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  1. Argue all you want, but FDR expanded the private and public power of the president/executive branch long ago, directly challenging and usurping Congress for more power. This includes punishing political enemies and inviting foreign interference in U.S. elections (1940). All presidents are subject to impeachment, but only due to the arbitrary political wind of their time and popularity in office.
  2. Canadian political parties also use American social media platforms (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube) to "interfere" in the election. Google refused to play Canada's half-ass political advertising registration games, but the Liberals still begged them anyway:
  3. Trump didn't need the GOP to become president...most of them really hated Trump from the 'git-go, but he destroyed them in 2016 primary elections. Then Trump continued to bash popular GOP members like Sen. John McCain. Trump "pisses off" the GOP just because he can. There is no reason for Trump to change his methods now, win or lose in 2020. Trump has already advocated doing so....but the "allies" scream bloody murder, including Canada, which begs Trump to continue protecting the "post WW2 order" while being one of the biggest NATO defence spending deadbeats.
  4. Did you laugh when Canada's rolled out years ago ?
  5. Just like Canadians did in the 2016 U.S. election, Americans are involved in Canada's federal election as campaign supporters on the ground and in media. President Obama is just another one.
  6. Get U.S. forces out of Syria, and stop the interventions started by Obama with the Arms-For-Rebels® program. Congress never authorized troops in Syria, but now they are bitching because Trump removed them ? No U.S. interests are served by occupying parts of Syria, or going to war with a NATO ally. The ISIS excuse won't work anymore. Syria was a mess long before Trump was ever elected, and if Russia can fix it, good for them.
  7. Obviously Canada doesn't care, as Trudeau brought home strike fighters and support aircraft long ago. And stopped military support for Kurds after promising same. So please explain to me why Trump has to stay in Syria, but Canada and many other "allied" nations do not.
  8. One senior Democrat just up and died after waiting so long for Trump to be impeached : This is the same Democrat who sparred with Trump over Baltimore's crime troubles.
  9. The EU has been held hostage by Erdogan's threat of 3.6 million refugees being unleashed on Europe. The Americans have no such interest in Syria, and has even cooperated with Russia against ISIL and chemical weapons stocks...before Trump: The strange thing is that the EU has the most to lose from an unstable Syria and rogue Turkey, but it has taken a back seat to the Americans and Russians.
  10. The EU is waking up to the reality of America no longer covering their asses in Syria with ground troops and air power. Time for the EU to get some skin in the game....instead of just bitching about Trump.
  11. Indeed...why not ? Senator Warren wants to do just that...bye bye Carter Doctrine.
  12. No authorization from Congress for troops in Syria.....why not ?
  13. What's wrong with Russia ? Russia has far more resources already in Syria than some other....ummmm...NATO deadbeats.
  14. In other words, you have no answer for the other "allies", but have all the answers for the United States. Volunteer your own nation's blood and treasure before demanding ours.
  15. Montreal Expos going to World Series...as the Washington Nationals.

  16. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi will not hold a vote on the impeachment inquiry, as she does not have all the votes needed, and it would put a lot of pressure on vulnerable Democrats. Try harder Nancy !
  17. I'm sure it has happened before...depends on the case. We don't know the details here. The U.S. border tightened up after 9/11, long before Trump.
  18. Not realistic...Turkey has Kurdish rebels and an unstable Syria on its border. Turkey is still a NATO ally, and Syria has long been a Soviet/Russian client state. Turkey shot down a Russian Sukhoi Su-24M in 2015. If everybody and their mother has been in Syria to arm rebels and fight, why can't Turkey ?
  19. OK, but Canada abandoned the Kurds two years ago. Where were/are the other "allies" ? Why does the burden fall on Trump / United States when others are not there ?
  20. Are you disappointed to realize that so much of your ideology and dogma was imported directly from the United States ?
  21. Keep digging your hole deeper...even in "EVIL America", the U.S. lefties and progressives have set a pace that you can only watch and follow.
  22. Italy to congratulate Canada on forming a coalition government.

  23. Ever heard of Gay Pride Parades ? How about Black Lives Matter ? Or maybe the Rainbow Flag ? Where do you think those came from....the Yukon ?
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