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  1. Congratulations to President Trump, Senator McConnell, and Justice Barrett.

    1. DogOnPorch


      A great day for America.

    2. Shady
  2. Trump already got elected...guess who picks the prez in the case of a tie ?
  3. But you are the one so concerned about precious " democracy", regardless of EC votes. Why are you telling all those voters they don't matter ?
  4. You still don't get it....Trump will drive voter turnout...providing more "democracy".
  5. The EC was not designed to be "democratic". Scheer and the Conservatives got more votes in Canada too...so what ?
  6. No...clearly you do not understand what is on U.S. ballots in each state.
  7. Wrong....I count several Republican districts in New York.
  8. I don't care who she voted for...you are missing the point entirely. Arrest...convict...incarcerate...deport...no matter who they voted for illegally. It doesn't have to be "rampant" to be a concern about the integrity of precious "democracy".
  9. All cases....accepting voter fraud at any level means approval at all levels. Voter suppression is prosecuted more than voter fraud by design. I still can't find out what happened to the Canadian illegal (Shirley Anne Conners) who was voting in New York elections for over 20 years. Hope they deported her ass.
  10. There is plenty of voter fraud in Canada....high profile case in Surrey BC a while back, and in other provinces. Efforts to stop voter fraud are met with fierce opposition by those who benefit most from it. My state tried to pass a voter ID law, but failed because of the Democrats. Ironically, the Democrats demanded more voter ID information for mail-in ballots, suppressing and spoiling voters anyway as their ballots are rejected.
  11. "Jews for Trump" rally in New York today....
  12. When we try to do something about it, the leftists and Canadian illegals whine about it. Voter fraud is accepted in Canada because it is considered to be more acceptable than any measures that may also suppress votes.
  13. The clue is that Canadian illegals love to vote in U.S. elections, because they think it matters more than their own.
  14. They really shouldn't...why are some Canadians telling Americans how to vote in this election ? 😀
  15. White liberals still telling Black people how to vote in the election:
  16. Yawn.... How Obama subverted the U.S. Constitution...about 8 years long. Top 10 Ways Obama Violated the Constitution during His Presidency
  17. The usual "back to Canada" whining has already started if Trump wins a second term, but why are the Canadians in the U.S. to begin with ?
  18. "Who built the cages, Joe ?" <Crickets>   chirp...chirp...chirp

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    2. bush_cheney2004


      At least Trump answered the question.   Not Biden..."Who built the cages, Joe?"

    3. Cannucklehead


      Ah yes, 'fake parents', trumps answer to everyone/thing that doesnt go his way. 

    4. Argus


      I realize none of you have ever been in a warehouse but a lot of them have these fenced off areas so various types of valuable stuff doesn't walk off.

  19. Trading Places....still giving after all these years.
  20. Not really....some media talking heads eventually figured it out. Trump supporters take him seriously... not literally. The press and Trump haters take him literally and not seriously...they say and text "literally" all the time.
  21. Why would Trump stop now ? He is the most honest liar president I have ever seen in my lifetime. A media master, with Hillary Clinton's scalp to prove it. Trump schooled all the lying politicians...GOP and Democrat...and proceeded to eat their lunch. Obama cried on election night....his lying mojo of "hope and change" failed to deliver another victory.
  22. It does take a lot of effort, but Trump quickly achieved that which Biden had never achieved in 47 years of lying. Trump is the incumbent, not Biden. Biden's lies failed him...Trump's lies delivered a presidency.
  23. Biden's been lying for 47 years...as an elected politician...not Trump.
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