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  1. At long last, the U.S. federal mid-term election is upon us in the United States, but as usual, keen interest also exists "north of the border". Will President Trump / Republicans fare better or worse than President Obama / Democrats did in the 2010 election ? The Democrats lost an astounding 63 House seats and 6 Senate seats once all the dust settled...the worse beat down in 70 years. Worse still, it began the complete collapse of Democrat political power at the federal and state levels. Make your predictions here....and remember to count all the votes !
  2. bush_cheney2004

    Caravan Now 7K Strong

    Send them all to Canada....Trudeau says they all deserve asylum applications and lengthy, multi-year appeals with little chance of deportation removal. Problem solved.
  3. bush_cheney2004

    Macron and Trudeau gang up on Trump

    France's stance on such matters is not new...when Charles de Gaulle was not feuding with the British for post-WW2 dominance in Europe, he was feuding with the Americans over NATO's role and U.S. troops in France.
  4. Great...now we have battling spam bots. 



  5. Whatever...the point still stands....some Canadians choose to invest in disdain for America and Americans. By and large, Americans just don't obsess so much over Canada...why would they ?
  6. bush_cheney2004

    Macron and Trudeau gang up on Trump

    Trudeau is a harmless putz with his own family's domestic problems/history with Quebec "nationalism"...preaching to Trump is laughable.
  7. Some Canadians choose to hate America for whatever reason...most Americans are just indifferent to Canada.
  8. So do you think Chinese (1.4 billion) media goes gaga over mentions by TMZ in America ? ...and it's not just "success"...it is any mention in U.S. media. "Oh look....they noticed us !!! "
  9. bush_cheney2004

    A third party in Congress---what exactly would happen?

    Agreed....the Republicans were much better at it than the corrupt Democrats. Democrats are only now regaining some of the state and federal seats they never should have lost in the first place.
  10. bush_cheney2004

    A third party in Congress---what exactly would happen?

    Really ? Then how does one explain the GOP domination of state and federal offices since 2010 ? More "white people" ?
  11. Has nothing to do with me....the numbers are what they are. Why would anyone get more excited because of American media recognition than the actual accomplishment itself....just bizarre.
  12. Agreed...Canada has been in this position for a very long time...with no changes on the horizon. Canada can't hate its way out of a relationship is desperately needs to keep going.
  13. That's OK...I am not here to impress you. America has been "here" far longer than 14 years.
  14. ...and yet, it is interesting that you get so defensive about the obvious.
  15. One of the most pathetic things I've noticed in Canadian media are stories that highlight Canadians mentioned in American media....as if that's more important and noteworthy than whatever a Canadian has actually done. It only serves to reinforce the inferiority complex reputation, deserved or not. Comparisons and contrast to the U.S. permeate Canadian media, is normalized and expected, and apparently fills an empty void that would otherwise exist.
  16. That's the crazy part....being not-American also means not celebrating patriotism and nationalism....or they would be just like Americans. Can't have that !
  17. Because Canada's size and economic dependence breeds resentment for U.S. politics and policies that impact Canada with very little say in such matters. Canada likes to pick and choose what it likes (and hates) about America. Doesn't work that way....take the good with the bad...or seek true love elsewhere.
  18. Indeed, a large part of the southwestern USA was part of Mexico at one time. Canada is only about 8% of North America's population.
  19. The U.S. has a long history with Mexico, with more geographic and population impact than Canada historically, but Canada seeks more recognition and attention. Mexicans are more secure in their identity and culture without being "not Americans".
  20. Agreed....Canada sometimes wants far more attention than America wants to give. There are far more Mexicans in the USA, but Mexico has no such expectations.
  21. Somebody is in really big trouble....probably get banned.

  22. Certainly true for this Liberal party hack (and idiot) from Vancouver....like many...completely obsessed with Trump in another country. Bush #43 drove them nuts too. https://torontosun.com/opinion/columnists/lilley-federal-liberal-official-has-social-media-meltdown-over-trump
  23. bush_cheney2004

    We Need To Help These People

    So I guess cartoons are out of the question too. No fun allowed.
  24. bush_cheney2004

    We Need To Help These People

    Where are the women ?