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  1. Really ? Let me guess...you want the USA to be part of this great idea and carry most of the load. Typical. China was America's #1 trading partner in case you haven't been keeping score...this was before Trump. Russia was part of the G-8 until a few years ago and partner in space....this was before Trump. Iran reached a "deal" with America and the EU for nuclear arms proliferation....this was before Trump. If other "democracies" cared so much they wouldn't be NATO deadbeats, like Canada !
  2. Moderate Democrats in the House are now looking for a way to save their butts in Trump districts by "splitting the baby" and voting no on at least one article of impeachment. Pelosi's "bribery" count never happened anyway. Impeaching Trump has higher political costs than benefits for the Democrats....Trump now leads all Democrat contenders in Iowa.
  3. Poor Andrew Scheer...he didn't realize that in Canada, having American citizenship is a far greater sin than wearing brownface/blackface and the Afro wig.
  4. Why do you consider Trump (or any U.S. president) to be the "leader of the free world" ? Is this more so in Canada (because of economic and military dependencies)...and foundation for the fear ?
  5. Already happened long ago...see "FDR"....now considered one of the greatest U.S. presidents.
  6. So that makes it OK ? The UN has no such power....then or now. Only power has power, and Canada continues to exercise same over "Crown" land with impunity, despite generations of conflict and unsettled land claims...critics be damned. OK...then I am sure you support that the same solution proposed for Israel and Palestine be applied to Canada....a multiple sovereign state solution. Let's see how much of Canada would get behind that. Those who judge Israel so harshly often do so from the comfort of their own "occupied territory", with no threat of rocket attacks on a daily basis. Must be nice.....
  7. Objection noted, but Israel will decide what is best for Israel. It doesn't need anybody's permission. "The best defense is a strong offense"
  8. Canada (and the United States) have been criticized for doing exactly the same thing on a scale that makes Israel and the occupied territories a tiny speck in comparison. Unceded (stolen) land and associated claims /compensation remain contentious issues far longer than Israel has even existed. UN resolutions for indigenous rights continue to be ignored. Yes, you can indeed just grab land and make it yours...just blame the almighty "Crown" and empire !
  9. Agreed...their already weak case has been undermined by the latest public revelations. Carter Page was a CIA asset/resource, so of course he had contact with Russians !
  10. True....and delighting in their defeat.
  11. Just in case nobody noticed today, Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats added more U.S. protectionism to NAFTA 2.0 because of pressure from U.S. labour unions. Freeland/Canada had no choice but to sign up and 'git 'er done, along with Mexico. Trump will hammer Canada again over IP theft (e.g. digital media), dumping, and transshipments of steel/aluminum outside of USMCA trade agreements. ...and that's from an "ally". Think China will be more favourable to Canada ? Nope.....
  12. Oh yes he did....as did Obama...as did Bush #43. Disruption of trade and tariffs are an existential threat to Canada's economy, which has stubbornly refused to fully diversify away from dependencies on the U.S. market and capital investment. Canada is more dependent on exports (30% of economy, 50% for Ontario), compared to China (20%) and USA (12 %). ....but it is more important to fight over pipelines and the number of ships off BC's coast. Profoundly stupid....
  13. Trump exposed Canada's trade and economic vulnerabilities for what they are, regardless of the ensuing China/Meng backlash for Canadian exports. Getting resources to global markets and breaking down inter-provincial trade barriers should be an obvious priority regardless of ruling party, even if that means federal action over the usual objections and stalling. Was never a big fan of PM Pierre Trudeau, but he would have done far more...."just watch me".
  14. Obama just continued remedies that were already rolling from the Bush administration, including Bush era tax cuts. Either way, it seems that what to do about China in Canada means discussing what the Americans should/should not do.
  15. President Trump has achieved a major win for the USMCA (NAFTA 2.0) trade agreement with Canada and Mexico. Expect ratification soon...
  16. Pelosi hands Trump NAFTA trade victory + impeachment vote.

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      He should send her flowers 

  17. So please tell us what other "western leaders" and "allies" have done about the DPRK. Trump has been more successful than previous presidents who watched North Korea's development of nuclear weapons, including holding regional players more responsible for their own defense and policies. What has Canada done about North Korea ? Why do Americans who support Trump matter so much more ?
  18. Trump is not and never has been a fiscal conservative....and he used to be a Democrat. U.S. federal budget deficits are caused by a combination of spending and revenue shortfalls at the hands of both Executive and Legislative branches of government. Canada is also running deficits, but American voters don't waste time worrying about it.
  19. Dumb ass Trudeau went on American television before Trump was ever elected to pick a fight.
  20. One fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish. Whiteface, Brownface, blackface, twoface. by Dr. Trudeau
  21. It's not like Trudeau has been a stellar performer with other nations/leaders. Fighting with Trump is just an unnecessary distraction.
  22. Wherever he wants to....Trump will always matter more than Trudeau.
  23. Which is exactly why Canada and other NATO allies should not be so dependent on the United States as the military and economic backstop. Trudeau has no idea what he is screwing with, and Trump doesn't care.
  24. Why ? If it's just for U.S. foreign policy, why would Canada be part of such an arrangement ? NATO's war against Libya in 2011 was a French/British joint, not started by the U.S.
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