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  1. BBC News:  Why Canada is falling behind in Covid vaccinations...gov't failure.


    1. Shady


      The Trudeau crotch sniffers of the forum avoid this topic at all cost.  Right @Boges Right @BubberMiley

      Keep avoiding your failure of a prime minister.  Keep focusing on unimportant issues like Kellyanne Conway tweets etc!  You hacks! 🤣

      Yoiu have no credibility.

    2. BubberMiley


      Shady may never get over Trump's loss. :lol:

    3. Boges


      In Shady's simplistic world, talking about what a criminal Trump is = Trudeau supporter. 

      I think I've said, repeatedly, that I'd be happy if this blows up in JT's face. 

      It probably won't though, because the Vaccines will be here by the summer and I doubt people will remember this if things are back to normal by the fall. 

      People have somewhat adapted to wearing masks and having small gatherings. 

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