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  1. AG - Canada's "jets" do not meet international treaty obligations.


  2. Canada getting hammered on oil prices...sunny ways !


    1. AngusThermopyle


      It would be nice if the Trudeau Liberals could do even half as good a job for Canadians as they are for Americans.

  3. Great...now we have battling spam bots. 



  4. Somebody is in really big trouble....probably get banned.

  5. "How to watch CBC's coverage of the U.S. midterm elections"...


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    2. Wilber


      Watching the Canucks beat up on the Wings right now.

    3. DogOnPorch


      No point watching folks count votes. Morning will tell. 

      Either way...results will be interesting. 

      The Dem's platform seems simply: We have no leader and no platform...but...let's throw a wrench into all this progress. Lots of folks out there like smashing and breaking these days. And there is no wrench shortage.


      In other news, Elon's Roadster crosses Mars's orbit.

    4. betsy



      "How to watch CBC's coverage of the U.S. midterm elections"...


  6. Bannon: Will populism be socialist or nationalist ?   It's not going away.


    1. betsy


      Bannon won that debate!  Hands down. 




      The proposition the two men debated, with Bannon in favour and Frum opposed, was: “The future of Western politics is populist, not liberal.”



      Despite Frum’s effort, Bannon appeared to be more persuasive. At the start of the debate, 28 per cent of those in the audience indicated they were in favour of the idea that populism was the way of the future, while 72 per cent were opposed.

      However, more than half said they were open to changing their minds during the debate and many did. After the debate, 57 per cent were in favour, with 43 opposed.



    2. betsy


      The whole debate was haunted by Trump! :lol:

    1. capricorn


      When traveling to foreign countries, ignorance of the law is no excuse.

    2. betsy


      It's not like we weren't warned repeatedly about that.

  7. Brazil turns right....now Trudeau only has Cuba and Venezuela for BFFs.

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    2. DogOnPorch



      ....everybody say goodnight to the bad guy. It's the last time you'll see a bad guy like this again!


    3. betsy


      Bwahahahaha yellow-laughing-smiley-emoticon.gif

    4. Don Jonas

      Don Jonas

      BwHahahaha for fascists getting power? Don't they teach history in middle school anymore?

  8. No surprise...legal dope finally knocks Trump from top CAN headlines.

  9. Stormy Daniels' lawsuit dismissed...must pay Trump's fees.

    1. betsy


      Good speech by Trump!  Unifying..... yet, driving the knife in Democrats!  

      I found it significant that he personally addressed Kavanaugh's children to talk about their father.   We can only imagine the hurt and harm those evil Democrats had inflicted on these children, and how they were enduring having to face peers in school.


      I notice though that Ginsburg seems  too weak to applaud!  Doesn't bode well......

  10. Winning !   Judge Kavanaugh has been confirmed by the U.S. Senate.

    1. betsy


      Lol.   The shouting protesters disrupting the voting - it's dejavu, like the notwithstanding clause by Ford! 

  11. CBC covers Senate hearing...LIVE ...because it matters to Canada ?



  12. U.S. Fed raises rates...CBC watches...LIVE !

    1. betsy


      CBC was covering Trudeau answering questions from the reporters at the UN yesterday. One reporter with a smirky smile, asked his opinion about Kavanaugh - and CBC promptly left Trudeau and got to the scene where Trump was about to chair the security council meeting.  CBC cut Trudeau as he began to respond! 

      I thought, was CBC tryng to keep Trudeau's response (and possible onslaught of questions pitting him against Trump) from Canadian viewers..... or they find viewers prefer to see Trump?

    2. OftenWrong


      Yep.CBC wants to be just like CNN. They started advertising the Kavanaugh show yesterday. "Starting tomorrow at 6 am!" Today, they've got a countdown going in a small window on the bottom right,"1:19:30 Ford to testify!", steady stream of people giving their opinions. This is no longer news, but it is purely designed as entertainment. That, and shaping our opinions!

    3. betsy


      It was false advertisement!!!  I stayed tune at 6 - but it turns out, the testimony will be at about 10 am!   they got me!


      Lol.  You can't trust CBC with anything - not with news, or ads!   No wonder they won't  survive without taxpayers'  funding! :lol:

  13. Judge Kavanaugh is getting borked.

    1. betsy
    2. scribblet


      and then some..   a co-ordinated political attack from 'never Trumpers'