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  1. The U.S. is the most powerful country in the world. But there are still limits to such power. The EU has refused to spend adequately on its own defense. NATO is not organized to counter China or influence the Pacific rim....entirely different geopolitics and U.S. interests. The U.S. and China are the world's biggest trading partners. Trump has done far more on the China "file" than other western nations. The EU has been useless. It is not the USA's role to "let" anything...why do you have such an inflated view and expectation for a single nation among many in the world ? Strong allies are hard to find these days....far easier to find NATO deadbeats. The USA owes your expectations nothing....fear China if you want to, but don't expect America to join the fray except in very narrow contexts of trade and opportunities.
  2. All countries are rivals to the U.S. at some level, including "western" countries. America has fought wars allied with and against "western" countries. The U.S. is not responsible for protecting the "west" from rivals and competition, especially when they will not protect themselves. U.S. interests may or may not align with other western and non-western nations, regardless of China. That's China's choice...not America's burden. Hong Kong is part of China ! The United States cannot save the world/west from Chinese influence, nor should it attempt to do so. Biding their time ? 5,000 years and counting.... Misplaced confidence in the USA is just as dangerous as fear of China. Nation states have interests...not friends. Sometimes the West is its own worst enemy.
  3. James Comey now admits that FBI screwed up...no kidding !

  4. Franklin Delano Roosevelt https://www.politico.com/magazine/story/2017/01/when-a-foreign-government-interfered-in-a-us-electionto-reelect-fdr-214634 Richard Milhous Nixon https://www.presidentprofiles.com/Kennedy-Bush/Richard-M-Nixon-Dirty-tricks.html
  5. ...or other countries are catching up. Nothing wrong with that. The Commonwealth empire collapsed over time with positive results for many occupied nations...including Canada. Does that mean getting "passed" ? Chicago is not subject to federal control. Add Taiwan to the list of Chinese borders that China cannot bring to heel. Empire building starts at home. China does automation and AI fairly well with western and domestic engineering. But the total society cannot be overhauled so quickly, including agribusiness. China is doing well, and will do better, but that does not spell the demise of the USA or EU. China buys U.S. debt for the same reasons as other nations....as a safe haven hedge. The U.S. government has delayed but never materially defaulted on foreign held treasury notes/bills. The U.S. has great leverage and advantage as long as the almighty dollar remains the world's principal reserve currency.
  6. Sure, but that doesn't mean the USA will "fall" because of China. There are many other possibilities. Vietnam is now a U.S. trading partner with port visits by U.S. Navy ships. Chicago is not seeking independence from Washington. That's not true...the USA is less dependent on export/import trade than China or Canada. U.S. labour productivity is improved by more automation. Yes, because Google and Facebook already have user bases far larger than the population of China....worldwide. The U.S. is the global hegemon for several reasons that China cannot overcome with GDP alone. China finances U.S. debt to keep Americans in the business of protecting trade flows and that includes petroleum. China is not yet capable of taking on that role. This is why Canada's previous foreign minister begged Trump to keep America fulfilling that task....nobody else can do it as of now.
  7. Stage 1 is done for content and distribution method only because of Stage 2. Russian rap music and hip-hop in blue jeans is still an artifact of that era. Canadian influence has been there going back to Fay Wray in King Kong (1933), but again largely dependent on the American media machine. There may have been a time when Montreal (not Toronto) had major print media impact on eastern North America. The CRTC exists because of backlash against early American radio and television dominance....there is no modern equivalent information age defense. So what we usually see is focus and energy expended to recognize successful Canadians in American media. There are some notable exceptions like Cirque du Soleil that rise to the top based on niche excellence and international appeal. Blocking ISPs is tantamount to admitting defeat, driving access underground. You have pointed out many times that Canadians want access to American media...and I would add access to American media platforms. It's not like America is purposely bombarding a jammed Canada with Voice of America or Radio Free Europe propaganda...Canadians freely spend their money or pirate the content willingly. Very difficult for government to stop that.
  8. I would suggest the following two stages that helped to cement the deal, and not just for Canada: 1) American media / cultural dominance via conventional means before the Information Age 2) American dominance through the development of internet protocols and CERN's World Wide Web social media platforms...Information Age Any backlash from Canada's culture police is too little...too late. And not just for "fake news".....real news too (e.g. Gomery hearings publication ban).
  9. Certainly not....President Trump used the power of his office...same as previous American presidents. Why does Trump have to be the Boy Scout ?
  10. Right...none of Trump/America critics have proposed a different solution that doesn't involve U.S. economic and military power, despite other "democracies" having a much larger total population and GDP than the United States.
  11. I'm open to evidence indicating otherwise, but even this thread invokes and is informed by the American experience. Maybe less so in Quebec, but I have been informed here that the only major Canada based social media platform is PornHub (with still a majority of American content). One of Canada's "Planet of the Apes" ministers insisted that American media platforms conform to new election registration rules...Google.ca just dismissed the requirement and refused to run political ads. Canada has very little media leverage in the face of global platforms run by the big dogs. The war is already over for the Information Age, even if Canada were to go so far as to ban access to platforms/content. As previously discussed, "news" has been democratized by the digital age and cannot be put back into the bottle.
  12. Doesn't matter...Trump is a short term shock to the globalist status quo and imperfect by design. Nixon did the same thing in 1971. People who obsess on Trump's personal failings and ego are clueless about the larger game being played. U.S. expenditures are irrelevant to the NATO agreement made in Wales (2% of GDP). Germany has not only been a NATO deadbeat, it has also prevented EU economies from meeting the goal because of debt servicing to Germany and mandated austerity. The U.S. has other, expensive defence responsibilities that go way beyond NATO. Again, your trade block approach still requires American and EU backing to make it stick, and neither are in a political position to do so. The EU (and Canada) refuse to carry their weight in defending the post WW2 "rules based order". No money...no honey.
  13. Canada lost the culture war long before Donald Trump became president. Consuming and depending so much on American content and platforms made it so many years ago. Canada cannot ban the hegemon....or Canadian media consumption.
  14. True....those rebel American bastards take their 1st Amendment rights way too seriously for Canada. But the problem remains that most of the social media traffic for Canadians occurs on American platforms, something that the "hate speech" Nazis have little control over. Canada's state owned broadcaster (CBC) actually embeds links to these American social media platforms.
  15. But you did anyway...Trump is irresistible that way...even in Canada. No "free speech" in Canada....another conflated American concept, wherein "bad speech" is the most protected of all to fully realize 1st Amendment rights. "Freedom of expression" can be extinguished in Canada, so that is the framework to work in.
  16. For a practical matter, and absent 100% compliance and effectiveness, yes they do, and always have. There are many other vectors/venues for school children and others to be exposed to communicable diseases.
  17. I already gave China 5,000 years....China's GDP is more dependent on exports to the USA....GDP per capita is far smaller because of the large population. The USA has been #1 regardless of China....over 100 years. China can't even figure out Hong Kong.
  18. America did both at the same time....China can't. China cannot project conventional military power beyond its region...America has done this since the 19th century. Advantage: America China is over 5,000 years old and has succeeded / failed many times over regardless of population. The 20th century failure(s) cost millions of Chinese lives, and it was the Americans who took care of a mid-century problem with the Imperial Japanese Army and Navy....China's population was over 500 million compared to Japan's 65 million. The USA's population is 330 million and it is the world's #1 destination for immigrants...for over 100 years...not China. They did their homework.
  19. A China vs. USA bait thread ? OK...I'll bite Incorrect...there is an ideology in China...mimic what the USA did in the 20th century. I have seen it myself...in person. ...and "good stuff" healthcare is accessible by millions in the USA through private and public insurance programs, not just the wealthy. Healthcare in China is ranked 144th in the world, with wide disparities for the most basic services. China sends its best students to the USA....there is a reason for this.
  20. New Jersey Democrat is defecting to the Republican Party because of impeachment..."in your face" Nancy Pelosi !
  21. OK...but those same voters can choose to go in a different direction, and will do so when pressured by lower living standards, illegal immigration, regional disparities, curtailed liberties, etc. Union membership is now dominated by government workers, not industry employment. Trump used the only unilateral tool available to him as president, same as many other nations have done, including Canada. As for rules based clarity and conformance, all nations would also be expected to pay up for the protection of that order, something that Trump has also exposed as a club wherein some members pay a lot more than others.
  22. True, but it does not have the same impact as Canadian export trade to mostly the USA (75%), not to mention the reliance on foreign direct investment. China is also important to the USA because of federal debt holdings, about 25% of all foreign held debt (about $1.3 trillion). Like Canada, China wants access to the big fat American consumer and business market, and U.S. corps want access to the Chinese market as well. Canada does not have the size/scale to take on China, nor should it be expected to do so. But it is less helpful for Canadian leadership to inject virtue signaling and progressive touch points into the process when it does choose to engage. Might be good for some votes back home...until the jobs start leaving.
  23. I understand your proposal, but I do not think a North American-centric framework would be accepted by other nations and trading blocs. Many producers and wholeasle distributors in Canada and the USA are more than happy to take advantage of developing economies complete with work arounds for "progressive" rules. Even within the EU there are numerous battles and carve outs for longstanding national protections...that's what made CETA take so long. I have worked directly with the Chinese and their objectives/methods do not place a high priority on progressive western ideas. They are singularly focused with longer time horizons than western quarterly earnings reports. Some may not like the Chinese approach, but it works for China.
  24. I don't think anybody, including Trump, expected China to be abandoned. What Trump wanted to do was challenge the existing lopsided approach to imports and balance of trade, and not just for China. Canada was just another battle in the trade war...it wasn't personal. Hell, many in Canada criticized the FTA/NAFTA in the first place because it meant exactly what has happened for the sucking sound to Mexico and elsewhere. Canada is more dependent on export trade than China or the USA, so it is more alarming to have existing trade flows interrupted. China became the USA's #1 trading partner a few years ago, and both nations are far more diversified for export trade compared to Canada, and can weather the storm far easier.
  25. Which is exactly why it won't work for many developing economies...such "rules" would conflict with many practical realities on the ground. Also, the large trading block that you envision would have members with very different export trade dependencies and global logistics flow. Different parts of the world have disparate priorities and limits, making it very difficult to adopt a high order, progressive economic model. There is a saying in Africa that trumps the best intentions of well-off do-gooders from the west...."If it pays...it stays". China has specifically targeted this reality and opportunity.
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