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  1. bush_cheney2004

    EU targets Trump states with tariffs

    So ? Trump is POTUS, and he matters a lot more than Justin Trudeau.
  2. bush_cheney2004

    Trump and Canada

    Here is an excellent history lesson and reminder of just how dependent Canada is on the U.S. economy, regardless of Donald Trump. Canada has been fighting a divisive battle for generations when it comes to the United States' dominance:
  3. bush_cheney2004

    EU targets Trump states with tariffs

    That's why I like what Trump is doing here....stripping away all the false pretenses and double talk. For many Canadians it has always been: HATE the Americans, but LOVE the American economy and Yankee investment.
  4. bush_cheney2004

    EU targets Trump states with tariffs

    Canada imports about 1 million bpd of oil and distillates to the east from the USA, mostly because Canada has consistently failed to build east-west pipeline and refinery infrastructure, and it is even more difficult to do so now given their divisive politics and tree huggers. Two can play at the power grid game.
  5. bush_cheney2004

    EU targets Trump states with tariffs

    Trump's tariffs play has lees to do with the actual import taxes and far more to do with busting up the status quo. Canada and the EU already had plenty of tariff and non-tariff barriers to American exports, so these are nothing new. U.S. autos were already taxed at 10% by the EU. President Trump wants to force changes and concessions that will reduce the U.S. trade imbalances with many nations. Canada has a lot more to lose if NAFTA goes away. Canada will remain far more dependent on export trade to the USA, and this should have been addressed long before Trump came along. Now Canada finds itself very vulnerable to a trade war with the world's largest economy. Canada is not the #1 customer for 35 states...Americans are. The U.S. does not exist to benefit the Canadian economy.
  6. Is Justin Trudeau the worst Canadian prime minister since his father, Pierre Trudeau ? Trudeau the First and Trudeau the Second are now competing for history's prize of worst Canadian PM in recent memory, with a rapid fall from grace after several missteps and broken campaign promises. Then there was his expressed loved for a deceased dictator and murderer of thousands in Cuba. But I am getting ahead of myself.....let's go back to the beginning: It's only been 17 months, but has Justin Trudeau already started down the path of his legacy and curse ? The rising debt....ethics scandals....broken promises...Canada has seen all of this before from the "natural ruling party of Canada". Justin Trudeau's honeymoon is long over, and more selfies will not reverse plummeting poll numbers and growing criticism. More Trudeau refugees can't vote in Canada...yet.
  7. bush_cheney2004

    Justin Trudeau the Worst PM Since Pierre Trudeau?

    Justin Trudeau busted again for unethical behaviour....fails to disclose gift worth more than $200 CAD: https://www.theglobeandmail.com/canada/article-trudeau-fined-100-for-not-disclosing-gift-of-sunglasses-from-pei-2/
  8. Time magazine corrects its big media lie...child was not separated.


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    2. scribblet


      We are being played by the media

    3. BubberMiley


      Yes, the right-wing media like Breitbart has been playing you for a while. They would never correct their misrepresentations, would they?

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      Daily scribblet award goes to- scribblet

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  9. In this case, the "property" was marked with signage. It is not a defence to claim that all of the land boundary has to be marked. She admits to violating an international boundary out of inexperience/ignorance.
  10. But I would still apologize for doing so....has she apologized yet ? Walking into somebody's yard/home without permission is trespassing, even in Canada.
  11. Has she apologized yet for illegally crossing an international border ? I don't see that part anywhere.....maybe tomorrow ?
  12. That's why I think there is more to this story than is being told. It is almost a month old. This beach crossing has existed for a long time, and if her error was caused by lack of signage or understanding of the proximity to an international border, violations would happen far more often by other people. She screwed up at several levels, but now wants her 15 minutes of Twitter/Facebook/CBC fame.
  13. Because Canada wants to build a bridge, and is happy to pay for all of it. Why is access to the U.S. border so important to....Canadians ?
  14. True...no other country in the world is so dependent on exports to a single nation as is Canada to the United States. Canada cannot win a trade war with America, but it would be fun to watch them try. They haven't even won "their" NHL Stanley Cup in 25 years !
  15. Accidental or not, they still have to be "processed" and vetted by border services. Their photo will be taken, fingerprints and other bio markers recorded, statements documented, etc. A cell phone with GPS enabled can easily point out an international border.
  16. Canadians still using American social media apps...boycott ???

  17. bush_cheney2004

    Justin Trudeau wrecking Federalism

    No joke....it is amazing to watch the media churn on this...in Canada !
  18. Meh....Canadian authorities were in no hurry to repatriate her either. Cross an international border illegally...get arrested. Why is this news ? Yawn..... Here is the White Rock view from the Canadian side...."guarded" by Customs and Fisheries.....
  19. bush_cheney2004

    Future of Canadian TV

    CRTC hearings currently underway on the future of Canadian pay and free TV are very revealing. Ironically, much of the discussion involves access to and ad revenue from foreign programming, mostly from the United States, the very thing that the CRTC was, at least partially, set up to counter. Should basic cable service packages include the "4+1", Canadian shorthand for American networks ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, and PBS, or be exclusively Canadian content ? The CRTC has proposed that cable companies adopt either a "skinny basic" package that would include only Canadian channels or an expanded basic package that could include other channels but would be capped at a rate of $20 to $30. Both would have to be "promoted in an equivalent manner to other packages" and neither would include the 4+1 U.S. networks (NBC, ABC, CBS, Fox and PBS), whose signals are available free over the air in many parts of the country. ...Bell was the lone voice among this group to support the removal of the 4+1 from the basic package, saying the inclusion "undermines the cultural objectives of the system." Is all of this moot as content distribution models displace traditional broadcast and cable television ? What should the CRTC do ? http://www.cbc.ca/news/business/crtc-gets-an-earful-at-hearings-on-future-of-tv-1.2764290
  20. bush_cheney2004

    Should Donald Trump win a Nobel Peace Prize?

    This is consistent with Trump's approach....can't keep doing the same thing and expect different results. Sec'y Mattis told his force commanders to attack the Taliban even during the winter months....ruthless ! Trump is the change agent....he will succeed in some areas...fail in others. And that's OK.
  21. bush_cheney2004

    Should Donald Trump win a Nobel Peace Prize?

    Agreed...Donald Trump the candidate and Donald Trump, President of the United States have disrupted and confounded decades of political and economic status quo, which is exactly what he said he would do. It is remarkable to watch....President Reagan was called the Teflon president....President Trump thrives on the induced chaos, as do his supporters. No GOP member has yet emerged to challenge Trump for the 2020 nomination. If Trump actually helps to "solve" the Korea problem, it would be an astounding accomplishment making the Nobel Peace Prize a relative afterthought.
  22. bush_cheney2004

    Trump and Canada

    Canada was happy with the status quo...supply management, easy access to the world's largest economy, American foreign direct investment, and dumping of over-production. Canada has no car/truck assembly plants in the United States, and exports 85% of auto production to the USA.
  23. bush_cheney2004

    Future of Canadian TV

    Uh-oh...looks like Canada's state broadcaster is feeling the pinch....needs more of your money:
  24. bush_cheney2004

    Should Donald Trump win a Nobel Peace Prize?

    Nope...I never said I was "non-partisan" and clearly mocked any claims of "hypocrisy" by anybody. I am just to the right of Attila the Hun.
  25. In Canada, immigrant children are held in medium-security prisons.


    1. betsy


      I bet once they're loose - chances are, they won't find them.


      Conservatives accuse Goodale of ‘hiding’ the number of deported asylum seekers


    2. betsy


      Much of this effort it seems, is mostly aimed to make the Trump adminstration really look bad.

    3. scribblet


      Much of it is, like the Time Magazine cover...   we are being played

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