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  1. U.S. Dept of Commerce clobbers Bombardier...suck on that,  Trudeau.


    1. hot enough

      hot enough

      Gee, the United States of Hypocrisy! Whodathunk such a thing possible?

      The US and their war criminal/terrorist supporters at Boeing, don't even know the price negotiated between Bombardier and Delta but they drop a huge duty upon them anyway. 

      Why does Delta Airlines so hate the USA and American workers?


      "In late 2013, Washington state made history.

      On a mid-November Monday, Washington Gov. Jay Inslee (D) signed into law the largest corporate tax break in any state’s history, with an estimated lifetime value of $8.7 billion. The package was the result of a special three-day session Inslee called in order to entice Boeing to build its 777X plane in the state. Boeing didn’t just score big that day. The aerospace giant has received more state and local subsidy dollars than any other corporation in America, according to newly released data compiled by Good Jobs First, a policy resource center on subsidy data."


    2. bush_cheney2004


      Why does Bombardier dump CS series aircraft below cost ?

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