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  1. Liberal candidate says black Canadians love Trudeau's blackface !

    1. Army Guy

      Army Guy

      I know you just can't make this shit up....and a senior Liberal at that....but then again this is the liberal mentality....it's like watching a train wreck, and nothing they say or do sticks, Liberals in general think this is normal behavior....then they got the balls to call Mad MAX a racist party....

    2. Sagacious


      Is a drama guy in a costume 20 years ago somehow worse than a guy that opposed equal marriage, opposes rights for the first nations, tries to not offend anti-abortionsits, defends or ignores white nationalists, etc?  Hell 20 years ago I dressed up as Bob Marley for Hallowe'en. Not because I was anti-black or meant to ridicule black people, like the original actors in blackface on vaudeville shows. I just thought it was a cool costume and I was a fan of Marley.

      I understand you are a rabid partisan, but have some perspective here. Trudeau's costumes aren't an issue, your man courting racists and the christian far right is an issue.

    3. Army Guy

      Army Guy

      making Like I already explained this goes back further than 20 years ago, the practice of white people painting their faces black was stopped because it was considered racist. Period, it does not matter if Justin or you did it, it is still a racist act...And the black community thinks that way as well...it is normal behavior for liberals...

      ...Tell me the tape that has Justin in a black face jumping up and down acting like a monkey and making monkey noises is not racist....

      I understand that liberals don't have the same moral values as the rest of Canada, but the issue in this post is black faces...Now if you wqant to talk about the rest of Justins shortfalls start a topic and I'll be there, I think it is rich that any liberal wants to make hay over racism when the liberals have lost more candidates this campaign to making  racist remarks than any party put together...lets talk about that...and I'm the partisan , better than a racist. 

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