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  1. Bernie Sanders quits race....hello Sleepy Joe !

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    2. Hal 9000

      Hal 9000

      At this point, I don't think they're "brain farts".  I think it's diminishing capacity.  That said, I'm still not counting out Hillary.


    3. Right To Left

      Right To Left

      You weren't aware that Liz Warren is still lurking in the bushes, waiting for her big break!

      She's going to come charging out with Big Structural Bailey any time now.....as soon as she figures out what her healthcare policy is going to be!

    4. betsy



      The big thing here then is his running partner because there's a good chance he/she could become President.

      That's what I'm worried about.  There are rumblings that the establishment wanted Biden because of the possibility that he might not finish his term.  With his faltering mind, he would be just a propped up President but the establishment will be the real power behind him.  What some are saying is the possibility of Hillary Clinton as his running mate (who'll eventually take over). 

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