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  1. NATO deadbeat France issues a "strong warning" to the Pentagon....America must continue to pay most of the bill for counterterrorism in West Africa: Deadbeats are always alarmed when they have to pay the bill.
  2. Yes... I actually live in "america"...you don't:
  3. Who says it was a surprise....more like a victory lap !
  4. The "american people" decided no such thing. The "american people" didn't care to fight for Ukraine against Russia even after Ukraine gave up nuclear weapons. Maybe Chrystia Freeland will save Ukraine....not the "american people".
  5. Trump wins again.....driving liberals nuts one court ruling at a time:
  6. No...just reacting normally...as with any other market condition. Nothing special about yet another virus panic. I'm still waiting to die from Ebola.
  7. What does "reacting badly" mean today compared to any other market day of gains or losses (e.g. TSX) ?
  8. Now you are getting it....China has been around a lot longer than Canada....population 1.4 BILLION vs. 36 MILLION. The irony here is obvious. From 2015: China has joined Taiwan, Korea, Peru and Belarus in restricting imports of Canadian beef products because of concern over a case of bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE) found in Alberta. The Alberta case of BSE — better known as mad cow disease — was confirmed by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency on Feb. 13. https://www.cbc.ca/news/business/canadian-beef-restricted-by-china-over-bse-case-1.2976540
  9. Fake news BBC shows video of LeBron James for Kobe Bryant.

    1. BubberMiley


      There are people out there who still have no idea what "fake news" means? Gotta be a Trumper for sure. :lol:

  10. Never needed to declare a war to have one....same as Canada.
  11. U.S. presidents can not call or suspend elections...it's not Canada.
  12. Trump deports white illegals too...including Canadians.
  13. China is not the "West"....by design. China is far older culturally and has managed to survive great calamities before. The "totalitarian" government tried to stop local practices for avian and other flu vectors with limited success. And it also has to deal with pathogens from imported meat.... from the "West". Feeding 1.4 billion people is a daunting task. Value = objective perspective OK...but China is very much aware of such deficiencies. The "West" is not without such instances....just fewer and smaller in scale (e.g. Maple Leaf Foods Listeriosis outbreak North York, Ontario - 2008).
  14. No, as Trump reversed his position on Liberians in March 2019, long before the omnibus legislation, continuing extensions granted by several presidents before him. The Democrats only control the House, not the Senate. Refugee games in Canada are impacted more by domestic politics than by Donald Trump.
  15. Actually, Trump just extended legal residency and provided a path to U.S. citizenship for about 4,000 Liberian refugees. https://qz.com/africa/1779248/trump-defense-bill-grants-path-to-citizenship-for-4000-liberians/
  16. Quite to contrary...Trump can be "stopped" by voters in November...or "crowned" again.
  17. Apparently not "totalitarian" enough...cultural practices and reality on the ground still finds millions of people consuming meat and living in close proximity to animals that are vectors for such viruses. Common influenza sickens and kills far more each year around the world than any "plague" from China. Thank you for meeting my expectation that another panicked, "we're all gonna die" thread would result from the latest worldly dance with contagion, same as before (SARS, MERS, Ebola, etc.). Break out the masks and hand sanitizer....again.
  18. If China were to implement harsh measures to stem longstanding cultural and practical customs for the breeding and consumption of "fresh meat" in dense populations, they would be crucified here for being "totalitarian". China was already facing a huge African swine fever kill from last year, putting more pressure on protein sources.
  19. Democrats worse fear coming true....America is bored with it already: ....that's why we have a Super Bowl instead.
  20. Trump approval rating @ 45%....U.S. Congress @  27%. 

  21. Yes...it looks like Ms. Merkel is trying to take advantage of the situation. Shameless ! Canadians are right to call her on it...and demand they pay their own way.
  22. Too soon to tell, but it looks like these rogue royals want to leverage Meghan's American citizenship and permanent Canadian residency to work deals with big U.S. media corps, starting with Disney. That would be the very Canadian thing to do.
  23. "Hey Omar...wanna go over to the rink and shoot some pucks....need to get in 100 shots per day for practice" "No thanks...I have to practice building bombs with my dad. "Okay....."
  24. Khadr is the convicted war criminal and unlawful combatant.
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