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  1. Doesn't Canada have more cache with "allies" other than the United States when it comes to China policies ? Or is this just another acknowledgement that Canada in particular looks to the United States to do most of the heavy lifting, as usual ? To be clear, the EU and Asia are not interested in Canada's problems either.
  2. And yet, Canadians and Canadian political parties still focus their attention on the American system to help perpetuate the starvation (under capitalization) and paralysis in the Canadian system. More Canadian trained doctors go to the U.S. than vice versa, and Canada has a much smaller population.
  3. Trudeau can't wait to become Joe Biden's poodle.

  4. Correct...vassal state Canada is also very dependent on the U.S. economy. Joe Biden wants to stop Keystone XL and go back to "Buy American" policies. All this before Trump....
  5. Won't be Biden either...it started long before Trump with George W. Bush (Iraq) and Obama (Ukraine/Syria). The EU has a larger population than the U.S. and should not be so dependent on the American DoD. Canada is just a feeble vassal state and has little choice.
  6. That's the idea....stop worrying so much about America's benefit and worry more about Canada's.
  7. You "confronted" them ? So what...the reasons are many...obvious even from Canada (watching so much American media. She didn't help herself with the "deplorables" gaffe. I would still take Trump over weak-ass Trudeau any day. Trump mattered more than Trudeau.
  8. Many American voters felt differently, including the Bernie Bro's primary season. Even her husband sought better options. Canada is a vassal state....with a very weak leader. Ms. Meng is still under house arrest, right ?
  9. Trump never held elected or appointed office before the Clintons....so she paid the price for past performance. Canada is already a vassal state, so how bad would it be ?
  10. Agreed....the Democratic Party suffered mightily with Obama/Biden...lost 1,000 federal and state seats...DNC went broke. Did anybody here ask if it was worth it ?
  11. They should have seen America differently a long time ago. Trump taught Canada and other "allies" a valuable lesson.
  12. It's America's choice either way...hope and change was the Obama con job that Canadians couldn't get enough of.
  13. 1. The average Trump voter was not a "dear leader" devotee...that is a much smaller demographic that existed long before Trump's great adventure into politics. Trump just gave a bigger voice to that demographic. 2. It went as expected, even for the Trump haters. Now its back to the same old familiar suck. 3. My only expectations of Trump (who I didn't vote for in 2016) were to continue the chaotic disruptions, and he delivered very well. First and foremost he prevented Hillary Clinton from becoming POTUS...a plus in my book.
  14. Why do you think they were duped ? Trump was elected to break things....to disrupt...to upset the status quo. Trump is a marvelous "bastard" that way....fun five years !
  15. Not going to happen...comparisons to the US will always dominate health care system discussions in Canada because it is in Canada's political and cultural DNA. The "American style" bogeyman is used to bludgeon any proposals for public/private solutions that would provide more capital spending and operating revenue despite other higher ranked nations doing exactly that (e.g. France).
  16. Sister just got Moderna vaccine...didn't grow third eye...yet.

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    2. DogOnPorch


      Maintain observation...

    3. bush_cheney2004


      Will do....she always had that mustache !

  17. Agreed...it most certainly crosses party lines, and for several different reasons that pre-date current populism trends by many decades. Current circumstances and stressors just serve to highlight pre-existing conflict(s) and dissatisfaction, and are not unique to Canada. What is new are the media tools and abilities for groups to organize better along ideological and populist lines without the gatekeepers of old. "Democracy" was never a clean sport.
  18. It's an old concept...way before "new populists"...and very Canadian:
  19. Watching repair of 1950's B&W televisions on YouTube in 4K...delightfully absurd.

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      Great Canadian site for vintage gear repair....Mr. Carlson's Lab.   No politics or virtue signaling allowed....just HF/UHF/VHF, audio, power supplies, test equipment, etc.


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      Watch out for the red wire!

  20. Riots are illegal....good or bad. Perps should be arrested and prosecuted.
  21. “Never let a good crisis go to waste.” - Sir Winston Churchill Certainly other agendas are being pursued that would not otherwise be possible politically.
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