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  1. Probably not, as just 20 years ago the NYT would have acted more responsibly than now. There has been a precipitous decline in standards and business model survival at the NYT and other major market newspapers that fight to remain viable in a new media environment. Many others have just folded (massive losses in ad revenue and subscribers). There has been a consistent trend of journalism scandals at the NYT over the past 20 years, with the slow bleed of publishing standards. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_New_York_Times_controversies "Fake news" fills an expanding vacuum of internet based media that is never satisfied. A man named Donald Trump recognized this opportunity and ran with it all the way to the U.S. presidency.
  2. Now this is funny....can't make this stuff up ! Justice Kavanaugh needn't pack his bags just yet.
  3. Another mass shooting in Canada...Mississauga.   Too many guns!

    1. Dougie93


      Reportedly seven shooters with semi automatic pistols. 

      Hundreds of casings found.

      Multiple children hit, including a 13 year old Syrian refugee girl?

      Poor little thing, out of the frying pan in Syria only to be cut down by the crossfire in Canada.

    2. Sagacious


      Agreed! Any amount of guns is too many.

    3. Hal 9000

      Hal 9000

      Why is nobody blaming Rap Music?

  4. Maybe, but the U.S. election campaign generates far more economic activity and media spend in many markets. Canada restricts time and spending, which ultimately restricts political speech.
  5. Beto O'rourke provided the Republicans a huge gift, making it far more difficult to defeat Trump in 2020: He not only provided the perfect political advertisement sound bite, but he scrambled the Democrat's own messaging on gun control, and made it far more difficult to pass new gun control legislation. No skin off of O'rouke's nose, as he wasn't going anywhere in this election anyway. But he made a mess for somebody else to walk back and clean up.
  6. It's only some Americans...others say "deport their asses". Probably lean Trump's way...just a guess.
  7. More foreign interference in a U.S. election....from Obama's illegal DACA recipients. They interrupted Joe Biden during the Democrat's debate to whine about ICE and deportations. Some voters are sympathetic...many others are not. https://www.yahoo.com/news/heres-protesters-were-shouting-joe-033012181.html
  8. Kavanaugh learned from Bork and Thomas...fight the bastards on national television. Give no quarter...take no prisoners.
  9. Can't wait to see what kind of sex crimes the lefties try to pin on ACB.
  10. Ginsburg's naked partisanship has actually made it easier for Trump to stack the deck with equally partisan conservatives. Clarence Thomas could/would also retire to strategically help the right. I love it when a plan comes together.
  11. She's a tough "old broad"...will die hard. 30% chance of 5-year survival for her level of pancreatic cancer. So she knows it is going to kill her sooner than later, but you have to admire her spiteful drive to hang on long enough to beat Trump at this game.
  12. If RBG buys the farm while Trump is president, you will see all hell break loose for the next associate justice appointment. Ginsburg has her own personal trainer and works out like Sly Stallone in Rocky just to hang on as long as she can.
  13. Methinks the Supreme Court is sending a not so subtle message that the numerous district and appellate court challenges to delay constitutional actions at the U.S. border is getting tiresome. The open borders communists will still try to welcome illegals crashing the border, but the courts will not always save them. Playing games state-by-state border won't work anymore.
  14. Better than that for this open asylum smack down....7 - 2
  15. Supreme Court backs President Trump decision on "safe haven" asylum rule:
  16. Democrats lost over 1,000 federal and state seats under Obama...Trump doing much better.
  17. Guess again.... The U.S. has reduced GHG emissions better/more than Canada, mostly because of the natural gas boom from fracking.
  18. Hardly a deterrent...hell....even Canadian citizens routinely overstay the six months in the U.S. and other nations.
  19. Well, I do know, having interviewed many Canadians and immigrant workers (from Canada). They use TN and other visa categories to get into the U.S., depressing wages there too. Immigrants use Canada as a gateway to U.S. employment too.
  20. That's right....it won't work legally. Rather than try to force immigrants to go north, perhaps more efforts should be made to slow down the loss of far more Canadians going "south" ! More than 10% of Canadian citizens don't even live in the country.
  21. Not when skilled and educated Canadian IT workers have to seek employment in the "states" and elsewhere because wages and opportunities are depressed by skilled immigrants in Canada. High immigration numbers are distorting and depressing the labour market.
  22. GOP keeps House seat in North Carolina....the Trump magic still works:
  23. Maybe Trump will select Condoleezza Rice to replace Bolton.... Condoleezza Rice Backs Trump in Cancelling Taliban Camp David Peace Deal Meeting: 'Whatever the Reason, It Was a Good Decision' https://www.newsweek.com/condoleezza-rice-backs-donald-trump-cancelling-taliban-camp-david-peace-deal-meeting-good-decision-1458413
  24. Canada's choices for federal election are lame as hell too...


    1. Dougie93


      Elite Consensus.  Fake Opposition.  One Party State.  Banana Republic.

  25. The godless communists were far more logical, and could be reasoned with.
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