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  1. 20 minutes ago, Boges said:

    God wouldn't be hurt if Ontario decided not to have a Catholic School Board.


    So typical....you go after my country and "God" with a straight face while in your own country the government directly funds Catholic education and religion.




    Well this is the "Road to 2020" thread. Perhaps you should complain to the Admin. 

    So if that kind of anti-intellectual tripe is good for Trump, why not indelicate public speaking by Biden? How is he suddenly unfit for office? 


    Biden can say whatever the hell he wants to...and has on many occasions.

    Most recently, he told a radio guest/host that he wasn't black if he wasn't sure about who to vote for.

    Why are you so afraid of free speech / expression ?    Will your government come to arrest you ?  

  2. 1 minute ago, Boges said:

    I think in most instances they are being shut down anyway. 

    If College football should only be played because of the money it generates, why shouldn't the students benefit from that? 

    Title 9 is pretty irrelevant if Football is exempt. 


    Student pay for play was an issue long before COVID.   

    Like the rioters and protestors, you are just trying to leverage COVID for your own agenda (must hate Trump).

    Why can't Canada provide these Canadians with the same opportunities, even without COVID ?

  3. Just now, Boges said:

    In a normal year, I would agree. They still should be able to make money off their likeness. But that's a personal opinion. 

    But what about a year where students may not even be allowed on campus and all other sports are cancelled? 


    What about it ?    Schools will have three methods to deliver education this year, same as many primary schools across the nation.

    All other sports are not canceled...many are just delayed or modified for COVID.

  4. 1 minute ago, Boges said:

    That they should be paid if the only consideration for continuing College Football beyond every other sport is money. 

    If they do the bubble model they'd essentially be slaves in their hotel room. That's cool in the NBA when you're making $10 mil a year, but to do it for free? 


    There's your trouble....flawed premise from the git-go....fueled by rabid anti-Trump fury.

    NCAA schools have already provided education, housing, and other services for these and other students.

    Thousands are rejected each year trying to get into Power 5 "slavery".

  5. 1 minute ago, Boges said:

    Yes, and the SEC and ACC are pledging to continue. 

    Trump has said that College Football should continue and many coaches and top ranked players are contributing to the #letthemplay. 

    Sure. But if they do play, it throws the whole "Student Athlete" narrative out the window. 


    Many players and coaches want football to continue...and they would remain student athletes.

    Not sure what you are trying to conflate here...and failing to do so.

  6. 6 minutes ago, Boges said:

    How does that "Hurt God"? God can be hurt by people not being present at a church? I thought he's everywhere at all times. And the early Christians met in homes and not Megachurches.


    God doesn't know how to handle money....so...churches.   Hell, in Canada the government funds Catholic and Protestant schools by constitution.



    I'm fully aware of the US relationship with Guns and Religion. The point is that saying Biden Hurts God and Hurts Guns is an amateur level of political discourse, you should be embarrassed he's your President.

    To see that from a POTUS, it's tough to say that Biden can do much worse. 


    Far worse is for me to care what you think about it from another country.

    Trump is doing exactly what he has done for more than four years....won the U.S. presidency doing it.

    Haven't you figured this out yet ?

  7. 1 minute ago, Boges said:

    And if they don't want to play due to COVID-19, should their scholarships and eligibility remain?


    Yes, and some have already opted out with those conditions.



    This is true, so why should Power 5 football be any different? Could be because it's lining the pockets of people other than the players? 


    It's not....several Big Ten school ADs voted to delay or cancel the 2020 season.

    The NCAA is a very large concern than goes far beyond "Power 5" football.

  8. Just now, Boges said:

    So how does a devout Catholic, like Biden hurt God? Anymore than a chronic adulterer than takes joy in being cruel and insulting to people? 

    Oh, so people that voting for military conflict hurts God?  So almost all of the Senators that saved him from Impeachment then. 


    By supporting policies and legislation that hurt churches, private schools, vouchers, mandatory birth control, and COVID shutdowns for congregations.

    You posted a quote hoping to get some more Trump hating mileage...instead you got a lesson in U.S. political history.


  9. 2 minutes ago, Boges said:

    Other sports are being postponed or cancelled for the fall season due to COVID. 

    But, for many, football still needs to be played. Why is that? Because of the money it generates. 

    If they're being treated differently on that basis, they should also be compensated for the risk they're being asked to take. 


    Not if they voluntarily participate....are other students compensated for robotics, chess club, marching band, cheerleading, dance lines, etc. ?

    Most of the NCAA Division I - III football players know they will never play professional football, or even want to.

  10. 7 minutes ago, Boges said:

    I don't question that Religion and Guns are important to Americans. It's perplexingly hypocritical, but it's objectively true. 

    Regarding Trump, it's not the narrative I quibble with as much as the delivery. Biden will Hurt God and Hurt the Bible. How does one hurt God exactly? 

    The speech is an incoherent and unthoughtful mess just trying to cram as much dog-whistle right-wing political buzzwords in as he could.


    Only is you are a rabid Trump hater instead of an objective viewer of American politics, past and present.

    Trump delivered the message loud and clear to the audience it was intended for....same as Obama did.

    "God" is code for religion, faith, churches, private schools, vouchers, etc.    Other politicians wish they had the ability to attract attention like Trump.



    It's also appalling that a man who exhibits no Christ-like characteristics would question Biden's (a devout Catholic) devotion to God. 


    Trump never voted to invade Iraq, like devout Catholic Biden.  Never wrote a crime bill like Joe either.

    Praise Jesus....



  11. 18 minutes ago, Boges said:

    Advocates say that the players want to play. I'm sure the ones that have a ticket to the pros do. But the benefit of college sports for the vast majority is the free education that comes with a scholarship. So which is it? Are they Student Athletes? Or Athlete Student. Because if a school isn't going to even have in-person classes then they certainly shouldn't have football. 


    They are student athletes....about 450,000 each year compete in NCAA divisions for many sports...including many students from other nations like....Canada.

    I was an NCAA student athlete for track and field plus match pistol/rifle, with no expectation of going "pro", like the vast majority of NCAA participants.

    Volleyball is now a net positive revenue generator for many schools.

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  12. 37 minutes ago, Boges said:

    Last week Trump said Biden would "Hurt the Bible and Hurt God". And that He's "Against God and Against Guns."

    Is that something a well-adjusted and sane person would say?


    Yes...is President Obama well-adjusted for saying this with his own political motives ?



    "And it's not surprising then they get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy toward people who aren't like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or antitrade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations."


    Guns and religion are U.S. constitutional rights.

  13. 4 minutes ago, Boges said:

    It's true. May are doing that as well. I'm sure those that have part-time or gig economy jobs would much prefer to live off the government. 

    But the rush to re-open isn't nearly as strong as in the US. I contend many in Canada can't go back to work because things haven't fully re-opened yet. 


    That's Canada's choice....same as in other nations like the United States.

    The U.S. doesn't want to just re-open...it wants to party too...like the motorcycle rally in Sturgis, South Dakota.

  14. 1 minute ago, Boges said:

    Because employment rate doesn't reflect quality of said jobs that do exist. 

    It's telling that so many workers would rather stay on Government assistance as long as they can rather than return to their low wage job and risk getting COVID-19. As opposed to allowing the infection rate to drop to a manageable level like the rest of the developed world. 


    Even more telling that many Canadians would prefer CERB and other supports even when it has lower COVID rates.

  15. 4 minutes ago, Boges said:

    Again, not the point. You'd expect the US to have a lower unemployment. They started re-opening the economy earlier. 

    But it appears re-opening efforts and job creation have stalled. 

    Should Biden elected in November, that'll be two Democratic POTUS' that inherited ridiculously high unemployment rate from the previous GOP POTUS. 


    No, it is exactly the point when cherry picking comparisons to unemployment numbers in the U.S.

    Why didn't you crow about this years ago ?

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