O-5 retirement pay is about $3300 per month....you do the math....if you can. Social Security sweetens the pot. What a country!!!
  4. bush_cheney2004

    $40 Million of FEMA food

    That' just more chump change....can't "live" on that. Better stick to counting Nazis.
  5. bush_cheney2004

    $40 Million of FEMA food

    $40 million is chump change to the "Bushistas" and federal 'govmint in general.....another impeachment wet dream. New Orleans has been "rightsized" by Mother Nature...she is cruel that way. They still have plenty of beads though for flashing one's breasts.
  6. bush_cheney2004

    Billions of Bee's Dying

    No, I have admitted that yields will be impacted. The same way they were impacted before bee husbandry was scaled up with agribusiness. Or when there is drought. Or a blight. Or a citrus freeze. Panic not.
  7. bush_cheney2004

    Billions of Bee's Dying

    False....there are many mechanisms for pollination...bees are only one major form of Entomophily (insect pollination). Wasps, flies, beetles, etc. will carry on. As will the wind, water, bats, birds, etc. There would be lower yields for some of these fruits, but definitely not "No".
  8. bush_cheney2004

    Africa: Bush Approves U.S. Army for Africa

    That smell is more Canadian than American: ...Even the transitional government president, Abdullahi Yusuf Ahmed, often jokes publicly that he is an honorary Canadian. While he doesn't hold citizenship, his wife, children and grandchildren all do, and only recently moved back to the region after living in Kitchener. His staff and advisers are also predominantly Canadian. http://www.thestar.com/News/article/108719
  9. bush_cheney2004

    Ann Coulter at it again

    It started a long time ago....whenever Bill Maher needed a ratings boost after saying something stupid, the producers would invite Ann Coulter and her legs to the show. The rest as they say, is history.
  10. bush_cheney2004

    Bush sponsors terrorists in Iran

    He sleeps the same way President Carter slept at night after arming the Mujahadeen in 1979. And President Bush even got re-elected....that's better than a Nobel Peace Prize in American politics.
  11. ...just like the many homeless in Vancouver? Americans come from all over the world, including Canada. If some need to "grow up" to meet your Canadian expectations, may it hopefully never happen. America is not here to satisfy Canadian fantasy and ideals...but America serves nicely to help Canada define itself as the UnCola.
  12. bush_cheney2004

    Billions of Bee's Dying

    Ummm..yea, we know. Do you know how many hives are dependent on bee husbandry by humans? It's not new and it's not the end of the world's food supply.
  13. bush_cheney2004

    Captured Brits Staged / BBC

    Rubbish....Eastern Europe and Asia laughs at your assertion that nobody "WON", as would groups like Helsinki Watch (which evolved into "Human Rights Watch") that helped caused "Velvet Revolutions".
  14. bush_cheney2004


    Just screened this film today....marvelous entertainment and well executed film making. Reminded me of a combination "Zulu" and "Spartacus", which I both saw in theatrical release in the 1960's. Definitely the best infomercial for six/eight pack ab machines. Works well at the visceral level for warriors who only have each other to this day....to hell with the politicians. Oh, and it was easy to see why the Iranians are pissed off. Good.
  15. No, but you point to one of the underlying issues. Canada cannot shake the monkey of Crown and Commonwealth weighing down on such matters. Canada had slavery too, but some Canadians are quick to say it was only because of British/French rule. Can't have it both ways.
  16. bush_cheney2004

    Could Japan pass the USA GDP-wise?

    No, it will not happen. Japan thought it had the world by the ass back in the '80's and lost their lunch on US real estate. Japanese automaker production in the USA counts as American GDP. BTW, the US economy is not in a recession.
  17. bush_cheney2004

    China bans organ sales

    Yep...after a trip to Shanghai several years ago, I couldn't wait to get back to Los Angeles for "clean" air.
  18. Yes they do (underwriters "charge more") because employee premiums and/or lost incentives are impacted by participation and compliance. Group rates are impacted by the compliance rate for the entire risk pool, which is passed on by the employer.
  19. bush_cheney2004

    Billions of Bee's Dying

    Bee kills have happened in the past. A large scale bee kill happened in Manitoba back in 1995. Bzzzzzzz......we will survive.
  20. Gone, but not forgotten. Indeed, the topic predates Bush by many decades going back to the Revolutionary War and fleeing loyalists! Add the remnants of monarchy, Commonwealth, constant whining about separatism, domestic strife with Quebec, underfunded military, and an image that is usually defined in terms of (not) American, and it is easy to see that while some "respect" exists, it is not as strong as it could be or in the form that Canadians appreciate (e.g. much respect for Mapleleaf flagged coffins from Afghanistan vs. same gender marriage). Truth is, Americans cheer for Canadians at the Winter (or Summer) Olympics when the USA! USA! USA! has been eliminated from medal contention. Canada is America's #1 trading partner to the tune of $1.5 billion per day. NORAD, NAFTA, etc. are also limited forms of respect, at least to the degree that can exist between a David and Goliath. I think Steve Nash summed things up nicely when he made comments critical of the American adventure in Iraq, but admitted his position was compromised by enjoying the opportunity afforded by the Evil Goliath. Respect is a two way street.....unrealistic expectations exist on both "sides" of the border.
  21. This is not necessarily so....several lifestyle management programs are purchased by American employers to help manage behavior driven risk and group insurance rates. For instance, a third party "Wellness" vendor will conduct voluntary health and lifestyle assessments to build a profile that is managed by mail, and if necessary, telephone calls. This is dovetailed with employee incentives, pharm medications, anti-smoking programs, blood pressure monitoring, etc. http://www.staywellhealthmanagement.com/ Wellness vendors have been successful because prevention is very cost effective.
  22. bush_cheney2004

    Troop surge is working

    Good, because morals are personal and irrelevant. The history of the USA defies any consistent moral context for both domestic and foreign policies.
  23. bush_cheney2004

    Attention American forum members

    Nah. We just shouldn't have our biggest social program spending on those that will never do another thing for Canada. Agreed...nobody wants to say it but government blows billions on the last years of many lives. Far more than on abortions, which actually saves money. The UK already limits kidney dialysis above a certain age because of scarce resources and priority settings. But shhhh...we can't talk about it.
  24. Right..and it is just a coincidence that Passport Canada had to recall retired people to handle the doubling of demand just when the Americans implemented changes. Truth is, to even fly to many places outside the USA requires a visit to the land that SUCKS. Maher Arar made $10,000,000 plus legal expenses because he didn't book a direct flight to Montreal. LOL!
  25. bush_cheney2004

    Iraq: not looking good

    Typical response from those who are shown the folly of their logic and history of American foreign policy. Even those with "Depends undergarments" get one vote each....and many voted for George W. Bush. No amount of whining can change that. Good luck in '08.