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  1. Agreed....even after the Soviets left Afghanistan, many NGOs provided humanitarian and economic assistance to the country (including refugees), with the U.S. being the largest international contributor. But the Taliban saw this dependency and influence as a threat. American military attacks against al-Qaeda did not begin after 9/11, but in 1998 (Bill Clinton) after embassy bombings in Africa. The Taliban shifted on Bin-Laden after this.
  2. More hindsight platitudes worth nothing. The world did not sit back....many nations sold the chemical weapons pre-cursors and delivery systems to Iraq for oil-soaked cash.
  3. ....and Canadians like you worship American culture and politics while hating same. Pathetic....
  4. Yes you can, but nobody forces Canadians to use American social media platforms and internet backbone. Google also told Elections Canada to get stuffed on campaign advertising.
  5. GreatFire.org was developed to defeat Great Firewall....sites are mirrored and accessed with impunity. UK and US governments are still using age old Radio Free Europe and Asia techniques....different medium. China...USA...Russia....doesn't matter...'cause Canada has already picked its own fate.
  6. ....won't ever be Canada....too dependent on "incapable" America.
  7. ...and you act like Canada can or will make any difference using "virtue".
  8. It appears that you do not have much choice, because Canada depends so much on the USA's "internet" and content:
  9. Right....so total domination by American internet / social media platforms has been normalised in Canada. "Internet freedom" in Canada means unfettered access to foreign (American) platforms and infrastructure. ...can't make this stuff up !
  10. Sure is "funny"....Facebook dominates Canadian social media users, most of all the other 'murican platforms: Social network usage by brand in Canada 2019
  11. We know, and it is fun to point out the cognitive dissonance. Continue to worry, "foreigner" !
  12. Typical canadian...worried so much about what is happening in the USA because they depend so much on American infrastructure and platforms. No wonder canada lags so far behind other nations.
  13. LOL...Lulz...LOL Has nothing to do with my opinion....Canada is very dependent on American digital infrastructure, which means that Canadian data and privacy are easy pickings for U.S. government and corporate interests. So tell me again about the "internet freedom" thing.... Canada's state controlled broadcaster links to American social media platforms (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc.) because that's what Canadians use. LOL...Lulz...LOL
  14. I know a lot...because my country has the digital infrastructure that you depend on to tell me so. You can offer all the excuses you want, but the next time you want to post about "internet freedom", you might want to look into the digital mirror. The fact remains that Canada depends on the United States for internet infrastructure, search engines, content, and database layer. Sorry....I know it sucks for you to learn that.
  15. ...and Canada doesn't have one. Doesn't have lots of backbone infrastructure, content, and access points. Canada's government(s) struggle to provide even basic access to current and archived data, even when it exists. So tell us again about "internet freedom", or do I have to continue pointing out the obvious ?
  16. Doesn't matter what President Trump does...the Democrats have never recovered from their defeat in 2016 by a brash, inexperienced reality Tv star and real estate developer from Queens. First Trump destroyed the GOP wannabes, then he destroyed Hillary's glass ceiling dream and Obama legacy. They will always hate Trump for doing that....no matter what.
  17. You still don't get it....Canada does not have its own "internet"...depends on America. The Google links you like to post....American infrastructure.
  18. Canada's lack of digital infrastructure says so. It's called "Netflix CANADA" for a reason.
  19. Canadians use all manner of American digital service providers, access points, and data warehouses...many without ever realizing it. Bell and Telus purposely use American providers to keep their monopolies in Canada. Tell us about "internet freedom" again....."LOL".
  20. Canada's "internet" is very dependent on the United States' backbone, resulting in boomerang access that crosses the border many times:
  21. Sure has....far more people have fled from Canada to the United States. https://www.migrationpolicy.org/article/canadian-immigrants-united-states
  22. Of course....Canada has sanctioned and bombed Iraq since 1991....Iraqi refugees followed.
  23. Your problems are your own.....go bomb some more Syrians and Libyans ! ...and don't forget to screw Haiti some more too.
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