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  1. "Most Canadians seem only vaguely aware they have a military...


    1. capricorn



      "Many educators are uncomfortable with the idea of getting up and saying we need a military where individuals are trained to — if necessary — kill others," he said.

      The federal political culture for decades has also contributed to a collective amnesia.

      "Ultimately, the horrible thing about all of this is that we've had the luxury of always depending upon the Americans to take care of anything that is really nasty. So, therefore, we can pretend the military is there as a warm and fuzzy thing," Huebert said.

      The current government's focus on the so-called softer aspects of defence — peacekeeping and gender equality — could backfire if a serious conflict erupts, he said.

      You have to wonder whether the Liberals are vying for the Nobel peace prize with their emphasis on peacekeeping.

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