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  1. Are you disappointed to realize that so much of your ideology and dogma was imported directly from the United States ?
  2. Keep digging your hole deeper...even in "EVIL America", the U.S. lefties and progressives have set a pace that you can only watch and follow.
  3. Italy to congratulate Canada on forming a coalition government.

  4. Ever heard of Gay Pride Parades ? How about Black Lives Matter ? Or maybe the Rainbow Flag ? Where do you think those came from....the Yukon ?
  5. Easy...see "Leap Manifesto" and Stanford University.
  6. Obviously they are for power projection to achieve policy goals, with or without allied forces. The result may or may not prevent slaughter or civilian casualities, and may in fact cause some ("collateral damage"). Even UN peacekeepers do not always protect people from slaughter.
  7. Trump is responsible for U.S. troop's lives far more than the lives of Syrians, Kurds, and Turks hell bent on war. Get all U.S. troops out of Syria...now.
  8. There is no side here....nobody is going in. There is no compelling interest to do so, other than humanitarian aid. Obama armed "free Syrians" to take out Assad, not to protect Kurds.
  9. So which other nations were willing to stop the "genocide" in Rwanda with military power ? None. Chretien went begging to Clinton because Canada didn't have 50 APCs available or the heavy lift transport to get them to Rwanda. Instead, Gen. Dallaire had bad dreams and wrote a book instead. In Kosovo (1999), NATO would only commit to an air campaign to force Milosevic back to peace talks, not stop "genocide" with boots on the ground. Trump made the right move here, despite the heat he is taking.
  10. Clinton did not want another Mogadishu/Somalia disaster for U.S. troops, and neither does Trump.
  11. Agreed, but nobody is volunteering "boots on the ground" to do that. Far easier to claim it was "America's job".
  12. "Everyone" did not fight to keep ISIS contained, and some fought a lot more than others. Canada walked away from the Kurds two years ago because of fighting over oil fields. Where were the other NATO/EU troops ? The U.S. has no "green light". I ask again, where is the UN ? Go for it....the U.S. has been declined in the past and just found another way. It was Canada that begged Trump for an oil pipeline after Obama said no.
  13. The U.S. troops were not there to fight Turkey. Congress never approved them anyway for Obama or Trump. If "troops" are so important, where were the troops from other NATO/EU "allies" ? Erdogan has threatened the EU with more refugees before this as leverage...because it works.
  14. Who made the U.S. leader on the "situation" ? Where was the EU before ? Where is the UN ? Trump is not talking about sanctions....he has already ordered them. The EU was far more concerned about Turkey sending millions more refugees to Europe.
  15. No...the United States will not "go to war" with ally Turkey. Why would the EU or NATO be waiting to follow Trump ?
  16. For those of you keeping score at home, here is what foreign interventions in Syria looks like. So where are all the other NATO "allies" that should be protecting the Kurds ?? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Foreign_involvement_in_the_Syrian_Civil_War#United_Kingdom
  17. Inconvenient truth: Congress never authorized troops in Syria for Obama or Trump.
  18. Turkey is still a full NATO member and the warheads are under U.S. control at Incirlik. NATO has insisted that the U.S. maintain nuclear sharing and forward deployed weapons "posture", even though Turkey is incapable of using them alone.
  19. The U.S. plans to continue nuclear warhead sharing with several NATO nations, including Turkey. The older B61 gravity bombs are being upgraded.
  20. American troops may pull out of northern Syria entirely as Turkey escalates the buffer zone invasion. American troops were not deployed to be stuck in the middle of a war between Turkey, Kurds, and Syrians.
  21. Mostly....but it is now hosted in Canada best I can tell: Looks like DigitalOcean (American) provides hosting on a remote server in Toronto. The forum engine is Invision Power Board (American)...database is probably MySQL (Swedish/American/OpenSource). I will also note that the owner/admin has provided this forum service without any cost/fees to members...very long time. It has moved around at times, but has been very consistent and reliable forum platform compared to many others. ------------ Donald Trump is definitely American.
  22. I wasn't here 15 years ago, but America sure was ! Back then y'all were hating on Bush #43....now you love him compared to TRUMP !
  23. Doesn't matter....the warrant was based on Obama era sanctions that Canada supported. Hiding behind the extradition treaty did not serve the imprisoned Canadians well. It would not be the first time that Canada refused to extradite to the USA. Canada follows UNSC sanctions against Iran, but also has laws against bank fraud. But the case has been compromised...she walks.
  24. Not really....easily justified given the circumstances. Would have been a ballsy move for Trudeau as well, instead of more weakness. Trump would certainly have done it.
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