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  1. Canada buys vaccine from Trump's "Operation Warp Speed" initiative.

  2. Less liberty is for Canada...not 'murica. The socialists and fascists can have the COVID vote.
  3. Actually, it's a "Litmus test" for liberty, even if that means dying.
  4. Intentional or not....thousands still died in both nations due to policies and decisions....others will live.
  5. Never said it was...lots of "fascism" to go around, as with FDR at the same time.
  6. Nope....millions of Indians starved to death while their wheat was shipped to the UK. There are no heroes when it comes to "good" or "bad", and that is true for pandemics too.
  7. Worse than that...deliberately killing them through starvation.
  8. It happened for many regimes, including the British Empire (e.g. India). Doesn't take much for any government to make such choices to retain power.
  9. Some governments do... "One death is a tragedy, a million deaths a statistic" - Joseph Stalin
  10. Why ? I have already explained Trump's methodology many times. Why would you expect anything otherwise ?
  11. Nope....Joe Biden is old school Washington insider and neocon. The Trump haters are so desperate they will take anybody else.
  12. If you think Joe Biden is "adapting", then you do not understand American politics. Trump should not and will not change the methods that have already delivered political history....he likes doing things his way:
  13. So you admit that Trump won the presidency using such methods. See how easy that was ? President Trump will still do far better than President Carter did in 1980.
  14. Did he win or not win a U.S. presidential election using such methods ? Please review the history on this if not sure....
  15. It speaks to Trump's very consistent reliance on free media attention through chaos and entropy. He has been doing it for over four years....you'd think most people would have figured it out by now. Trump ===> bait ===> hook ===> BITE !!!
  16. You can't say either way because you don't know what they are doing with other media platforms, local canvassing, surrogates, etc. The Trump haters are still so shell shocked from 2016, they still fear he might win in the middle of a pandemic and economic collapse. Where is their "faith" in Biden ?
  17. So suddenly you have so much faith in the "Trump campaign"...too funny !
  18. Sure...always believe the polls and "experts"...same as in 2016. No wonder so many were crushed when Trump won anyway...priceless !
  19. That's what many said in 2016 too....turns out that Trump would have defeated Clinton even without winning Florida.
  20. Immigration built America (much faster and larger than Canada). The U.S. foreign born population is larger than the entire population of Canada. So keep living the Canadian dream, while consuming and using so much American media.
  21. No, he cut a deal with 3M for all exports...Canada had no say in the matter except for the usual whining.
  22. Rankings are very important to some Canadians...doesn't stop more people from voting with their feet for the evil USA than Canada...for over 100 years.
  23. Correct...Canada freaked out just for that. Trump knows it is very easy to get Canada to flip out.
  24. Because such indexes emphasize socialist attributes. The U.S. remains the #1 preferred destination for immigrants...for over 100 years. For some, Canada is just a stepping stone to the USA.
  25. They weren't laughing when Trump stopped PPE exports to Canada.
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